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Big Mouth- Review, BTS and more

Big Mouth-Review, BTS, and more

Big mouthThanks to shows like BoJack Horseman, Rick and Morty, and now Big Mouth, “cartoon” can officially be tagged under an adult category. But Big Mouth stands out from all its adult content producing competitors because of its sheer absurdity and grossness. Trust me when I say it’s gross, it literally is. But so was your puberty.

Big Mouth: Plot Idea

Big mouth

And that’s what this show is all about. Big Mouth takes you on an adventure back to your teenage years of moodiness, change, and the urge to know more about mmm (becomes silent and goes back to my teenage years), I think we can just say it now, vaginas and penises. Nobody’s adolescent years are worth remembering and maybe that’s the reason, the show when takes you on that journey of memory it makes it much messier to watch.

As much as an adult show Big Mouth is, it could be watched by teenagers as well going through the same phases of unfamiliarity and obscureness so as to get a visual depiction of what everyone faces at that age. So if your teenage kid or cousin is watching Big Mouth, be ready with a ton of FAQs and a class on Sex Education, better to teach them yourself than the internet!

Big Mouth: Plot

Big mouth

Big Mouth is an animated adult show which follows the lives of teenagers Nick Birch, Andrew Glouberman, Jessi Glaser, and their friends as they deal with puberty and try figuring and learning out about masturbation and periods. To aid them in their sexual journeys are the hormones monsters, who are badgering and counseling the teens to fulfill their sexual desires.


In the course of time we meet a lot of extra fictional characters in the form of ghosts, a pillow capable of getting pregnant, the Statue of Liberty who apparently can offer sex advice, a talking Vulva, and oh a lot of penises, walking and talking ones. The plot revolves around Nick Birch (Nick Kroll, co-creator) who is a late bloomer of his masculinity, and his best friend Andrew Glouberman (John Mulaney) who is pretty much in his mid-pubescent age and is always, always on the urge of masturbating.

As much as the sexual content the show holds, they have also focused on major issues currently in the world and also certain taboos around sex, especially evident in some cold burns and dialogues that will make you think twice (“if men got their period it’d be an Olympic sport!”, “ they’d give it out medals for the heaviest flow!”)

The opening seasons of the show might be a bit difficult for the viewers to take in, mostly because of the grossness part of the show, but once you are settled in and have made your peace with the way the Big Mouth goes around it’s a vivacious watch. As much fun and entertainment the show will provide with puberty struck teens, these adolescent kids also face a ton of anxiety and depression issues, and the creators have not forgotten to add those realistic feelings into the show as well. In the form of Anxiety Mosquito, Depression Kitty, and such similar characters, we watch the teens struggling and facing the unspoken reality as well.

Big Mouth: Storyline, Animation, and BTS

Executive Producers Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg, childhood best buddies from the suburban of New York, (now you know where the idea of Big Mouth originates from!) co-created Big Mouth along with Mark Levin and his better half Jennifer Flackett.

The storyline and themes are quite intriguing and attention-seeking, especially if you have episodes named as “Am I Gay?”, “Dark Side of the Boob”, and “How to Have an Orgasm?” it is bound to build up that curiosity and inquisitiveness for the viewers. (Only Big Mouth could take a simple song of Selena Gomez ‘Can’t Keep My Hands to Me’ and end up sexualizing it!)

Though every episode focuses on a new topic or issue, the plot is always connected and keeps the story moving as the teens grow by age. The animation is sublime and quite subtle. And since it is an animated show, like literally walking penises and talking vulvas, it just gets away with it.

A scene plays out between the main characters regarding having a show about a bunch of kids masturbating but how it could basically just be child pornography and the Hormone Monster finishes off the scene saying, “Holy Shit, I hope not! I mean if it’s animated, we could get away with it, right?” Right, Maurice, Big Mouth did get away with it.

These kinds of introspective and addressing the viewers’ kind of scenes keep playing around every now and then. Along with controversial topics, comes the controversy; Season 3 where an incorrect pansexuality analogy is presented and it did not go well down with the fans and was trending on Twitter.

Well, maybe they did not get the definition right, just as teens at that age don’t! All now merrier, Big Mouth has focused on the LGBTQ and racial issues predominant in the world right now and the creators deserve the praise.

Big mouth

Big mouth: The conclusion

Big Mouth won’t be an easy go watch, as it involves a lot of gross material and adult content. But that being said it is as much engrossing as it can get. It will remind you of your messy teenage and leave you thinking if only you had a show like this back then to guide you through it!

Big Mouth: Ratings

Background score: 4/5
Animation: 4/5
Overall rating: 8.5/10

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