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13 reasons why season 4: Is it worth your time?

13 reasons why season 4: should you watch it?

So Netflix dropped it’s the finale to the series 13 reasons why which is it’s season 4. But after all this seasons, is season 4 worth your time. Let’s have a look.

13 reasons why season 4

13 reasons why season 4

We have previously talked about what can be in 13 reasons why season 4 and what the show is really about.

Check it out here

Warning: Further article can contain some spoilers from the previous season so if you haven’t watched the show, and don’t want any spoilers, please consider watching the show first.

13 reasons why Season 1

13 reasons why season 4

So, 13 reasons why is a Netflix show which was based on the book by Jay Asher with the same title. The book focused on the girl named Hannah Baker who committed suicide and before which she recorded tapes to the 13 reasons why she took the step.

The show claimed to start a spark to talk about mental health and how someone’s behavior can affect a person’s whole life in any way. The first season entirely was focused on Hannah’s baker and how one thing lead to another and ended up by her committing suicide. The tapes were shown through clay Jensen listening to Hannah’s tape, who was her secret lover. (So you can expect a romance type of thing for at least 2 seasons.)

The first season does a work of portraying something they wanted to and how someone can have a big effect on someone’s life not knowing it. How we are so surrounded and forget to be nice sometimes. Because one sentence can either stop someone from taking such step and either can do the opposite of it unknowingly. (For real)

13 reasons why Season 2

In the second season, they somehow thought that all the stories have 2 or more sides to it and people should know it. But for me, it completely changed the subject to how Hannah was wrong about every single thing and how everyone loved her secretly. Not even lying, in the second season, they show half of the characters were in love with her and still messed it up so much that she committed suicide. (Like come on, if someone loves me, please at least make me feel it.)

Which okay, they may be tried to portray that how you can be so wrong about ending your life thinking “No one loves me” but it ended in turning Hannah’s character into “I am so desperate for love” from this innocent Teenage cute girl.

13 reasons why Season 3

13 reasons why season 4

The Hannah baker plot ended with the second season. The show itself claimed that it’s time to say goodbye to Hannah baker as all the aspects of her story was shown. (Phew)

But oh the show is a big big hit and majority of the audience like us tries to complete what we have started, so the cast came up with this new crime thriller idea of “Who killed Bryce”and somehow relate it to mental health stuff.

At this point, when they dropped the teaser of the show, it actually gave me the psychological crime thriller show vibes instead of psychological drama vibes which the show claims to be. And even the ending of the teaser gave the feels of the good old pretty little liars show, which if you haven’t got it, go look at the teaser again.

Bryce, who raped Hannah baker and was the worst of worst from the whole cast,(Not acting-wise, he is brilliant with acting. Like this dude got Hate comments on his original Instagram account just because of how worst Bryce was, which is so bad, Justin is an absolute sweetheart and a talented actor, and you can know it from the character he played.) got killed. Which all of us knew someone will do it.

But the show tries to turn the bad into good ones, kill them and make us feel bad about they got killed because yeah, of course, the show was a huge hit.

13 reasons why Season 4

13 reasons why season 4

Now, if you have come this far, you probably do know the characters very well. You have watched them, you have lived with them.

Firstly, let’s talk about what the show focuses on. The show focuses on how Monty was framed to be blaming for Bryce’s murder and how the whole characters are together wrongly accused him as he was in jail and umm… Dead. (By literally saying the worst line “Let the dead bury the dead”. I mean are you serious?)

They introduced this new character in season 3 named Winston, who was unfortunately with Monty on the murder night. The starting of the show makes a big deal of Winston planning joining liberty high and then totally forgets what they actually wanted to do with him. They totally showed nothing other than him like chilling with someone and stuff and unwanted romance thing.

13 reasons why season 4

And we talked about how we know characters now, right! The show turns half of the characters suddenly into something else, like, no development, nothing, and you will see someone shy and introvert suddenly changing into a confident person.

The show loses its actual essence meanwhile trying to show how things are hard in high school. And let me tell you, liberty high students have a hell of stories to tell their children how they survived high school. The show even now gives up on the “As the name of the show is 13 reasons why let’s make it 13 episodes long” which we get it! How much can you even stretch the show? They didn’t get enough unwanted things to put into it to make it 13 episodes long. (And thank god they didn’t. Season 1 was cool with that concept, but not now.)

13 reasons why season 4: The conclusion

13 reasons why season 4

So basically, the show has lots and lots of loopholes from the season 3 itself. It totally loses its plot of what they really want to portray into some useless stuff.

We could even see a massacre situation in one of the scenes and then it turns into something pointless and the reason of the stretch of the show.

Acting and direction wise they have done a really really great job, and yeah, some of the characters may seem annoying but kudos to the actors they put into hard scenes and pulled it off, but again, for no reason. The whole situations they put into the show are pointless, making it nothing but bore.


Acting: 3.5/5

Direction: 4/5

Background score: 4/5

Overall rating: 6/10

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