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CANDY web series: A show that questions monsters inside the heads

CANDY web series: Review, plot, cast, and everything you need to know

Candy is a Voot web series that was released in September 2021. Ronit Roy and Richa Chadha are the main leads in this crime, thriller, and suspense-filled web series. Candy web series has an IMDb rating of 8.9/10. The web series questions the “monsters inside the heads” in its own dramatic way. Every character has its own mysteries and darker shades. The story revolves around a “murder mystery” of a teenager. Is it a whodunnit murder mystery? Well, let’s see what this 8 episodes’ web series has to offer.

  • Web series – Candy: Unwrap the sin
  • Year Of Release – 2021
  • Director – Ashish R. Shukla
  • Creator- Agrim Joshi and Debojit Das Purkavastha
  • Number Of Episodes – 8 (35 to 45 minutes)
  • Genre – Crime, Thriller , Suspense
  • Availabe on- Voot

CAST OF CANDY web series

Ronit Roy as Jayant Parekh

Candy Web Series (Voot) Release Date, Cast and All you need to know - Wiki  King | Latest Important News

Richa Chadha as DSP Ratna Sankhawar

Manu Rishi Chadha as Money Ranaut

Gopal Datt Tiwari as Headmaster Thomas

Candy (Voot) Web Series Story, Cast, Real Name, Wiki & More

Nukul Sahdev as Vayu Ranaut

Riddhi Kumar as Kalki Rawat

Anju Alva Naik as Sonalika Parekh

Candy web series plot: LET’S HAVE A SHORT INSIGHT

The story of Candy web series is set up in a small town, Rudrakhand. Jayant Parekh(Ronit Roy) lost her daughter, who committed suicide. He went to Rudrakhand ( a beautiful small town set up in hills) as a master in a school. In the introductory scene, we saw the pain and struggle of Jayant from PTSD. The school welcomed him with grayer secrets.

A school student(Mehul) has been murdered brutally in the forest. It is said that a creature in the forest is behind the murders. Richa Chadha, a corrupt cop who falls in love with a  drug supplier Vayu further investigates the matter. Vayu supplies drugs as Candies to the school student. Kalki and Mehul try to expose them.

But wait, just a tip “what you see is not always real” – keep this thing in your mind. While the plot is predictable, slowly knitting all the loose parts, it ends on a real thriller, triggering note. It manages to tell a hard-hitting truth of society while keeping its hands on the dramatic plot. Story of mysteries, drugs, sexual assault, and relationships are unraveled in every episode and they surely go on your head.

Candy web series- Is it binge-worthy?

candy web series

“Sleep early otherwise someone will steal your doll” ” Eat otherwise a ghost will come”.

While growing up, we are often told about creatures, monsters and other imaginary folks that often stays inside our head. Small towns are often loaded with mysterious stories but we have seen how various abduction, assaults, drug dealing happens behind them.

Candy web series tries to offer a mysterious thrilling plot to a high-end drama. The opening to a whodunnit is a pretty important factor.  Initially, the protagonist was shown as a grieving father struggling with PTSD but then he investigates the murder mystery(I got some Drishyam vibes:)

Later it shifts itself to school bullies, drug dealing, family drama, and sexual assault.  The makers were surely aware of the fact that as an Indian OTT series, the story should be engaging and they wanted the audience to be glued to their seats. They actually worked upon it and gave us many plots together.

When you think you have solved the mystery, another mystery opens up.  Solving different layers kept the viewers engaged for sure but often it feels like this plot could have been a bit longer or this was predictable.

The series explores a complex relationship between a father and a son who lead very different lives. The investigation part of “Candy” is definitely not that tricky.

Recently we were introduced to Asur, also a Voot Web series that explores the mythological world and gave us next-level expectations from the Indian OTT series. This, Candy web series created by Agrim Joshi has offered intriguing cinematics with brilliant acting.

Though it failed at the supernatural/mythological aspects, it offered a high doze of drama and thriller. The multiple layers and the different story runs at a fast pace and every time you get a new mystery to resolve(just like Rubik’s cube). At a point, you often feel a bit confused but then the thrilling ending outweighs all the cons.


The story is set up in a small town, Rudrakhund. We are quite familiar with writer Agrim Joshi and his infatuation with supernatural beings as in Fear files, Dev, and many crime thrillers. In the Candy web series, there aren’t high powerful dialogues as in other OTT platforms.

It focused more on the execution and direction of the plot. As I mentioned earlier the drawback in Candy is just the predictable plot. We definitely experienced an unpredictable ending but the entire plot till episode seven seemed obvious ( someone who has watched enough of Indian OTT thrillers would get that easily).

The best part of the Candy web series is the execution. At points where dialogues delivery fails, cinematic delivery or twists manages to balance the flaw.

Characters and Acting – Yay or Nay?

First of all, YAAY. Ronit Roy as Jayant Parekh gave us full intense and darker vibes of the thriller series. The deep croaky voice of Ronit gave all the feel to the character. Talking about the female protagonist Richa Chadha. She plays the role of a cop who is in love with a drug dealer. She is tough from the outside but fragile at heart.

Kalki played by Riddhi Kumar is definitely the star performer. Her expressions and mystery in her eyes served as a Sugar on Candy. Personally, I felt the character of Sonalika Parekh is very bold and reckless. She pointed her opinions and even though she was struggling a lot with grieving, she never left the side of girls who were sexually assaulted. Anju Naik did a exceptional job as Sonalika in Candy.( clap , clap)

The rest of the cast  Manu Rishi Chadha, Gopal Datt, Nakul Roshan Sahdev have also done commendable jobs.


  • Writer Agrim Josh took the concept of the monster “Masaandh” from the stories of his own small town of Uttrakhand.
  • The plot and the storyline often trigger you. Animal slaughtering and sexual assault fills the story with thrill but often gives goosebumps (in not a good way)
  • “Rudrakund upar se jitna sundar lagta hai, andar se utna hi ghinona hai.”
  •  The whole plot has been short in hills and beautiful valleys but such a plot of murder, drugs, assault leaves us to think about the loopholes in the mindset and system as well.
  • The best part of Candy web series is that there is a darker side to every character. Not at a single point, you will feel a light-hearted drama. Every character is damn deep and intense.

Grab your popcorns and get ready to glue yourself to your seats and unwrap the mystery. Get yourself a mysterious yet thriller me time

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