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Breathe season 1: Worth watching?

Breathe Season 1: Worth watching?

Breathe season: Worth watching?

So Amazon prime video dropped its new season to breathe called “Breathe: Into the shadows”. But what makes this Indian web series so worth watching. Let me explain.

Breathe: Plot

Breathe season: Worth watching?

Breathe is an Amazon original web series with the first episode being published on 26 January 2018. The show contains a total of 8 episodes in season 1 being weekly premiered on Amazon.

The show revolves around Denzil Mascarenhas, who likes to be called Mascarenhas for some reason, and his family. His son, Josh, has lung disease and needs a transplant to survive.

One day josh suddenly gets into the worst situation and is taken to the hospital, where the doctors tell them that he doesn’t have a lot of time and is still on number 4 from the last 1 year on the waiting list from the doners list. (If you haven’t figured out what doners waiting list means, it’s a thing where you have to wait until the donor dies to get a transplant. Like literally wait for them to die. Dark but true)

So now the father Danny has to figure something out to save his child and starts doing these weird things, which is of course, killing people. (This is not a spoiler, you see it from the beginning of the episode. Calm down.)

Now of course if there’s a crime scene, there have to be some cops of sorts. So Kabir Sawant who is smart and has almost detective eyes and brain is also going through grief and thinks of himself as responsible for his daughter’s death. He then realizes that there’s something weird with this death cases and wants to figure them out.

We now just have to see how far Danny goes for his son and will Kabir Sawant will ever be able to figure out what’s up with these weird cases in the city.

Breathe: Direction and Screenplay

Breathe Season 1 is directed by Mayank Sharma who has also directed films like Santa Banta and Table no. 21 and well, has done a good job in it.

Direction wise, breathe is directed so well, that it brings you up to its intensity level. The director wants you to feel that thrill and drama as we go through a journey with Danny and we for sure feel it. We feel why is he doing it and why he feels he has to.

The series is never too slow to get you thinking like you should skip a part. The show is straight forward right from the first episode and gets you to dig what is coming up next. There’s no part where you would feel like, why show us this?

You will always dig up to the next move of Danny and what he will do now where each time the cops get close to catching him red-handed.

Breathe: Acting

R. Madhavan

So we have seen R. Madhavan in really well-known movies. From Rehna hai tere dil me to sala khadoos he has been such an effortless actor throughout.

R. Madhavan has done such a great job. Trying to challenge himself by trying to do different roles, he has never disappointed us. He has almost been playing this good boy character and bringing some change by getting out of his comfort zone has worked for him. He in this show has just been the cherry on top. And of course, we would love to see him grow like this.

Amit Sadh

Amit Sadh has been doing a lot of great jobs recently. We have seen him on Kai Po che, sultan, gold and this guy has it all

Amit Sadh plays the character of a cop, Kabir Sawant, who is dealing with grief. And oh boy, he has had us in with him floating in emotions. He wants us to feel what losing someone close feels like and he tends to do it all. Overall, this guy has killed it.

Breathe: Background score

The background of the show plays a big part in the show. The intro song to the background score gives you a thrilling intense feeling throughout the show.

They have kept the show name in mind and set a theme song and background score related to it which is catchy and at the same time, intense.

The conclusion is that this Indian web series has the strength to put an impact on others. Where we are getting this all “Adult” drama through all these streaming platforms today, shows like breathe is something we would expect the creators should give us.

With great acting and well direction and story writing, amazon’s breathe is worth watching. If you guys want us to review the second season of the show, let us know! And maybe we would still otherwise do it. Until then, take care and be kind.


Acting: 4/5

Background score: 4/5

Direction: 4/5

Overall rating: 8.5/10

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