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Amazon Prime Series 2020: A Great year for Show geeks

Amazon Prime Series 2020: A Great year for Show geeks

Amazon prime

Closed theatres, closed parks, closed malls, and no source of entertainment. And a year of big losses for the movie industry. But even the pandemic could not stop the OTT platforms from releasing quality content and adding some color to a dull life in 2020, and Amazon Prime is one of them.

The provider of an Amazing content

Amazon Prime has been a major player in terms of the release of new content in 2020. The platform saw the inaugural of many original series and movies such as Chemical hearts, Mirzapur season two, Patal Lok, Panchayat (the latter three being the winners of OTT Filmfare awards). And also movies such as Gulaboo Sitabo, Shakuntala Devi, etc. Which couldn’t get a theatrical release because of the nationwide lockdown.

With an abundance of critically acclaimed shows and movies, the platform has been a user favorite. Especially when it comes to original content releases. Prime-owned shows such as Fleabag, The marvelous Mrs. Maisel, the Boys, Mirzapur have loved the critics and the audience alike.

But in the year 2020, it took its operations to the next level by introducing the user to a collection of series and movies, which are popular by the name of content-driven cinema.

The lesser-known but talented faces of the actor, the use of metaphors and subtle hints, the script, the director’s vision and the courage to discuss hush-hush topics. And problems head-on, provides a stark contrast to the big screens of Bollywood. Which only know how to invest in the mundane and worn-out ideas, if you can call them that.

Amazon prime originals 2020

Amazon prime

Alas! To keep this article short and not to bore you fellow readers I have been told to discuss only Amazon Prime original series 2020.

The series released on Prime has been a roller coaster ride as far as their genres are concerned. While on one side we had Bandish Bandits, a Musical drama with its kind-hearted humor, we also were the companion of Dr. Avinash Sabharwal, in Breathe: Into the Shadows.

Just like you would expect these releases did not disappoint. While not all of them were what you would call critic approved, they definitely were what you needed to get through the pandemic.

These were the series released by Amazon Prime in 2020, which helped us get through one of the most difficult years of our collective life.

Four More Shots Please!: Season 2

amazon prime

The Unique thing about this show is that it is an all female-led show, revolving around the lives of four friends trying to keep the pieces of their life together and while at the same time breaking all the societal barriers laid on the Indian women loudly, a rarity in the Indian media and motion arts.

The characters in themselves are not the perfect embodiment of the caricature of perfect Indian women, in fact, they are not even close to what perfect Indian women according to our society should be. The loud, bold, flawed, and basic humans, with ambitions, needs, and an independent soul.

The show would be the result if friends was a drama series with only 3 female friends. And it doesn’t hurt that the show got an International Emmy award, to tell you its worth.

IMDb Rating: 6.8/10

Release Date: 17 April 2020

Watch the show here.

Mirzapur: Season 2

amazon prime

It’s hard to talk about Amazon prime original series and not talk about this one in particular. The series is vivid, loud, and a perfect depiction of what brutality and violence actually are. Loud and often non-sensical!

The series is packed with talented actors from Pankaj Tripathi to Ali Fazal. If you can compare your morality on a scale, then the characters in this saga have either snapped the scale in two or were either thrown so far away that it landed on the moon.

Fans of the series were often seen asking Amazon prime India about the release of its second season on their social media pages or by the way of memes and their wish was granted 2020, at least someone got something good out of the year.

IMBd Rating: 8.4/10

Release Date: 23 October 2020

Watch the show here.

Panchayat: Season 1

Take it from someone who has lived has spent their fair share of time in a village during the May-June summer breaks, this series was nothing short of those relatable moments where you actually wanted to reach out to Jitu Bhaiya and tell him that things are going to be alright.

The series was unveiled on Prime during the tight clutches of the nationwide lockdown and helped provide a healthy release from the anxiety and stress of being locked in a place. That he would get back to his beloved home without going insane.

A freshly graduated engineering student, Abhishek Tripathi, with all doors slammed shut on his face, accepts the job offer of the sarpanch of a village named Phulera. What follows is him getting lost in the ways of the villagers, the aspirations of the few who want to be the next sarpanch, and a piece of advice to fall in love with the village. 

IMBd Rating: 8.7/10

Release Date: 3 April 2020

Watch the show here.

Paatal Lok: season 1

Trust Anushka Sharma to not only impress you with her acting skills but also with her producing skills. Be it Bulbul, Pari, and now Paatal Lok, they are one of a kind cinematic experience. Loosely based on the Tarun Tejpal novel the Story of My assassins, the series is widely regarded not only as Amazon Prime’s. But is the best Hindi Language series.

Using the metaphors of heaven, earth, and hell, the three planes of inhabitance in Hindu Mythology, the series throws light on various social stigmas and issues but this time with a witty script, mind blowing acting, and an engaging story. A highly recommended watch by audience and critics alike.

IMBd Rating: 7.8/10

Release Date: 15 May 2020

Watch the show here.

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