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Auto Shankar Web Series: A God or A Godfather.

Auto Shankar is originally a Tamil web series that is presented by Zee5. It is based on the gangster story of Gauri Shankar who used to be a good person then he gets diverged into liquor trafficking and prostitution and later into many more crimes. Auto Shankar is directed by Ranga Yali, This series has also won an award for its cinematography and it was awarded for best cinematographer by Black Sheep Digital Awards in 2020.

Auto Shankar: Cast

The cast of Auto Shanker seems to mainly dependent on the main character of the series. Like the other series, it doesn’t have a big star cast in the role.

Appani Sarath as gauri shankar.

Supporting Cast:

  • Vasudha as Lalitha.
  • Saranya Ravi as Sumathi.
  • Selvapandian as Mohan.
  • Swayam Siddha as Chandrika.
  • Arjun Chidambaram as Kathiravan.

Rajesh Dev as Babu

Auto Shankar: Plot

It’s is a Biographical crime thriller series. Auto Shankar is basically a biography of Gauri Shankar aka Auto Shankar. It’s a story of Shankar and how transformed from an auto-rickshaw driver to a devasting serial killer. The show is set in late ’80s in Madras now Chennai.

The story revolves around the life of Gauri Shankar and the way he gets indulged in the crime world. The first crimes that were done by Auto Shanker were mainly prostitution and Liquor smuggle but later he got support from the businessmen and politicians which led him to immense power and crime.

The series has perfectly shown the character transformation of Shankar from an ordinary rickshaw driver to a serial killer. Right from the 1st episode, the creators established how extraordinary a journey Shankar has gone through with the scene where Gauri Shankar was hanged till death.

Auto Shankar: Review

It’s a Tamil web series that has also been dubbed into Hindi and it is available on the Zee5. It was released on 23rd April 2019, Casting Appani Sarath in the lead role as Auto Shankar. The Lead character has performed exceptionally well for the role and made it a notable work for the series and even himself.

The Series mainly moves around the Life of Shankar and I felt that the supporting cast could have done better in terms of the dialogues and roles. The makers have made 10 episodes of this series for this season. There is no profound for next season as Auto Shankar is being shown hanging in the very first episode of the series.

The 10 episodes in the series are timely 25-35 minutes each and combine it would take you almost 3-4 hours to binge-watch the whole series. The first few episodes of the series give the complete introduction to the life of Shankar and it feels like thrill and suspense both are missing or the first few episodes but later five episodes that are episodes 6-10 has enough amount of suspense and thriller to make a series a worth watching series.


The Awakening.The first episode shows the hanging scene in the jail prison after where it takes the story to the past.
The Power GameIn this episode Shankar takes over the liquor business from Ramajayam and continues his business with more political power.
The Rise of the DemonThe title itself says that this time Shankar increases the crime and he kills down a person who complains about him to the police and makes it a suicide another side he also haves an affair which makes her wife away from her with her daughter but he still continues on his own path.
The wolf HunterIn this episode consequences in the business is shown regarding prostitution and liquor.
The Seed of ChaosBusiness is back to Shankar and he even adds weeds to his products.
The BalancingIn these episode the scene is going around the Birthday of Shankar and meets one of the SI that he had meet before also and hits him and asks to leave.
Clean StateShankar gets to know that one of the girl working is about to leave and start a new life than he finds that she is in love with one of guy working for him and Shankar later kills both of them.
Fall of the DemonPolice finds the bodies buried in the house and gets Shankar behind the bars.
The RebirthShankar manages to escape and even reminds for his own family in the past when he was a child.
The ConclusionThe Shankar is being brought back to the jail and his request for mercy is being rejected by the president and he is shown having time with his wife at the last minutes of his life.

The Series is a Tamil series based on a biography, so Tollywood is firstly famous for its movies and now this series has also made a position in the OTT platform in partnership with Zee5.


What is auto Shankar case?

Auto Shankar was a hardcore serial killer and was indulged in many other crimes such as prostitution and liquor trafficking and other crimes due to which he was arrested by police.

Who is Chandrika in Auto Shankar?

Chandrika that is played by Swayam Siddha is shown as the girlfriend of the Shankar and though he had a wife and a daughter he was having chandrika as a girlfriend. She was also indulged in the prostitution business of Shankar.

Why was Auto Shankar Hanged?

Shankar is shown hanging in the very first episode of the series and due to his crimes and allegations he was sentenced to be hanged by the court and even his request for mercy was being refused by the president.

How many seasons are there in Auto Shankar?

There is only 1 season of Auto Shankar as at the end the Shankar is being hanged so there is no instance for releasing the 2nd Season.

How can I watch Auto Shankar web series?

Auto Shankar was released on Zee5, so it is only available there with premium subscription.

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