25 best Malayalam movies to check out right now!


25 best Malayalam movies to check out right now!

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There is always some space for off genre movies and movies that portray different cultures, societies, and languages. A good content appetite is possible only when one explores the endless and diverse content available for intake. Here are some of the best Malayalam movies you should watch when you are in a mood to break the monotony of your basic content intake.

1. Kappela

Release date: 6 March 2020 (India)

Director: Musthafa

Producer: Vishnu Venu

Screenplay: Musthafa, Sudhas, Nikhil Vahid

After dialing his phone by accident, a young woman falls in love with him. However, when she travels to his city to see him, she meets a stranger named Roy. This Malayalam movie revolves around a phone romance between Vishnu, an auto-rickshaw driver, and Jessy, a rural girl who has never met.

2. Forensic

Release date: 28 February 2020 (India)

Directors: Akhil Paul, Anas Khan

Music director: Jakes Bejoy

Producers: Siju Mathew, Navis Xavier, Raju Malliath

Screenplay: Akhil Paul, Anas Khan

When a crazed killer goes on a murdering spree, Samuel, a medico-legal advisor, utilizes his forensic talents to figure out what’s really going on. As more victims are added to the list, Samuel utilizes his forensic talents to make breakthroughs in a serial killing case. Shikha joins forces with Samuel to unearth information that might lead to the killer’s identification. This is one of the best Malayalam movies out there.

3. Kumbalangi Nights

Release date: 7 February 2019 (India)

Director: Madhu C. Narayanan

Music director: Sushin Shyam

Producers: Fahadh, Dileesh Pothan, Syam Pushkaran, Nazriya Nazim

In this Malayalam movie Saji, Bonny, Bobby, and Franky are four siblings that don’t get along very well. A sequence of circumstances, however, compels them to put their differences aside and support one another. The film is set in the namesake fishing town of Kumbalangi in Kochi, Kerala, and revolves around four brothers living together in a dysfunctional home and how they eventually stand up for each other as a family.

4. Hey Pillagada

Release date: 26 March 2016 (India)

Director: Sameer Thahir

Featured song: Vaarthinkale

Music director: Gopi Sundar

Producers: Sameer Thahir, Shyju Khalid, Ashiq Usman

Due to his quick temper, Siddharth frequently has conflicts with his wife Anjali. When they become entangled with a mobster, things take an unexpected turn. “Hey Pillagada” is a Malayalam movie about a short-tempered man named Siddharth (Dulquer Salman), who gets into a lot of difficulties because of his bad temper. Meanwhile, while on a road trip with his wife Anjali (Sai Pallavi), Siddharth has a major disagreement with her and becomes involved with a notorious gang. What exactly is the problem? How did it escalate into a physical altercation? To find out, you must see the movie on the big screen.

5. Varathan

Release date: 20 September 2018 (India)

Director: Amal Neerad

Music director: Sushin Shyam

Screenplay: Sharfu, Suhas

Following the loss of his work, Aby and his wife, Priya, return to Priya’s family estate in Kerala. The couple’s situation, however, quickly deteriorates as they face additional obstacles. Abin and his wife Priya relocate from Dubai to the latter’s family estate in Kerala after he loses his job. However, the pair is confronted with a slew of unwanted problems. Will they confront them, and if so, how?

6. Angamaly Diaries

Release date: 3 March 2017 (India)

Director: Lijo Jose Pellissery

Screenplay: Chemban Vinod Jose

Producers: Vijay Babu, Sandra Thomas

After losing his temper and acting impulsively during a fight with a competing business group, Vincent Pepe, a loud young guy, becomes engaged in the world of crime. This Malayalam movie is about a group of young people in Angamaly, a tiny town in Kerala. A group of six teenagers is always up for an adventure, so they decide to try their hand at the pork industry. The film is elevated by their responses to the obstacles.

7. The Great Indian Kitchen

Initial release: 15 January 2021

Director: Jeo Baby

Featured song: Oru Kudam

Screenplay: Jeo Baby

A lady attempts to fit into the traditional mold that society has set for married women when she marries. However, she begins to realize that this is not the life she desires at some point. This Malayalam movie depicts a woman’s effort to be the subservient wife expected by her husband and his family. The narrative follows her as she evolves as a person and, more importantly, as a household.

Full Review: The great Indian Kitchen

8. Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum

Release date: 30 June 2017 (India)

Director: Dileesh Pothan

Production company: Urvasi Theatres

Awards: National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Malayalam

The narrative revolves around a recently married inter-caste couple, Sreeja, and Prasad. During a bus ride, Sreeja’s gold necklace is taken by a robber named Prasad (Fahadh Faasil). He swallows the chain, but Sreeja discovers it first. The passengers apprehend him and transport him to a local police station.

9. Uyare

Release date: 26 April 2019 (India)

Director: Manu Ashokan

Awards: Asianet Film Award for Best Actress, MORE

Producers: Shenuga, Sherga, Shegna

Pallavi Raveendran (Parvathy Thiruvothu) wants to be a pilot when she grows up. Govind Balakrishnan (Asif Ali) is her true love, and he is quite protective of her. She is accepted into a Mumbai-based pilot training center. Govind’s demanding personality clashes with her hectic schedule. This is a Malayalam movie with a powerful, engrossing depiction of female empowerment with many unforgettable moments.

10. Kammatipaadam

Release date: 20 May 2016 (India)

Director: Rajeev Ravi

Awards: Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor,

Music director: Vinayakan, John P. Varkey, K Krishna Kumar, K

In this Malayalam movie, Krishnan (Dulquer) receives a call from his boyhood buddy Ganga, who works at a security business in Mumbai (Vinayakan). Ganga is in danger and needs Krishnan’s assistance, according to the call. Krishnan later travels to Kerala in search of Ganga. Krishnan reflects on his hometown of Kammattippaadam on his travels.

11. Neelakasham Pachakadal Chuvanna Bhoomi

Release date: 8 August 2013 (India)

Director: Sameer Thahir

Music director: Rex Vijayan

Screenplay: Hashir Mohamed

Kasi goes on a road trip to Kerala. Suni, his best friend, accompanies him and refuses to return, despite Kasi’s assurances that he is unsure of the destination. They go to Odisha via Bangalore and Vizag when bandits ambush them.

12. C U Soon

Initial release: 2 October 2020 (Russia)

Director: Mahesh Narayanan

Screenplay: Mahesh Narayanan

Music director: Gopi Sundar

Producers: Fahadh, Nazriya Nazim, Fahad Fazil

In this Malayalam movie, Jimmy works at Union National Bank in the United Arab Emirates as a Client Executive. On a dating app, he meets Anu and falls in love with the shy girl. He communicates with her via Hangouts and Duo, but she keeps the background of her room hidden, speaking primarily from her bed. Despite never having seen her in person, Jimmy presents Anu to his mother and cousin through video chat and proposes to her. Jimmy’s mother is interested about the girl and approaches Jimmy’s cousin Kevin, a computer security expert, for assistance in learning more about her.

13. 7th Day

Release date: 11 April 2014 (India)

Director: Syamdhar

Screenplay: Akhil Paul

Producer: Shibu G Suseelan

This Malayalam movie narrative begins with a monologue delivered by David Abraham, IPS (Prithviraj) on Christmas Eve. He gets into a collision with Shan (Vinay Forrt) and Vinu after leaving a party (Anu Mohan). David drives them to the hospital to get Vinu’s injuries treated after he fell from his bike. Vinu manages to flee the hospital, much to Shan’s chagrin. David begins to think that something is awry. Shan, on the other hand, claims there will be no issue, and David leaves him off at his home. Then he sees Vinu’s wallet has been left in his vehicle.

14. Trance

Release date: 20 February 2020 (India)

Director: Anwar Rasheed

Screenplay: Vincent Vadakkan

Music director: Vinayakan, Jackson Vijayan, Sushin Shyam

This Malayalam movie trance is about Viju Prasad a part-time motivational speaker who lives with his mentally ill younger brother, Kunjan, in Kanyakumari. Viju is distraught after Kunjan commits suicide and relocates to Mumbai. Viju encounters businessmen Solomon Davis and Issac Thomas, who employ Viju to act as a Christian preacher and perform hoax miracles, through a casting director named Kavitha whom he had met in Kanyakumari. He is taken to Kochi, where their colleague Avarachan prepares him for his part by changing Viju’s name to Joshua Carlton.

15. Premam

Release date: 29 May 2015 (India)

Show: Premam

Director: Alphonse Puthren

Music director: Rajesh Murugesan

In this Malayalam movie based in the year 2000, George David (Nivin Pauly), a 16-year-old pre-degree student, falls in love with Mary, the most beautiful schoolgirl in his neighborhood, Aluva, Kerala. George and his pals Shambu and Koya frequently follow Mary around in an attempt to speak with her, but he is scared of her father, who beats up guys who bother his daughter. Mary is well-known for her attractiveness, and she is admired by many men. Nonetheless, every time he summons the confidence to speak with her, something unexpected arises, leaving George dissatisfied.

16. Ayyappanum Koshiyum

Release date: 7 February 2020 (India)

Director: Sachy

Featured song: Kalakkatha (From “Ayyappanum Koshiyum”)

Music director: Jakes Bejoy

Producers: Ranjith, P. M. Sasidharan

With his driver Kumaran, Koshy Kurien, an ex-Havildar, is on his way to Ooty. With a case full of booze, Koshy is practically passed out in the backseat of the automobile. They chose to travel the Attappadi route, which they were unaware was an alcohol-free zone. The automobile is pulled over for a normal traffic stop, which includes checks by the police, forest service, and excise agency.

17. Memories

Release date: 9 August 2013 (India)

Director: Jeethu Joseph

Awards: Kerala State Film Award for Best Cinematography, MORE

Music director: Sejo John, Anil Johnson

Sam Alex (Prithviraj Sukumaran) is a cop who is excessively reliant on alcohol to cope with the grief of his family’s death. Sam was a loving and calm family man who enjoyed spending time with his loved ones. His lovely wife Teena (Meghana Raj) and adored daughter were slain in front of his eyes by his adversary, and he becomes an alcoholic as a result.

18. Love

Initial release: 15 October 2020 (United Arab Emirates)

Director: Khalid Rahman

Producer: Ashiq Usman

Music director: Yakzan Gary Pereira, Neha Nair

Production companies: Ashiq Usman, Ashiq Usman Productions

After one of the couple’s feuds spirals out of control, the unsettling inner workings of a dysfunctional marriage reveal themselves in unexpected ways.

19. Take off

Release date: 24 March 2017 (India)

Director: Mahesh Narayanan

Awards: Kerala State Film Award for Best Actress

Music director: Shaan Rahman, Gopi Sundar

Terrorists are holding Sameera, an Indian nurse working in Iraq, and her coworkers hostage. Manoj, the Indian ambassador, utilises his skill and cunning to save them and get them out of the country safely.

20. Nizhal

Initial release: April 2021 (United Arab Emirates)

Director: Appu N. Bhattathiri

Screenplay: S. Sanjeev

Music director: Sooraj S. Kurup, Sooraj S. KurupAli

Producers: Fellini T.P., Anto Joseph, Badusha, Abhijith M. Pillai, Ganesh Jose

A judge named John is recovering from a horrific injury when he meets Nithin, a little child. When Nithin’s murder stories are shown to be real, John decides to look into them.

21. Bangalore Days

Release date: 30 May 2014 (India)

Director: Anjali Menon

Music director: Gopi Sundar

Producers: Anwar Rasheed, Sophia Paul

Cousins, Divya, Kuttan, and Arjun, fulfill their childhood dream of relocating to Bangalore While they enjoy the city’s warmth, they also confront obstacles that will change their lives.

22. Helen

Release date: 15 November 2019 (India)

Director: Mathukutty Xavier

Music director: Shaan Rahman

Screenplay: Noble Babu Thomas, Mathukutty Xavier, Alfred Kurian Joseph

Helen, a young nurse, has shown an interest in relocating to Canada. However, things take a turn for the worst when she fails to return home from work and mysteriously vanishes.

23. Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela

Release date: 1 September 2017 (India)

Director: Althaf Salim

Music director: Justin Varghese

Box office: 50 crores INR (Kerala)

Screenplay: Althaf Salim, George Kora

When his family calls him, Kurien believes it has anything to do with his marriage and comes home. However, he finds that his mother has breast cancer and joins his family in supporting her.

24. The Priest

Release date: 11 March 2021 (India)

Director: Jofin T. Chacko

Box office: 28.5 crores INR

Producers: Anto Joseph, B. Unnikrishnan, V.N. Babu

A priest, Father Carmen, teams up with the cops to investigate a string of strange suicides. However, he quickly discovers a terrible reality with significant ramifications.

25. Parava

Release date: 21 September 2017 (India)

Director: Soubin Shahir

Music director: Rex Vijayan, Sekhar Menon, Neha Nair

Producers: Anwar Rasheed, Shyju Unni

Irshad and Haseeb, two adolescent lads from Mattanchery, have a passion for the local sport of pigeon flying. Irshad quickly speaks up about a sad occurrence in the neighborhood that shattered many friendships.

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