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Alex Strange Love [2018]| Watch or Pass?

Alex Strange Love [2018] |  Watch or Pass?Alex Strange Love

Alex strange love is a 2018 Netflix original film which was released on 14 April. But is it a cliche romance movie or has something more to it. In this article, we will discuss a few things about the movie and the reasons to watch it.

Alex strange love: cast and crew

Director – Craig Johnson

Writer – Craig Johnson

Cast – Daniel Doheny, Madeline Weinstein, Daniel Zolghadri, Antonio Marziale, Anne Q

Running time – 1 hour 39 Minutes

Genre – Romantic comedy

Language – English

Release date –  April 14th, 2018

Alex strange love: Plot

Alex Strange Love

Alex True love is a high school teen student. Claire and Alex True Love have been best friends for a very long time. When claire came to know that her mother is in hospital, that’s when Alex comforts her. At that moment, they turned their friendship into a relationship. They decided to book a hotel room to lose virginity.

At a drama party, Alex true love met Elliot for the first time. Elliot is a gay teenager which is known to everyone. Alex continued meeting and communicating with Elliot, who has a clear crush on Alex. Whenever Alex is with Elliot, he used to question his sexuality. One fine day, he says to Dell, his friend that he is intersexual.

Alex Strange Love

But dell denies it by saying that he is tensed because he is losing his virginity to Claire and his nervousness is leading him to an improper conclusion. One day when Alex got along with Elliot, Alex kissed him, and later he repented immediately.

Alex strange love:  Direction and Acting

Daniel Doheny just lived in the character of a teen boy who is confused in his life and openly couldn’t confess about his sexuality in the beginning. And in the end how he gained the courage to confess his bisexuality irrespective of people staring at him.

Claire portrayed emotions so well. her character is like a girl next door. her character contains friendship, love, heartbreak, acceptance. Both director and the actor did a great job.

Daniel Zolghadri played dell in the film. He played goofy characters so well. we can find innocence and maturity towards the end. Daniel added value to the film.

Antonio played a very subtle character in the film. This character is intriguing.

Anne Q played a friend role to claire. even though she has very minimum screen space she added weight to the film. her acting with the dell is interesting.

Alex strange love: Reasons to watch it


Alex True Love and claire’s friendship are the cutest. Irrespective of the ending, we like to watch them together. Scenes between them are a treat to watch. Everybody needs a friend like Dell to cheer us up when we are depressed.


Every character has the perfect blend of emotions in it. we get immersed in each and every emotion throughout the film.


Nathan Larson has done an amazing job. As we all know, music plays an important role in the success of the film. his music added soul to the film.

Alex strange love: Conclusion

After watching it, this film stays with us for a while. Each and every character has its own importance. this film is a roller coaster ride of sexual identity which contains comedy and a brave approach.

The story gets interesting after Alex True Love met Elliot. Even though it’s a romantic comedy, the story is engaging. The end of the film is amazing. the videos of people who came out after that, it’s liberating to watch it.  I feel it is a beautiful film to watch if anybody is looking for something different.

We will be back with amazing movies and shows waiting for you. Until then, stay safe. Happy binge-watching.

Alex strange love: ratings

Direction: 3.5/5

Acting: 4/5

Background score: 3.5/5

Overall rating: 7.5/10

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