14 Must watch Hotstar Web Series in 2021 | list of 14 Hotstar Web Series

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14 Must watch Hotstar Web Series in 2021 | List of 14 Hotstar Web Series


We’ve collected some amazing Hotstar web series because with OTT platforms cruising through in this current timeline, it is screaming for quality web series. Disney plus Hotstar is another such platform that offers audiences a number of their favorite shows with their up-and-coming original shows as well growing.

You will require a Disney plus Hotstar VIP subscription to watch their original contents and to watch the web series in English you will require a Disney Plus Hotstar Premium subscription. Here are a few Hotstar web series recommendations for all you Hotstar subscribers.

Hotstar web series list

1. Roar of the Lion (New Hotstar web series)

Hotstar web series

Roar of the Lion dives deep into the cricketing fixing scandals specifically unfolded from the point of view of Chennai Super Kings and Captain Cool Mahendra Singh Dhoni. In 2015, the team was banned along with Rajasthan Royals from playing in the IPL for two years following the 2013 corruption scandal which left a black mark on Indian cricket.

Roar of the Lion is narrated by M.S. Dhoni himself who generally does not open up to any media’ scrutinies as such. Spanning over five episodes long it talks about the rise and fall and the rise again of the South Indian Giants who come back after two years of absentee’ to lift the trophy yet again.

The fans were and are colossal support for the three-time champions and due recognition and acknowledgment has been exhibited in that area. Carefully knit together with the stories of the players, the higher authorities and powers, and the frenzied fans. Roar of the Lion is a dramatic narrative of between twenty-two yards that you are going to commend well. Even if you are a cricket fan or not. This is Must watch Hoststar web series, especially for mahi fans.

2. Aarya

Hotstar Web Series

Adapted from the Dutch television series ‘Penoza’, (Sushmita Sen). She takes on the role of Aarya who has to manage three kids and live amongst a mafia gang so as to get back at her husband’s murder. Taken up by Ram Madhvani and Sandeep Modi to create Penoza in an Indian dialect. Aarya had been a long ongoing project which has its season one released as a Hotstar Special. And season two up on post-production which was delayed owing to the pandemic.

The web series runs for nine lengthy fifty-minute episodes which gives enough time to detail out the smaller ingredients to form the whole series. Each episode will leave the audience with a cliffhanger making them yearn for the next episode and to pop out that suspense.

It is blissful to watch Sushmita Sen back in action as we don’t even find anybody else more fitting for this sassy mommy role. With her serene and tranquil figure yet vulnerable in every motherly sense. Sushmita has been striking in every aspect of the series. With a good amount of screen time, the rest of the cast also eases in with some good quality performances. Aarya is nothing out of the blue but just sublime storytelling at its best.

3. The Office

Hotstar web series

India’s own version of the much-acclaimed U.S show ‘The Office’. which itself is a copy made of the British edition but turned out to win more hearts than the Brit one. Amidst all the loathing and tattle on why do you need an Indian Office? especially by the O.G fans of the show, you have to give it a shot and not start detesting it just because it’s ‘Indian’.

We get to watch a carbon copy of central figures in the form of Jagdeep Chadda (Michael Scott) played by Mukul Chadda, T.P Mishra (Dwight Scott) as played by Gopal Dutt, Amit by Sayandeep Sengupta and Pammi by Samridhi Dewan are the Jim & Pam of the Delhi based Office.

For the most part, The Office is supposed to be cringe comedy, hence once you get used to the cringe and weird uncomfortable structures, you’re in for a ride. Hence, after a long day at work, switch off your mental filter and take on India’s version of The Office.

4. City of Dreams

City of Dreams follows the Gaikwad family which is challenged after a failed assassination on the patriarch. Fuelled with family feuds and misogyny running deep, the web series brings a telltale with a realistic touch to it.

After Amey Rao Gaikwad (played by Atul Kulkarni) falls victim to attempted murder, is left with severe injuries. It is now up to his heirs Poornima Rao Gaikwad (Priya Bapat) and Ashish Rao Gaikwad (Siddharth Chandekar) to take up the mantle. A sibling war erupts for power remarkably portraying wear and tear yet held on a dear relationship.

Eijaz Khan(who plays the role of SI Wasim Khan) adds to the firepower with his bloke aggressiveness and bringing in his own recital to the web series.  Created, written, and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor, who has admirably depicted the patriarchal society. And the extent to which they would go, to feed their power.

City of Dreams sets out on a high level setting the premise up for a striking story. Spread over ten episodes City of Dreams is a Hotstar web series in Hindi that you should not miss.

5. Out of Love

Hotstar Web Series

Out of Love adapted from the BBC’s “Doctor Foster” follows the life of Akash Kapoor and Meera Kapoor. They are subjected to the ugly sides of a marriage. Dr. Meera Kapoor (played by Rasika Dugal) starts developing doubts about her partner Akash’s loyalty on the basis of finding out certain feminine facets of him which do not belong to her. As the story progresses, layers of their relationship are peeled off one after the other.

Rasika Dugal as Dr. Meera is the backbone of the web series as she with her sheer class carries it forward. Purab Kohli in his own ways adds to the allure of Out of Love. The Hotstar web series does not hold a lot of suspense or thrill to sell it off, but it just downright drama. Stretched across five episodes, Out of Love is an easy binge with simple knots uncomplicated to pull out.

6. Criminal Justice

Hotstar Web Series

One of the best original Hotstar web series that portrays the stories of the innocent and the guilty. Individual par performances lined up one after the other are set leaving the audience asking for more.


The line-up itself should be more than enough to convince anybody to binge on this web series. Pankaj Tripathi, Vikrant Massey, Mita Vashist, Anupriya Goenka and to top it all off like a cherry on the top of the cake. We see Jackie Shroff as well in a familiar local dialectic goon, or should we just say ‘bhidu?’  

Pankaj Tripathi, this man has delivered and has just been delivering stellar performances back to back. Vikrant Massey as the innocent kid who learns and matures under the course of the season plays a perfect role that’s made for him. Mita Vashist and Anupriya Goenka behind the black coat are splendid in their respective attorney roles.

In the second season Pankaj Tripathi, Mita Vashist, and Anupriya Goenka reprise their roles as a new case unfolds into their hands. Criminal Justice: Behind Closed Doors was released as a Hotstar original web series in 2020.

7. The Night Of

Hotstar Web Series

The Night Of is crime drama series based on the Criminal Justice (2008) of the UK, which follows the same story of the Criminal Justice created by Shridhar Raghavan in India owing to their same paternal roots. Though watching either one of them does take the suspense out of it. But The Night Of can still be appreciated for its cinematic beauty and storytelling. The cast is phenomenal in its respective roles. The Night Of also went on to win a number of awards including five Emmy wins as well.

8. Hostages

Hotstar Web Series

Hostages is a thrill-filled web series with an ingenious plot to keep it running.  The web series starts with Dr. Mira Anand (played by Tisca Chopra) and her family being held hostages by a group of terrorists. Before she was supposed to be performing surgery on the Chief Minister of Haryana the next day. Dr. Mira Anand is forced to act against her ethics if she is to save her family.

As the story progresses Ronit Roy as the police SI Prithvi Singh is introduced who is again a charming watch. Hostages come up with ceaseless twists and turns which will leave you gasping. The Hotstar web series runs two seasons long with gripping storytelling for a suspense-packed watch.

9. Special Ops

Hotstar Web Series

For all Neeraj Pandey fans, this is another delightful treat from the man himself. With some terrific storytelling and outstanding character portrayals, Special Ops dissects terrorism and anti-terrorism forces in the country.

Kay Kay Menon plays the role of Himmat Singh of the RAW who has spent the last couple of years searching for a terrorist who was missed by the investigators back then. Neeraj Pandey beautifully computes the real-life hideous terrorist attacks that have taken place in the country in the last two decades or so. With some enticing cinematography and alluring storytelling, Special Ops is a Hotstar web series in Hindi not to be missed.

10. Chernobyl

Hotstar Web Series

What a disaster. You can feel the awfulness, dread, and pain of the disaster that took place in the Soviet Union have been. The web series was created and written by Craig Mazin who after thorough research presents the tale of the horrors of April 1986.

Chernobyl addresses the hows, whos, and whats of the disaster trying to get into the root of the cause. The catastrophe depicted as an utter catastrophe is nothing less than cinematic artistry. The vision to see and live through the stories of the spoken voice and written down books, and to exhibit it in a way so as to pass on the fear, pain, and horrors of living that experience is a mastery of cinematographer Jakob Ihre and director Johan Renck.


11. The Plot Against America

The plot against amarica hotstar

“The Plot Against America” is based on an alternate history, that if Roosevelt was not elected the President of the States, i.e. if Charles Lindbergh came into power which is based on the novel by Philip Roth. The what-if situation dives deep into the fate of the United States in this particular scenario and their hand in the World War. “The Plot Against America” is a thought-provoking Hotstar show with some wonderful narration of the 1940s Spanning over six episodes.


12. The Outsider

The outsider web series

What happens when you convert a Stephen King book into a series? Consequently nothing less than a pure suspense-filled mystery with its touches and tinges of horrors and terrors. With so many crime investigation series to compete with, “The Outsider” is a must-watch on your Hotstar web series list.

when the dead body of Frank Peterson an eleven-year-old boy is found with mysterious marks on his body, detective Ralph Anderson is on the case and has already found the evidence and arrests the culprit in an open and shut case. Except that it is not. Subsequently, the story takes its turn with its load of enigmas and dreads in a beautifully constructed storyline. All ten episodes of The Outsider are streaming now on Disney plus Hotstar.

13. City on a Hill

watch City on a hill hotstar

City on a Hill is an indirect account of the ‘Boston Miracle’ of the 1990s. To begin with the series right from the word go is bound to hook you up namely because the characters John Jackie Rohr and DeCourcy Ward are played with some stellar performances by Kevin Bacon and Aldis Hodge respectively. Together they address and face the criminal uprise in and around Boston. It is just a nonstop action-packed thriller experience. City on a Hill has been renewed for a second season which is set to release on the 28th of March 2021.


14. Big Little Lies

Big little lies on hotstar

Big little lies follows the lives of five women who get entangled in a murder investigation with a star-studded star cast of Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, and Zoe Kravitz, Big Little Lies is spot on with its realistic depictions and addressing of the real-life issues as well. The show bagged a number of awards in its premier season itself.

Based on the book by Liane Moriarty, shall we stop right here? Liane Moriarty creates what can be said to be personal bits and pieces which every reader finds and attaches themselves with, and she has precisely done that yet again. With its ongoing suspense and recurrent drama, Big Little Lies is an extremely admirable watch which you should not miss.

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