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Nepotism in bollywood: An honest discussion

Nepotism in Bollywood: An honest discussion We know what is this all about. Why I want to talk about nepotism and why I need to. Why is this so so so important to talk about? Isn’t it enough? All this weird thing about nepotism on

How to sell drugs online fast season 2: Review

How to sell drugs online fast season 2: Review So Netflix has dropped it’s season 2 to How to sell drugs online fast and if you have watched the first season you know what’s coming. Let’s see if season 2 is worth watching or rather

Top 10 Sitcoms to Binge

From F.R.I.E.N.D.S to Brooklyn Nine-Nine we grew up learning a lot. These sitcoms enlisted below brought us the true meaning of sarcasm and wittiness. Here we have listed Top 10 Sitcoms which will surely enlighten your mind. 10.  Schitt’s Creek(Top 10 Sitcoms) There are not

Breathe season 1: Worth watching?

Breathe Season 1: Worth watching? So Amazon prime video dropped its new season to breathe called “Breathe: Into the shadows”. But what makes this Indian web series so worth watching. Let me explain. Breathe: Plot Breathe is an Amazon original web series with the first

A quiet place

Horror: Top 10 Horror Movies ever made

Top 10 Horror Movies ever made Staying up all night, sitting alone in the darkness with laptop screen Shining at your face,  seeing dark figures in the room and suddenly the evil ghost appears….. Believe me, that moment is when my heart pounds at an

Dark: Best sci-fi show ever?

Dark: Best sci-fi show ever? So we are all hyped up about the new season of dark, which is considered to be the must watch the show for everyone who has watched it. But are you finding videos and articles to know if it’s worth

13 reasons why season 4: Is it worth your time?

13 reasons why season 4: should you watch it? So Netflix dropped it’s the finale to the series 13 reasons why which is it’s season 4. But after all this seasons, is season 4 worth your time. Let’s have a look. 13 reasons why season

Gulabo Sitabo: Hit or disaster?

Gulabo sitabo review: Hit or disaster So Amazon prime video just dropped the classic Gulabo sitabo. Starring the great Amitabh Bachchan and Aayushman Khurana, is this movie becomes worth watching? Let’s have a look. Gulabo Sitabo review: Gulabo sitabo is a dark comedy movie directed