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Broken but beautiful: Review, season 1, season 2, cast, and Everything about season 3.

Broken but Beautiful: Review, season 1, season 2, cast, and Everything about season 3.

Broken but beautiful is a romantic feel-good show that takes us through a journey of finding love after you think you have been broken and cannot be fixed. Two broken hearts that find each other in the perfect circumstances leaving all the fear, insecurities, and drama behind them is what you can expect in this show. This show portrays love, relationship, heartbreak, longing with so much intensity that you cannot stop watching it.


Lead Cast:

Vikrant Massey as Veer

broken but beautiiful cast

Harleen Sethi as Sameera

Gaurav Arora as Ahan

Anuja Joshi as Debbie

Supporting Cast:

Akriti Singh as Agni

Pooja Bhamrah as Porno

Jitin Gulati as Karthik

Poppy Jabbal as Ishanvi

Nikhil Sabarwal as Adil

Meherzan Mazda as Parth

Sameer Roy as Neil


Season 1 of broken but beautiful revolves around two characters. Veer Shekhavat who has lost his wife Alina in a car accident three years back and is not able to get over it. He is in a horrible state where he is drinking and is depressed. He is clearly not over Alina as he hallucinates her and has conversations with her. Our Second character is Sameera Joshi. She comes with her share of emotional baggage as well. Sameera’s ex-boyfriend Karthik leaves her to be with another woman. She is frustrated and starts stalking him everywhere which makes her more emotionally vulnerable.

Veer and Sameera meet when he has to have some papers signed because he wants to buy Karthik’s house. This is the start of the new budding relationship. Veer pretends to be Sameera’s boyfriend to try to make Karthik jealous. In the process of being her fake boyfriend, a beautiful bond is formed where both of them are able to emotionally heal from their past baggage. However, season one ends with a cliff-hanger where both Veer and Sameera part ways.

Broken but beautiful season 2

Season Two starts with Veer in Bangalore where he is learning to make wine and has fallen in love with Debbie who is also his business partner. Sameera has found a new outlook on life. She is over the toxic relationship with her ex and has a new therapist. Sameera has reconnected with her old school friend Ahan who is insanely in love with her.

When the two characters are almost over each other and have found a new love for themselves, fate brings them together another time. You know how when you meet your ex there is this sense of awkwardness but not with our characters. They were friendly and nowhere near awkward. They soon discover that they are not happy in their respective relationships and decide to help each other. In the process of helping each other, they fall in love (again). In this whole process, there is one breakup and one short-lived marriage until the audience gets some answers.

No. of SEASONS in Broken but beautiful

Broken but beautiful has 2 seasons so far. Season 1 has 10 episodes and season 2 has 11 episodes. The show can be found on three streaming platforms – Alt Balaji, Zee 5, and Jio Cinemas.


Broken but beautiful review

Broken but beautiful is a great show filled with love, drama and heartbreaks. This show teaches us a lot about moving on and self-love. Through the characters, we discover ourselves because we find ourselves entangled in these situations in our own life. Vikrant Massey and Harleen Sethi have done a fabulous job portraying their characters. Some of Veer’s scenes were so real that they bought tears to the audience’s eyes.

The show is beautifully edited. It’s edited in a way that even if viewers haven’t had the chance to watch season 1, they will completely understand season 2. The music of this show has the story in itself. The songs are soulful and enhance the scenes and the characters.

Broken but beautiful

Season 2 becomes quite predictable to the viewers. There seems to be no sort of twist in the show which might leave the viewer disappointed. The show turns out to be way too cheesy for the liking of the audience. Some cheesy cliche lines could have been left out of the show.

It’s a family drama. Overall, a good show to watch.

Broken but beautiful seasons 3

Broken but beautiful season 3 is coming out on 29th May 2021. It features Sidharth Shukla and Sonia Rathee. Broken but beautiful season 3 happens to be Sidharth Shukla’s digital debut. The creators say that the third season of broken but beautiful will not only talk about romance as a subject. But will also include falling out of love as a theme. Ekta Kapoor has shared a video of Sidharth and Sonia’s character kissing which gave a hint of a love-hate relationship between the couple. Fans are excited for the new season to come out.

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