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Bandish Bandits: Review, Seasons, cast, and everything you need to know about Season 2

Bandish Bandit: Review, Seasons, cast, and everything you need to know about Season 2

If you are looking for a not-so-serious show to binge-watch, Bandish Bandits is the right pick for you. This Indian Romantic Musical drama is directed by Anand Tiwari. The show has a whopping 8.7/10 on IMDb and beautiful acting by the cast, it is definitely worth binge-watching.

Bandish Bandits Cast

Ritwik Bhowmik as Radhe Rathod

Shreya Chaudhry as Tamanna Sharma

Naseeruddin Shah as Pandit Radhemohan Rathod

bandish bandits

Atul Kulkarni as Digvijay Rathod

Sheeba Chaddha as Mohini Rathod

Rajesh Tailang as Rajendra Rathod

Amit Mistry as Devendra Rathod

Kunaal Roy Kapur as Arghya

Bandish Bandits Plot

The story starts with Radhe who is an innocent 21-year-old, dedicated his whole life to music is training under Panditji. Panditji is the typical strict teacher who cares about music, practice, and nothing else. He has been the ‘Sangeet Samrat’ which is the highest honor in music for over 25 years.

Radhe meets Tamanna in her concert and is astonished on seeing how their world of music is completely different. Tamanna has a different style, different taste in music something he has never seen or experienced in his whole life. In this concert, their path crosses and he gets involved in her world of music and she gets mesmerized with the kind of music Radhe sings.

A music collaboration along with a love story starts between them. Panditji must not know either of the two things because he is very against selling his art for money. He decides to get Radhe married against his will. The story has various different subplots that are beautifully shown.

One of the main plots starts a little after the fifth episode. This is where Digvijay enters and challenges Panditji that he would be the next Sangeet Samrat. It is shocking for everyone because no one has dared to challenge Panditji so far and Digvijay had the guts to do it.

The plot then takes over the rivalry of Panditji’s family and Digvijay on who will become the next Sangeet Samrat of Rajasthan.


What a beautiful show! There are so many things to appreciate in this series, we don’t know where to start from.


Starting from the cast of the show. The whole cast of Bandish Bandits has done such a beautiful job in portraying their characters on screen. The cast has managed to mesmerize the audience and make them fall in love with the show and them as people.


bandish bandits review

Bandish Bandit is a musical and if we don’t talk about the music from the show, then we are doing something wrong here. The music in this series is beautiful. The series music was composed by Shankar–Ehsaan–Loy, a musical group comprised of Shankar Mahadevan, Ehsaan Noorani, and Loy Mendonsa. The youth of today is not much into classical music and it is a dying form of art but this series showed the youth how beautiful classical Hindustan music can be.

The series was not just classical music. The cast and the blend of classical and modern pop showed us a potential music fusion and how good it can get and that classical music doesn’t have to die. Another thing that is mention-worthy is that the audience couldn’t make out the switch between the singers and the voice of the cast. The switch was so smooth and looked so real, it didn’t look like a voice-over.

Background score and aesthetics

The background score and the aesthetics of the show were great. The show is set in Rajasthan and they show the audience a typical Rajasthani household. The direction of the show is also applauded.

Overall, the choice of cast for the show, the music, the writing, the direction, and the background score were absolutely amazing.


The director and cast didn’t give us a lot we couldn’t like but some of the subplots were lengthy and a tad bit unnecessary. Maybe the director was building up for a season 2 but some subplots were unnecessary.

In the initial episodes, Radhe was asked to sing for 21 hours which was unrealistic expectations from Panditji, and the fact that he completes the task is also unrealistic. Other than these two minor setbacks we loved everything about this show.

Where to watch, episodes and details:

You can stream Bandish bandits on Amazon Prime Video. The show has 10 episodes each episode ranging from 45-60 minutes.

Bandish bandits Season 2

(Spoiler alert)

The cast has confirmed that there is going to be a season 2 of the show but there is no official date announced by the cast or the creators of the show. They did reveal that the script has been completed but just because the audience is expecting a new season, they don’t want to do anything in a hurry.

Since season 1 of the series, ended up in a cliffhanger, season 2 will have all the later details of what actually happened in the Sangeet Samrat competition. Did Panditji lose his sense of hearing? Will Tamannah and Radhe get back together? Will Radhe go into creating commercial music?

All these questions will be answered in season 2 of Bandish Bandits.

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