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5 Reasons You Should Watch Rocketman: Not an Elton John fan Already?

5 Reasons You Should Watch Rocketman: Not an Elton John fan Already?

Reasons you should watch Rocketman

Rocketman is a film based on the life of the legendary Elton John. The film was released in 2019 and was directed by Dexter Fletcher who also worked on Bohemian Rhapsody, another biographical drama about a musician (this time Freddy Mercury).

Here are five reasons you should put Rocketman at the top of your watchlist, that is if you haven’t seen it already.

Reasons you should watch Rocketman #1: You’re an Elton John fan

This one is kind of obvious, no? The movie shows us the early stages of Elton John’s life. It’s like an origin story for the iconic figure we know today. The film is less about who he is as a fully formed celebrity and more about how that identity came to be.

The audience gets to learn about Elton John’s childhood and upbringing, putting a spotlight on his relationship with both his parents and how those relationships played a part in making him a person having the substance abuse problems that he does.

The film highlights how he met Bernie Taupin, the man who writes the lyrics for his songs. We also get a closer, intimate look into Elton John’s complicated relationship with his manager John Reid.

Reasons you should watch Rocketman #2: You’re not an Elton John fan

5 Reasons You Should Watch Rocketman

I personally hope that I’m not the only one who isn’t very familiar with Elton John and his music or career. But if there are others like me out there, then this movie is a great place to start learning.

After watching Rocketman, I understand the fans who so passionately stand by Elton John, as well as see why he was and continues to be such a great and important figure in the music industry.

The movie also tells the audience a little bit about Elton John’s current humanitarian efforts in the present-day along with giving us a glimpse of the happy ending that his overall life turned out to have.

Reasons you should watch Rocketman #3: You like musicals

Musicals aren’t for everyone. That isn’t a slight against musicals, it’s just a matter of taste. But this musical might have a broader appeal than the rest of the bunch. The direction and vocal performances certainly help the music numbers and make them stand apart from some of the more generic tropes that a person would think they are going to see in a movie like this.

The songs also hold value in that they show Elton John’s emotional state in an organic and well-realized manner. They help the audience understand Elton John much better, and that’s what makes these sequences such an assist in improving the overall quality of the movie.

Reasons you should watch Rocketman #4: A great lead “character”

The struggles that Elton John goes through in this movie are difficult. But they’re also quite relatable. The mental and emotional problems that Elton John faces are universal, meaning that all humans would at one point or another come across a similar situation or feel the same emotions that he does.

It is worth mentioning that Elton John is a member of the LGBT community. While this might make the film more personal and meaningful to other members of that community, I believe that all people will understand and empathize with Elton John and his problems as depicted in this movie.

One of the key elements to making a great character is to have them be someone that the audience can root for. And this biopic makes everyone want to see Elton John win at the end, which is why it is so rewarding when he does.

Reasons you should watch Rocketman #5: It’s just a good movie, plain and simple

There are times that films based on real-life people can be really long, and seem boring to watch. This one isn’t. The whole movie is extremely entertaining, a great script from start to finish. As mentioned before, it focuses on a very interesting lead character.

The whole cast is excellent and does a great job playing the roles they’re given. The music numbers are shot brilliantly with vibrant, dynamic choreography, direction, and cinematography. What more does a movie need in order to warrant a watch?

Rocketman is currently streaming on Amazon prime and would be well worth your time.

Rocketman: Ratings

Acting- 4.5/5

Direction- 4/5

Background Score- 4.5/5

Overall Rating- 7/10

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