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13 reasons why: Why the show ended?

13 reasons why: Why the show ended?

13 reasons why cast recently announced the show finale, posting a table conference meeting video on Instagram. Season 4 to come out on June 5th. Let’s talk about it.

13 reasons why dropped it’s first season in 2018. It was all about this teenage girl, Hannah, and the reasons why she took an ugly decision of taking her life (Which in that case, it was all blood!). The cast had already made the decision during the 3rd season, that series would end with season 4. (Smart!)

13 reasons why: Why the first season is lot better than it’s sequels?

13 reasons why: Why the show ended?

The first season of 13 reasons why was basically just a series based on the book “13 reasons why” by Jay Asher. The series went well with all the 13 reasons based on different 13 characters in different 13 episodes. (So many 13s in one sentence! At least the tapes were 7!)

The director, scriptwriter, actors, and crew did an Impressive job of putting the audience into an intense mixture of emotions! It had romance, friendship, drama, and everything that will make you feel bad about Hannah. The series was enough to make you believe that whatever happens, suicide is not an option, which was their main goal to portray. (And it is actually not an option, keep your chin up!)

13 reasons why: Were the sequels unnecessary?

They were not! The main point of series (and as well as the book) was to portray a message, SUICIDE IS NOT AN OPTION. And the first season did a good job doing that, as we already talked about it.

The sequels just showed the audience unnecessary things. Like season 2 focused on, the thirteen different stories from the point of view of the “Reasons” of Hannah’s death, which were 13 different characters.

They made the viewers think that it wasn’t just there mistakes, but Hannah’s too! Which we all kind of could tell by watching the first season, but we did not need to be told that.

We all know that there’s always another side to the story, but Hannah was basically a voice of not just a girl but a Bully Victim. (And for us, the second season ruined the whole point of the first season)

Okay, we get it. Let’s consider the second season was necessary. The audience needed to see that there’s always a second side to the story.

But what was the third season? The whole plot of the series was changed. 13 reasons why season 3 was focused on the plot “Who killed Bryce walker? ” (Our first reaction was… “Okay! Finally! Otherwise one of us would have.”)

And not gonna lie, it was then losing its originality. It became more of a thriller drama than a psychological one.

It was all about how some characters turned badass, how some of them gained confidence, they even made us believe that Bryce changed for good and then killed him and forcefully made us feel bad about his death. (And the trailer ending even looked like the theme of Pretty little liars (The graveyard scene.) Are you serious?)

So it’s a great and good decision to end the series here. Which they could have done after the second season, even first. But oh, people hype up things and so does Netflix. There are many series that are just ruined because of there sequels.

Some things need to be ended on the correct time, extending it would literally just burst it. Let’s agree that not every single series needs to have sequels. (No they Don’t!)

13 reasons why: What will season 4 bring?

The recently uploaded picture on Instagram from the official page of @13reasonswhy claims that this season will be about prom and graduation. They also claimed that this season too will be focused on grief and loss, which also claims that we are going to lose one more character after Hannah, jeff, Bryce, and Monty. And again, we will deal with a whole lot of crises of who and why they killed themselves or got killed.

So let’s hope they surprise us by bringing something great this time! Because we all know that the real plot was to convey why that “Suicide not only harms the one who did it but also the rest of all the people around them, in some or other way. That no matter how much you have someone, mentally or physically harming them is nothing but totally ruining someone’s life. Even ending it.”

Let us know your thoughts about what you think about the sequels and the season finale. Do you think the sequels were necessary?

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