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Asur web series – Cast, Breakdown, plot and season 2

Asur web series – Cast, Breakdown, plot, and season 2

It is a Voot Select Original. Asur web series had garnered a lot of attention and critical acclaim after its release of season 1 in 2020. As the series gears up for another season, as per Arshad Warsi’s interview, here are a few callbacks and breakdowns for season 1. It should be rather helpful to have a recap. 

Contains mild spoilers, if you have not watched it. 

Asur web series cast

Arshad Warsi plays Dhananjay Rajput

asur web series arshad warsi


Barun Sobti plays Nikhil Nair

barun sobti asur web series

Ridhi Dogra plays Nusrat Saeed

Vishesh Bansal plays Shubh Joshi

asur web series vishesh bansal

Anupriya Goenka plays Naina nair

Sharib hashmi plays Lorak Dubey

Pawan Chopra plays Shashank Awasthi

Asur Web Series Inspiration – myths and stories 

Diti, Aditi, and Rishi Kashyap

Asur webseries

This story talks about the birth of children in different nakshatras and how it impacted their karma (deeds). Aditi and Diti were Sage Kashyap’s two of thirteen wives. Both gave birth to many children. Aditi’s children were born in the Sur’s Nakshatra (God’s Star) and possessed all positive qualities. 

Whereas Diti’s in the Asur’s Nakshatra (Devil’s Star) and were the opposite of their other set of half-siblings, possessing all negative character traits. There was war between the two sets of siblings, wherein the devils won. This led to sending Aditi’s children to Heaven, naming them Gods, and Diti’s to Hell, naming them the Devils. That is why these two are called the mothers of Gods and Devils.  

Sur, Asur, Vishnu, and Shiv

In this mythical story, the Asurs (devils) were prospering at a higher rate than the Devtas (gods). This made the latter angry (more like jealous) to a great extent. These Gods, then, approached Lord Vishnu. The key issue here was that they were not breaking any rules from the Vedas, gaining whatever they did by the books.

To solve this, Lord Vishnu, by crook, made the Devils sinners. This commanded Lord Shiva’s attention and anger, due to which he destroyed all their property. After coming in the know about the truth of the situation, he cried tears of shame and sorrow. This story is about the oppression and harassment of the Devils when they were tricked.  


This word means soul. In Jew and Jain mythology, it is believed that a human’s soul is concentrated on their right hand’s index finger. It also represents individual consciousness, which is why it holds a lot of importance in meditative mudras. 

Kali and Kalki

Asur Mask

Kali and Kalki are the Demon and God, respectively. It is said that towards the end of the Kalyug, the Kali Asur will be the standing one, with immense power. To finish them, Lord Vishnu would descend on Earth as Kalki. 

Balinese Mask

asur mask

This mask is very popular in Indonesian Culture. It is said that the mask allows a spirit to enter the body of the user and command them for some time. It is a way the user can commemorate and communicate with the spirit.  

Asur web series Plot breakdown

The Balinese mask

Asur web series mask

The killer always wears a Balinese mask and leaves it near the victim’s body at the end. It is to indicate that the ‘Asur’ (or the bad inside the person, more on that) comes out with the help of the mask while they’re committing the crime. Here, the Asur referred to might be Kali.  

We see the killer with a Naga tribal tattoo on his neck in the second episode. This could be a nod to the ancient practices of the same tribe, wherein the highest number of killings (more like headhunting) by a person was awarded. The practice is demolished now but the emotions and vigor connected to it are still very much alive. It might also be the reason why the killer/victim is a contract killer. 

The index finger

arshad warsi Asur web series

Simultaneously, the killer also always cuts the right hand’s index finger of the victim. It might be to show how they are cutting off their soul too. To ensure or reinforce death.  

From the plot, we come to know that the killer is targeting people born under a particular star, or the “god” star. This is to reiterate Kali and Kalki’s story, where towards the end only the Kali survives by killing all the good people of the world, and Lord Vishnu will have to come down on earth. We can take it back to the murder of the old artist in Episode 6 of the series, where the killer also mentions something along the same lines.  

The Diti-Aditi Myth

Shubh in Asur web series

Alongside we can see the Diti-Aditi myth coming through via the Nakshatras and Shubh’s Grandfather narrating the same story to Lolark’s character. This indicates that Shubh might even see himself as Kali, due to his father’s behavior towards him since childhood. And how DJ had forged his documents to put him in jail. 

This takes us to the Shiv-Vishnu story, where DJ tricked Shubh (same forged document). I think Shubh believes that his actions were right by the books because of how he was called ‘Asur’ by his father. And he didn’t deserve what DJ (the Vishnu of this story) had done to him. Here, we can see Nikhil being the ‘Shiv’ because he tries to help the child by talking to DJ.  

Predictions for Asur season 2 

Asur web series

In the end, when Lolark’s character is killed by Rasool’s, at the same time, Lolark’s child is born. A few netizens have speculated that this might the Kalki of the story, as Shubh is the Kali (or one of many). The one who would finish all the Shubhs/evil.  

Another, highly off tangent but not impossible, a theory is that maybe DJ is the mastermind of all this. Now, I know seems ridiculous but it’d be interesting to see Arshad Warsi turn into the Mark Ruffalo of Now You See Me.  


Asur web series

The take from the plot is that there is no such thing as a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ person. We all have both inside us. Moreover, It depends on what we face and need that which side would come out. This narrative has been represented throughout the show via several characters and instances.

The coffin maker makes the killer a coffin because his family was threatened; same for Nikhil as he helps out the killer by planning more murders and in the end the female journalist killing one of the fellow captors, even though she was believed to be someone born in the God’s star.  

The crew will shoot from March to June. Also, it is probable that the next season could potentially be out before 2021 ends.  

You can watch the Asur web series here on Voot Select. 

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