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A call to spy movie review | Is it worth watching?+ Analysis

A call to spy movie review | Is it worth watching?+ AnalysisA call to spy

We are all very much aware of Bond, Sherlock Holmes films. A woman spy in a movie is rarely seen or appreciated. But they are also inevitable wealth in the spy or detective world.  Their contribution to their work should be admirable. They also dedicated their lives to find the truth.

There were unsaid stories of women spies which were important to come at one time. True stories have been portrayed many times in films. It came again and again as the subject or plot of the film. This time with the movie, “A call to spy” which is also based on true events.

It’s an American historical drama film which was first premiered on June 21, 2019, and was released in the USA on October 2, 2020. The film is based on three women spies who worked in Winston Churchill’s secret army during WWII. I am going to give you A call to spy review in this blog.

A call to spy: Cast and Crew

Director – Lydia Dean Pilcher

Writers – Sarah Megan Thomas

Cast – Sarah Megan Thomas, Stana Katic, Radhika Apte, Rossif Sutherland, Linus Roache

Running time – 124 minutes

Release date – 14/02/2020

A call to spy: Plot

A call to spy

After the order of Winston Churchill to train women spies, in WWII, Vera Atkins who is not just a secretary but a spy recruiter gathers the women spies in British Special forces. She chooses Virginia Hall with a wooden leg and a Muslim Pacifist, Noor Inayat Khan born in Russia and grew up in France from a Sufi mystic family. They undermine the Nazi army in France.

A call to spy: Analysis

A call to spy

It tells the story of three courageous women who disrupted Hitler’s occupied France. With intense research, Sarah Megan Thomas has written the story. She read historical records, interviewed Virginia Hall’s relatives to make her character more believable. Radhika Apte in her character, Noor Inayat Khan is well remarked.

Her research is about the character is shown in the movie.  She read historical records, classic novels, and watched spy movies also to make her character trustworthy. Her strong grip with the character doesn’t lose at any time. We get a glimpse of her strong character where she says, “I am resolved. I can fight. My resistance isn’t motivated by hate.” Director, Pilcher who has been worked with Mira Nair in her most of the films has gathered all the performers in a scene with enough justification. We get a meticulous portrayal of that era.

But sometimes, it seems that the script is lagging which can make you bored. With the constraint budget, the film has been shot poorly. But Robby Baumgartner has composed the visuals properly. The set and costumes can create the sensation of that era. The production designer, Kim Jennings’s work in this movie traces back to you that period.

This movie was shot in Philadelphia and Budapest. With her authentic recreation of the place, it makes a mark in you. you will be surprised that some scenes of London and France was shot in Philadelphia and some parts of Paris and Lyon were shot in Budapest. Most of all, the three characters retain the attention at the end of the film.

A call to spy: Conclusion

A call to spy

The name “A call to Spy” is a stylistic version of “A farewell to arms”. The film could be a proud project but it loses its quality sometimes which makes the movie a little worth it. If you are a fan of Spy or detective movies or if you want a gender change in this world, you can give it a watch once. This film could be significant in the film world. As the focus on women in the film increasing gradually, “A call to Spy” stimulates the storm once again. At last, this is a brave step to showcase women spies in the movie.

A call to spy: Ratings

Direction – 6.5/10

Background score – 6/10

Acting – 7/10

Overall rating – 7/10

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