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Captain America: The great solider

Captain America: The great solider

It’s a personality introduction like no other – a powerful figure, dressed in the stars and stripes hits Adolf Hitler right in the face. This is how we all audience first experienced Captain America on the front cover of issue #1 of his comic book. Which is self-titled officially got released in March 1941.

Often discharged as a loyal patriot, From almost 80 years, Captain America’s relationship with his own countries government is quite complex. Far from being a charged dog for the US government, Captain America has been a loyal critic of the White House. By holding a mirror to America in the midst of a ‘pow’ and ‘crash’ of a comic book.

Great soldier

captain america solider

The first issue of Captain America is in March 1941. But reported onto the newsstands in December 1940 in the US – it is a full year before the rush of Pearl Harbor.

At that time America was yet to enter World War 2 and leading Americans such as Charles Lindbergh and Henry Ford were actually pushing for that to remain the case. But Jack Kirby and Joe Simon, comic book writers both are Jewish and also they both were less rigid in their views. In an interview, joe Simon said that they both read the newspapers. And they both knew that what is going on in Europe. That’s when they both decided  to create the perfect superhero

A hero without a country

So, the completion of World war 2 saw Captain America put on ice- quiet, in fact. Over the next two decades, Timely Comics became Marvel Comics. Cap lay largely reposing mostly seen as an antiquated character out of step with a country seeking to put World War 2 behind it.

In 1964, Marvel guru Stanlee bring back Captain America. Having remaining fellow heroes as Avengers found him in the Arctic, iced but still alive. Thanks to the super-soldier antibody that gave him back his powers in the ’40s. Brevoort mentioned that lee had completely figured out how the modern vision or take of the hero Captain America was going to be- So it’s going to be a blend of a man who is living in a time he didn’t even understand at the same time being jinxed by the war he somehow survived from it.

In the words of Cebulski, editor in chief of Marvel Comics,’ Captain America is a pure mirroring of the world which is outside the window that means it always runs around what is going on in that time especially.’

The wrong figure

Brevoort also noted that timeliness had a huge influence on the character. Captain America, especially in the late ’60s and early ’70s. While Captain America on the edge seemed to be very ‘ra-ra, my country whether it’s the right or wrong type of figure. However, Stanlee and the remaining people whom he was working with, all tried to add a little bit of variation. Actually to make him question whether his country was always right or not?

He somehow went through the same questioning tussles. That many of the people of the late’60s and early ’70s struggled with. Brevoort took an example of Captain America’s questioning which can be found in issue number 130 where the cap is asked to help the police to put an end to a demonstration. But he actually stands side by side of protestors instead of the establishment.

Immediately against the backdrop of Watergate, Marvel had written a storyline. In which Sam Wilson aka Falcon run after a shadowy organization named The Secret Empire. Finally, in the oval office, they challenged the group’s leader in the white house where Captain America unmasks him forcefully.

Fighting the power

The biggest exhibit of this attitude in post number 9/11 of Comics actually came in the civil war storyline. In which superheroes were asked to forgo independence by the US government. And also to register as the agents of the government in the wake of a disaster.

The storyline began as an analogy for the Patriot Act. And also scrutinized the nation of freedom vs security reflecting a real debate of times. The civil war had led to split the superheroes into two camps. With Captain America opposing the government and The Iron Man as the main chief and leading the pro-registration side.

Brevoort mentioned that yet it was another opportunity for Captain America to question whether he could believe his government. Captain America had to scrutinize what was wrong and what was right. What was being a protector of the nation, and what was a dictatorship. And who were the foes that were around them? And also how to deal with combatting the war in this new world?

Captain America is for the people

captain america

When marvel disclosed him as a secret hydra Agent in the year 2018 [for being reasons crazy, complicated, and comic-bettor as per here] it annoyed fans as it dispossesses the cap of his true superpower- his firm dedication to the facts, what is right, and justice.

Steve Rogers showed us that sincerity, loyalty, and honor can take us to places. Also, Captain America is ranked 6th on the list of of the greatest superheroes of all time.

For almost 80 years, Captain America just not only had the back of the US government. But to be honest he is always faithful to all the American people.

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