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Alien Xmas Movie Review: Is it worth watching?

Alien Xmas Movie Review: Is it worth watching?

Christmas is here, well almost. Alien Xmas is going to provide a light-hearted early Christmassy feel, with its share of mild scares and laughs for the kids. Based on the book “Chiodo Bros.’ Alien Xmas” by Jim Strain and Stephen Chiodo, this stop-motion animation is directed by the latter himself.

alien xmas


Alien Xmas: Plot

Alien xmas

With charmingly radiant animation and adorable characters, in Alien Xmas, Santa tells us about a Christmas story, quite a crazy one. The alien race known as Klepts were beautiful and colorful creatures, but they grew greedy, stealing and taking over everything, and in turn losing their color.

They had no concept of kindness or joy, becoming colorless, on the outside and on the inside. With more greed taking over them, they eye towards  Earth, which is preparing itself for Christmas, and is full of gifts for the Klepts to steal. They come up with a devious plan of creating a new weapon- Gyrotron that will break up the Earth’s gravity and then they will sweep apart the planet of all its valuables. The sneakiest alien “X”, is sent to Christmas Town filled with elves, to assemble this weapon.

As X is busying stealing, he is found by Obie, who mistakes him to be a toy and takes X home as a Christmas gift to her daughter, Holly, who is really sad that her father has to work for Christmas. Even though X is the smallest of the aliens, he has the biggest heart. With Holly, X experiences something like never before.

He experiences kindness, goodwill, and the joy of giving a gift. From here on everything changes for X, as his sole mission is to save the Christmas Town from the deceitful leader “Z” and the Klepto.

Alien Xmas: Screenplay and story writing

Alien xmas

To screenplay (Kealan O’Rourke, Dan Clark & Noah Kloor) a sixteen-page children’s book into a 42 minutes movie is praiseworthy. And the 42 is just the right amount to hold the attention of all, from the young chatterboxes to the elders of the house. We hear the voices of Keythe Farley as Santa, Kaliayh Rambo as Holly, and the well-known voices of Dee Bradley Baker as X, and Barbara Goodson as Z.

The Chiodo Brothers presented adorable characters in the form of X, Holly, and the puppy (the cutest!). What’s amusing is that all of these characters are handmade and it shows the true aesthetic talent of the artists and the filmmakers. Those are real toys moving in a miniature world! The animation is remarkable, it uses a lower frame rate which gives it a twitchy feel.

The storyline is simple and engaging and will keep you occupied the whole time. It is a twist to the traditional Christmas stories with the addition of aliens and making it a sci-fi Christmassy tale. At a point when we feel that the story has had its happy ending, even Santa pitches in saying that he never said that this story had a happy ending, he said it is a crazy ending.

And thus a full-fledged war between the aliens and the Elves of Christmas Town takes place in the last fifteen minutes of the movie. Being just forty-two minutes long does not take out any fun of the movie, it has its plot, develops the story well, gives you few laughs, builds up to a content climax, and sends out the message of the Good Tidings, “Kindness”.

Alien Xmas: The conclusion

Most of the movie is as sweet as a pie, with touches of humor which is quite evident in the booing of the reindeer, and when Obie asks Santa if he has a plan B and Santa laughs it off with a no.

The characters are easy-going and uncomplicated to understand. Stop motion animation is expensive, and nowadays in a world of CGI and motion animation, Alien Xmas keeps stop motion alive. Chiodo wrote the book back in 2006, and Jon Favreau the executive producer (who also voiced Obie) had the dream of making it into a movie way back then itself.

Later in 2018, the Chiodo brothers along with Jon started their work on it. The production work which started in the April of 2019 continued up to Christmas that year, and the visual effects and post-production kept going throughout the pandemic. Netflix was all ready to release this stop motion animation which had the feel of a classic Christmas story.

All in all, it is a glorious piece of work giving out the message of “giving”, which is truly something that the world lacks today. The movie can be something that the kids look forward to as an annual ritual during the advent season. It is a wonderful fun-filled family watch for Christmas Eve.

Have you guys watched Alien Xmas? What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comment section down below. And we will be back with some amazing movies and series for you. Until then, happy binge-watching! Stay safe!

Alien Xmas: Ratings

Direction: 4.5/5

Animation: 4.5/5

Background score: 4/5

Overall ratings: 8/10

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