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Black widow: The most anticipated marvel movie of 2021

Black widow: The most anticipated Marvel film

black widow

2020 is the only year in more than a decade, Marvel Studios didn’t release any film because of the pandemic worldwide. 2021 is all geared up with a list of marvel films. Phase 4 of marvel cinematic universe kicks off in theatre with the black widow, all set to release in May 2021. once the film releases, we can see pure Marvel domination at the box office.

black widow film rights were first acquired by Lionsgate. later he dropped off from the project and rights are given to Marvel Studios.

This is an upcoming film which is based on Marvel comics character which is produced by Marvel studios and distribution is done by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.

Black widow: Storyline

This film is all about the events between  Captain America: Civil war and  Avengers: Infinity war.  Till now the team released three full-length trailers. From the trailers released so far, we can know that Natasha Romanoff is talking about how she is going to face her past and tackle the whole situation by using her past spy skills which she learned in Russia,  placed where she grew up.

Black widow: Cast and Crew

 Scarlett Johansson played Natasha Romanoff or Black widow

Scarlett Johansson, who played Natasha Romanoff or Black widow expressed her views on the continuous delay of her film

She stated that she has been talking to the producers and Marvel studios president about it, just trying to understand the whole situation. She mentioned that they all are eager for the audience to watch the film. she even stated that the audience should feel safe and confident about sitting in an enclosed theatre.

Initially, this film was all set to release in May 2020. but due to the pandemic situation worldwide. the team decided to change its date. later it was planned to release in November 2020. Again Disney and Marvel decided to postpone the release date. finally, they are preparing to release in May 2021.

This film will be Scarlett’s first solo film. her character will remain as dead but will be set back in time

Florence Pugh played Yelena Belova or Black widow

black widow

Florence Pugh is making her debut with the Black widow as Yelena Belova. She stated that the Black widow plot was petrifying.

She also mentioned that this film is about a woman who has been abused and trained up to be killing machines and women getting her life back. Finally, she said that she is pretty excited about being part of Marvel Studios Film.

David harbor played Alexei Shostakov or a red guardian


David Harbour as Alexei Shostakov who is also referred to as Red Guardian in Black widow was more popular for his series Stranger things.

He said the connection between his character and the Black widow is that he is the dad, and Rachel is sort of mom, and Natasha and Florence Pugh played the role of their kids. They set up as a family in America in the 90s. That is where Natasha had learned spy skills. David has gone into more detail by saying that they all know each other from long ago and later they lost touch for twenty years now.

He suggested Marvel studios release the Black widow film online amongst the coronavirus outbreak. Wouldn’t it be fun if we all could just stream it? But that’s above my pay grade

Fagbenle played Rick Mason

Fagbenle states that he was dazed with the information-overloaded and said that it was one of the most extraordinary experiences in his life when he was asked about his experience playing as Rick Mason in Black widow.

he also said that coming up from community theatre, African theatre, and children’s theatre, just being part of the Marvel universe is a pinnacle for lots of actors and so it’s just such an honor working with them.

Ray Winstone played Dreykov

Ray Winstone,  is the controller or chief of the red room.

Rachel Weisz played Melina Vostokoff or a black widow

Rachel Weisz who played Melina Vostokoff or another Black widow states that her character as a taskmaster plays a significant role in the film. she also said that she gets to do some major fighting, particularly when there is such a three-dimensional character. she also mentioned that Scarlett looked great and gorgeous when she came on the sets as the black widow.

William hurt played Thaddeus Ross

William Hurt, an Oscar-winning actor, who played Thaddeus ross, shared that Ross is a person with an ego who has a lot of cleaning up to do and that is even harder than expected.  he also mentioned that there is always a sense of majesty in what ross is doing . he also added that ross is a soldier and he is trying to protect his way of life. Seizing Natasha  Romanoff is the only way he can hit upon the changing world.

Black widow is going to hit theaters in May 2021.  We are all as excited to see what’s in store for us.

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