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Aspirants Web Series: Review, plot, season 2, and everything you need to know

The TVF has been one of the early breakthrough prospects of the web scene in India with Aspirants web series being the latest in their staggering collection. After hit series of the likes Permanent Roommates, Pitchers, Kota Factory, Panchayat, and many more, TVF continues to create relatable and noteworthy content. In today’s article, we talk through the positive and negative aspects and review the Aspirants web series, for you to determine if it’s worthy of your time.

Aspirants web series plot

Aspirants web series focuses on the lives of three friends; Abhilash Sharma, Gurpreet Singh & Shwet Ketu Jha who aspire to crack India’s oldest examination: UPSC. The storytelling takes place in a back-and-forth manner, wherein the present Abhilash is an IAS officer, Shwet Ketu a teacher, and Gurpreet runs a business. Aspirants web series explores the struggles and efforts that the three friends went through during their time coaching for the examination in Old Rajinder Nagar, which is known as the Mecca of UPSC.

Interesting & relatable characters

What TVF has done time and again is present us with such intricately detailed characters with their flaws as well, that just makes us feel like people around us, seemingly familiar to us. Aspirants web series as well does just that. Abhilash Sharma is at the main focus being the aspirant who is at his final attempt of the examination, even after years of preparation he still seems confused and pessimistic in life. Cut to the present he is now a respectable IAS officer and Aspirants web series takes us through his journey of hardships.

SK the pillar

Shwet Ketu Jha also known as SK throughout the series by his friends, is the chilled ongoing poetic buddy who resolves the issues of his two close friends. From a third perspective, SK too is a finely crafted character who has his own set of problems as well but often tends to confer more importance to his friends. He is working as a teacher in one of the IAS coaching centers now, and conveys his learning years of experience as a student once amongst them, in a subtle way.

Guri the yaar we all need

Gurpreet mostly called Guri by his close ones is the emotional being in the group of three. He is the Punjabi yaara amongst them who looks tough on the outside but is as sensitive by heart. His ruffle with Abhilash sets the tone for most of the subplots in the Aspirants web series.

We also have Dhairya and Sandeep Bhaiya who play integral parts in Aspirants web series. Dhairya is a nonchalant girl who is focused on her career plans. Sandeep Bhaiya is probably the most loved character throughout the show. His seemingly appealing personality and moral yet realistic talks with Abhilash make him truly winsome. Even his silent stares into the abyss with heavy eyes convey so much and is a delight to watch.

Aspirants cast

aspirants cast

These seemingly striking characters of the Aspirants web series would not have had the impact if it was not for the fantastic cast that worked on it. Naveen Kasturia, a familiar face in TVF Productions absolutely nails the character of Abhilash Sharma. His out-to-out demeanor, whether it be an aspiring student or a now IAS officer is depicted with utmost precision.

The hurdles that he faces, his cross roading towards positivity, and creating a PLAN B if not UPSC, are all life lessons that we encounter in our daily lives. Abhilash Thapliyal plays SK, and Shivankit Singh is seen in the role of Guri. The three together form a tripod. Namita Dubey as Dhairya holds the nuance required for her character, and once again a special shoutout to our Sandeep Bhaiya played by Sunny Hinduja.

Direction, background score and Writing

TVF’s Aspirants web series presents a compelling view on not just the UPSC examinations, but the struggles and ongoings of students across different educational backgrounds. Also, to mention the beautiful background score of Tusshar Mallek that will always keep you yearning for more. Directed by Apoorv Singh Karki the Aspirants web series has carefully articulated scenes that convey a lot. There is a calm stillness in most of the shots, letting the audience absorb and picking up lessons off the former and implementing them in the present. Deepesh Sumitra’s writing requires a special mention, especially his hard-hitting dialogues.

Aspirants season 2

Aspirants web series created a huge buzz among the audience and has garnered a whopping 9.7 rating on IMDb. The five-episode long series ended with all its questions answered and no loose ends whatsoever. To date though there has not been any official confirmation of a return second season for the Aspirants web series. But the tremendous fan following that the series has developed might see the TVF pitching in a second season. Similar to how Kota factory came up with a return second season, two years after the debut season. For now, one can only hope too well and not disregard the fact that we could very well see a- Aspirants web series season 2 in the making.

Aspirants web series Review

Aspirants web series is an absolute must-watch! No matter if you aren’t an aspirant in the making or even a student. The series talks to all, with something in it for everyone. It spans just around five episodes with a length of 45 minutes on average. Aspirants web series is a feel-good watch. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed!

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