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Abhay Web Series: Season 1 and 2 Review, Cast, plot+ All about season 3

Abhay Web Series: Season 1 and 2 Review, Cast, plot+ All about season 3

Abhay web series

Abhay Web Series streaming on Zee5 now is an Indian version combination of the dark and brutal sides of Black Mirror. The blood-thirsty yet anti-heroic protagonist character of Dexter Morgan. What makes it even darker and takes it to the next level is that the cases that are solved are basically based on and taken from real-life incidents, so the sheer blood lust and sociopaths you will witness on screen are the individuals from around you.

Streaming on: Zee5


Season 1:

Elnaaz Norouzi

elnaaz norouzi abhay web series

Kunal Khemu

kunal khemu Abhay web series

Sandeepa Dhar

Sandeepa Dhar

Anupriya Goenka 

anupriya goenka

Deepak Tijori

Deepak tijori

Manini Mishra

Manini mishra

Raquib Arshad

Raquib Arshad

Prashant Narayan 

Prashant Narayan abhay web series

Trushant Ingle

Ivan Sylvester Rodrigues

Jay Zaveri 

Season 2:

Namit das

Namit das Abhay web series

Chunky Pandey:

Chunky pandey abhay web series

Ram Kapoor:

Ram kapoor abhay web series

Asha Negi 

Asha negi abhay web series

Nidhi Singh

nidhi singh

Bidita Bag

Bididta bag


The series begins with a kidnapping case that Abhay Pratap Singh (played by Kunal Khemu) is handed with. In split scenes, we also experience what the victims have been going through and the kind of gruesome acts the kidnapper commits. The plot of the series follows a case per episode which is solved by the sheer brilliance and wit of Abhay, the face of the series.

And all the while it builds and leads to a bigger plot to be unfolded and addressed. Throughout the first season, we see Abhay battling with himself as he can’t seem to get control over his emotions and overprotectiveness for his son. Soon we notice the backstory to his life and the changes that happen after Natasha enters him already set marriage life.

In other episodes of Abhay, we witness him solving cases of a son who kills his father and mother and ends up killing his wife as well (again a real-life incident), whose bodies he hides in a pool of bed cement. In another episode we see the Tinder Killer taking the form of a fictionalized character who tries to get money off her dates and ends up killing them. The Cyanide Mallika case of Karnataka is also depicted in one of the episodes. Episode 5 takes a look at the 1993 case of Kolkata, where a 16-year-old teenager murdered his father, stepmother, and stepbrother.


abhay web series review

As you can clearly see above this is just a written summarised description of what you could expect from Abhay Web Series’ episodes. The depiction can be ghastly and horrific to watch. For the audience loving this genre and are used to the likes of Mind Hunter, this is a welcome watch for them. For others just as fair warning: there is vulgar language used, few adult scenes, depiction of murder and cutting apart of body parts, and other graphic violence scenes.

In the final two episodes, they face the case of the Butcher, a tailor by day, and a butcher by night, which holds similarity to the Aadesh Khamra case of MP.  Evidently, all of the incidents are fictionalized and dramatized for the web series.

Abhay season 2

The second season of the Abhay Web series’ sees  Kunal Khemu reinstating his titular role as they pick up cases and solve them exceptionally. Season two of the franchise also explores the different real-life crimes and incidents that took place across the country.

The web series is further boosted with the addition of the cast comprising of Chunky Pandey, Ram Kapoor, Asha Negi, and others. Abhay season 2 depicts Ram Kapoor as a psychopathic villain who indulges in a cat and mouse chase with Abhay as he challenges and puts him in various fixes. Across the eight episodes, Abhay again deals with a number of other various cases at the same time occupied by the foremost villain for an ultimate showdown.


kunal khemu in abhay web series

Kunal Khemu is the spotlight of the web series. He makes his digital debut with the role of Abhay. He as a police officer is quite convincing. With his mild and wild demeanor, he portrays both sides competently. He would go to any extent to solve the murders and it is well portrayed in his actions and emotions.

elnaaz norouzi in abhay web series

Elnaaz Norouzi as Officer Natasha is sublime in her nature. With the right amount of façade, she creates the questions about her character.

Chunky pandey in abhay web series

Chunky Pandey in a never seen role of an ordinary man but with a serial killer side is extremely impressive.

Abhay web series acting

Ram Kapoor also plays a negative role in web series. He is the major plan spoiler for Abhay. It is indeed very admirable to see him play this character. Whereas we were used to watching him being the mature rich lovable chap, which certainly shows his accomplishment.

What to expect from season 3?

As of now, there has been no official announcement of a third installment of the web series Abhay. But looking at the reception that the web series has received and the way Abhay ended last season, we cannot exclude the possibility that a third season might be in talks.

The web series was well accepted and appreciated by the critics and audience alike. The last scenes of Abhay (not spoiling anything here) portrayed the likelihood of a plot in shape for a coming season as well. Hence the possibility is there, but we still wait for an official statement.


Abhay web series review

Abhay Web Series is a decent one-time watch. The storytelling of Ken Ghosh is adequate, given the gore plot he works on. At times the police seem to go over the top and reach the end quite easily. For Abhay, the witness and pieces of evidence seem to be finding him and not the other way around. Hence some cases seem to be lacking a certain amount of depth. So as we mentioned, it is a decent watch, but you won’t be missing a lot if you won’t watch it either.

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