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Asphalt Burning (Børning 3) Movie Review: A sequel that stands on its own

Asphalt Burning (Børning 3) Movie Review: A sequel that stands on its own

Netflix added Asphalt burning to their binge-watching list recently. And we love seeing cars at their maximum speed. All of us who love Fast and furious are familiar with these feelings. And of course, there are previous parts to this movie too!

There’s something about car racing movies. But what about this one?  Is it really worth being on YOUR binge-watch list? I am here to help you!

Asphalt Burning: Plot

Asphalt burning

Asphalt Burning puts together the thrill in a wedding and the heat in wedlock. No, literally a race heat in the wedlock. When Roy Gunderson’s wedding gets interrupted by an unexpected twist, he has to now win a race and his bride back.

It’s the Norwegian tradition for the family that when a member of the group gets married, he races towards his bride on the day of the wedding, and it’s pretty much an understood objective amongst themselves that the groom himself, here Roy Gunderson will lead the race party.

But we love twists, don’t we? Roy’s seemingly straightforward race gets challenged and Roy loses his girlfriend to his own girlfriend’s friend and now to get a chance back agrees to a rematch at the famous Nürburgring track in Germany.

Asphalt Burning: The Netflix and Character development Dive 

Asphalt Burning, original title in Norwegian: Børning 3, is the third part in the movie of series of the same name. Unfortunately, Netflix does not have the previous two movies, and you just dive right into the action with Asphalt Burning.

You may miss out on a certain bit of character development to start with, but halfway through the movie you just get used to the comic and dialogue sequences of the characters.  For a movie which was titled Børning: The fast and the funniest, there isn’t a lot of typical high-level action sequences like the F&F but also keeps its jokes more stereotypically character-based.

Asphalt burning: Direction + What will you miss out

Asphalt burning (Borning 3)

Like the previous movies, Asphalt Burning was also directed by Hallvard Bræin and he has done a pretty decent job direction wise. Anders Baasmo as Roy Gunderson does not qualify as a typical protagonist with looks, but he just passes for the role of Roy in this Norwegian action comedy film.

Other actors in the lead roles are Kathrine Thorborg Johansen as Sylvia (Roy’s girlfriend), Alexandra Maria Lee as Robin (Sylvia’s old friend), and they were both quite persuasive in their respective characters. To help Roy in his journey are; his daughter Nina (Ida Husøy), Doffen (Sven Nordin), Nybakken (Otto Jespersen), and TT (Trond Hlabo). They tried to showcase similar family vibes amongst them like the fast and furious crew, just without the muscles though.

The scenes of the final race are definitely watching worthy and the camera shots are exemplary. Overall it doesn’t have any rigid plots and the going is well quite resilient. The problem presents itself, absurdly, and quite effortlessly a solution is handed out, absurdly.

The viewers who have watched the previous two movies of the series: Borning The Fast and the Funniest and Borning 2 might be used to Hallvard Bræin’s work in them then know what to expect from Borning 3 as well. Netflix released Borning 3 as Asphalt Burning presenting it as a standalone movie, well played Netflix!

What should you know before watching Asphalt Burning? (Recap to Børning and Børning 2)

Asphalt burning 1

Børning The Fast and the Funniest introduces us to Roy Gunderson who is a motorhead and runs his own company ‘Stallion Parts’. His daughter Nina comes over to spend her summer with Roy who only has one objective on his upcoming to-do list: A car drag race- Street Legal. At the race with his beloved car Ford Mustang names the ‘Little Yellow’, Roy, unfortunately, loses the race but is challenged to another illegal street race by his nemesis T.T.

Asphalt burning 2

Børning 2 opens with Roy Gunderson getting out of jail, being there in the first place after participating in the illegal street race. As soon as Roy’s back he gets offered and challenged to be back on track but he refuses to race anymore, as he wants to spend time with his daughter now.

Only later does he come to know that his daughter is participating in that race along with his boyfriend, and Roy now has no choice other than to stop them. The final race sees the racers battling it out from Norway to Russia, in an epic tour of mountains, icy roads, and frozen waters.

The CGI in between is really off-putting. It’s like a sudden shift from a realistic movie to an animated one. The action sequences and stunts are not bad and quite eminent and hence shouldn’t take the amusement out of the scenes, just run along with it okay? Being an hour and forty minutes long just makes it easy to watch a movie.

There are some ridiculous scenes but it gets rescinded out with some quirky ‘will make you jump out of your seats’ laughter. You won’t have to be sitting through it. Being just a hundred minutes it is a quick watch and balances out the absurdity in it. The final race is exhilarating. Though the viewers would very well be able to guess the outcome of it, the whole race will keep you on your toes with some thrilling action.

Asphalt burning: Ratings

Direction: 3.5/5

Background score: 3.5/5

Acting: 2.5/5

Overall rating: 5.5/10

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