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5 best documentaries on netflix: These will take you inside the worlds you never knew

5 best documentaries on Netflix: These will  take you inside worlds you never knew

Netflix is an American technology and media providing company. It telecasts various films, Tv shows, and documentaries. Netflix provides a great platform for the growth of documentaries. It gradually increases its running time as a movie. It becomes our home theatre in this lockdown.

Each one of us came across many films and TV shows but documentaries are completely different that makes you feel the real world.  The documentary is actually a non-fictional film and is very informative, maybe inspirational, scary, and sometimes motivates you a lot. It’s really a great experience to watch a documentary and is worth a time to be watched. Here I have a Best 5 documentaries. Have a look at it.

Best documentaries on Netflix #1: The rising phoenix

Best Documentaries on Netflix

Director:  Peter Ettengui

Cast: Jean Baptiste, Ryley Batt, Ellie, Philipcraven, Xavier Gonzalez.


 This documentary is one of the most inspiring stories ever. It is typically a sports documentary that mainly focuses on the Paralympics that took place in London. The Paralympics is for people who are dealing with disabilities and is conducted along with the Olympics. Here the man without a hand participates in archery, another man with a disabled leg participate in running and many differently-abled people participate in this event to prove them a champion.

This documentary covers the sad story of every participant and some breathtaking moment that happens in the competition. This movie gives you complete satisfaction and motivates you to do something. The main theme of the movie is to respect the disabled person and they also have the ability to do many things.

 IMDB Rating:   8.1

Rotten Tomatoes:  90%

Best documentaries on Netflix#2: The Icarus

Best Documentaries on Netflix

Director:  Byran Fogel

Cast:  Grigory Rodgenkov, Nikita Kamaev, Lance Armstrong, Dan Cohan.


This Oscar-winning documentary is based on Russia’s Olympic doping scandal. Bryan Fogel, an amateur cyclist, tries to increase the stamina and cycling ability by injecting PEDS, testosterone, and other drugs into his thigh and ass. Finally, he is in touch with Rodchenkov, the head of the Russian anti-doping program.

But he worked to hide the regimen from the WADA and the IOC. At last Fogel and Rodchenkov had to reveal the international sports scandal that happens in Russia. It is a movie about the Russian conspiracy, urine testing, performance increasing drugs, and much more. There is great sync between the story and the subject that makes the film incredible and amazing. The cinematography is really awesome that takes us to another world.

IMDB Rating:  7.4

 Rotten Tomatoes: 94%

Best documentaries on netflix# 3: The social dilemma

Best Documentaries on Netflix

Director:  Jeff Orlowski

Cast: Tristan Harris, Jeff Seibert, Bailey Richardson.


 This documentary explores the dangerous impact of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, etc against human society along with the experts who created it. We can see that we are addicted to mobile phones and spend a lot of time on it. This explains how social media affects one’s real life and changes their lifestyle.

There are tons of engineers and supercomputers work behind the mobile screen. This documentary explains the dark side of social media. The information given in this documentary is unbelievable and surprising. The statement ” If you are not buying a product, you are a product ” is phenomenal. Everyone should watch this documentary and understand social media and its impact on human society.

This documentary is particularly for teenagers who are mostly addicted to social media platforms. So their parents should try to make their children to watch this documentary.

IMDB Rating: 7.7

 Rotten Tomatoes: 88%

Best documentaries on Netflix #4: The evil genius

Best Documentaries on Netflix

Director:  Barbara Schroeder

Cast: Glenn Boozan, Pat Lalama, Michael Moore.


The title “The evil genius” originally denotes a mentally ill woman, Diehl Armstrong Who killed her two former boyfriends and 5 of his ex-boyfriend died under mysterious circumstances. This documentary is about the most bizarre bank heist that took place in Pennsylvania. The main theme of this film is to find who is responsible for the death of Brain well, the pizza delivery man who robbed the PNC Bank whose neck is strapped with the bomb collar.

Hence this theft is most commonly known as ” collar bomb” or “pizza bomber”. Brain well was found dead after the explosion of the bomb. This mainly focuses on a person who triggers Brain well to rob the bank what their motives were and how they managed to do that. The turn and twist of the investigation make the film more interesting to watch.

IMDB Rating: 7.6

Rotten Tomatoes: 80%

 Best Documentaries on Netflix #5: The tiger king

Best Documentaries on Netflix

Director: Eric Goode

Cast:  Joe Exotic, Baskin Bhagavan, Rick Kirkham, Saffery Jeff.


This documentary is about Joe who cares about the big cats. A woman who has her arm ripped off and a man who lost his arm works at a seedy Oklahoma zoo that is a house of hundreds of panthers, Tigers, Lions, etc. The zoo is run by eccentric, homosexual Joe.

Joe exotic’s sustained hate campaign against Carole Baskin, an activist committed to ending big cat ownership in America whom Joe Exotic believes killed her wealthy husband just for money. Each and Every minute of Tiger king yields some new surprises and suspense and makes it watchable.

IMDB Ratings: 7.6

Rotten Tomatoes: 86%

Hope you enjoy these amazing documentaries. Have you watched any of these movies? What are your thoughts about them? Let us know in the comment section down below. Until then, happy binge-watching! Stay safe!

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