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Chandler bing: The most iconic character of all time

Chandler Bing: The most iconic character of all time

chandler bing

My editor gave me an option to either go with Chandler bing or I could select any friend’s character of my own to write an article about. But then who doesn’t love Chandler! I said I could write on Chandler, Chandler is good. And she went like Chandler would be perfection! And I don’t know if that won’t sum it up then what will!

Chandler is literally perfection, right from his opening crack in the series, ‘and I want a million dollars to his last line as a sarcastic response to Rachel asking should we get coffee, ‘Sure, where?’, he cracked us up. Put himself into awkward and desperate and lonely situations, taught us what’s it like to be in a relationship. Exhibited what actually bro-code means. And left us going bonkers with his sheer dumb and witty sarcastic comments.

What is so different about Chandler bing?

chandler bing

Chandler Bing or should we say, Miss Chanandler Bong! Is quite a fan favorite. Well of course the whole TV show is one that stands out and is everybody’s go-to watch even today. All characters are loved and adored equally. But there is something about Chandler that really stood out and captured our hearts.

He is a physical incarnation of sarcasm and an epitome of a perfect sense of humor. Whether it be his dumb moments of prudent absurdity with Joey or quick and direct sardonic replies to his friends. Chandler has raised the level of bar sky scraping where no man has dared to reach. Well some would say he used his humour as a defense mechanism. And probably to some extent true as well.

Chandler bing grew up with a rough childhood and it is quite evident in every aspect of his life. Whether it be his commitment issues, his smoking addiction. Or him using his sense of humor to keep people at bay. It might have shaped Chandler’s personality and character today. But over the ten years, most of these issues have been addressed and deciphered. Well except for his humor which is not more of an issue but a literal way of life for Toby. Oops! Sorry, we meant Chauncey. Oops! Sorry, we meant Bing-a-Ling. Oops! Sorry, we meant the Chan Chan Man!

Chandler and Janice

chandler and janice

Five times! Chandler and Janice broke up five times. Or should we say Chandler broke up with Janice five times! Oh…My…Gawd (Pauses in-between each word with hands flapping in the air). But Janice was always there in the backdrop somehow contributing her hideous laughter and a nasal sound to the show.

Though for the entirety of the show Janice may have been portrayed as an unpleasant and detestable woman for Chandler, he did actually fall truly in love with her in season three. Though when he comes to know that Janice kissed her ex-husband twice while in a relationship with him, Chandler is heartbroken. He reluctantly and gingerly lets her go. As Janice and her ex-husband, Gary have a shot at a family.

All of this builds up from Chandler’s grueling childhood where he experienced family problems. And his parents’ splitting up because of the third guy in their relationship. Hence in turn not wanting to third wheel in Janice and Gary’s life as well.  The other times’ Chandler has always just been desperate for love and found that in Janice. After which he just struggles in offloading her.

Though once Phoebe eased things off for him by apprising Janice of the breakup (after our Dropper hit her in the eye!). And once Chandler literally had to travel to Yemen just to break up with her. Cause he was so anxious and scared about the face-to-face confrontation with her.

Chandler and Monica love story

chandler and monica hugging

AAAH! MONDLER! Probably the most cherished and shipped couple of television. Setting an epitome of how two imperfect individuals can make a marvelous duo. Now that we look back into the earlier seasons, that is after having watched the whole series. And knowing that Chandler and Monica end up together and happily ever after it. Does feel like signs were always there and that this was bound to happen.

In season one, Chandler suggests to Monica, that at forty if they both are still single they should get together and have a child. Well, guess what! Chandler you both did not end up being single at forty but parents to two kids. In The One With The Flashback (Season 3, Episode 6) Chandler states that Monica is one of his favorite people. And the most beautiful woman that he has ever known in his life. (Ugh! Could they BE more perfect?)

The best (Boy) friend


Monica also always encouraged and uplifted him as a close friend. In season two Monica helps Chandler to lose weight. She comforted him when apparently he started having feelings for Kathy (who was at that time Joey’s girlfriend). And well also gave him some sex advice in season four.

In the beach vacation that the friends have in Season three, Chandler keeps assuring Monica that he could make a good boyfriend for her. Though she just laughs it off at that time. Those two have always been portrayed as close friends from the pilot episode. Chandler also told Monica about his third nipple and he was the only one who knew that it was her underwear on the telegraph pole outside the balcony of their apartment. (Haha! pErFect!)

Their relationship during their college time as seen in the flashbacks was pretty jaded, with its ups and downs. By downs we specifically mean the knife going down on Chandler’s toe, Monica accidentally cutting it off.

The beginning of MONDLER!


Things start to kick-off for the couple after the fourth season when they are in London for Ross’s wedding. And they both hook up, promising that what happened in London will stay in London. But once back in New York they didn’t seem able to keep their hands off each other and started dating in secrecy.

Though it was true that they did not want their friends to know about this so soon. So that they themselves could first figure out where they were with their relationship. It again had to do with Chandler’s relationship issues. His problem in committing to somebody given the kind of couple relations he experienced through his parents. One by one each one of the group comes to know about their relationship which results in joyous outbursts and reactions. All is not said and done here.

Falling in love is very easy, but staying in love, that’s the difficult part. Once their relationship is public, Chandler slowly starts building up his anxiety. And freaks out about Monica’s keen interest in babies and getting married. In his fear that he might lose her, Chandler proposes to Monica. But to which in turn she calmly makes him understand that he doesn’t have to worry about this. And that she would help him get over his commitment issues. (Oh Monica! You sweet perfect bean!)

Getting over insecurities

chandler and monica proposal

Later on, in Vegas, they get into a fight because Monica had met her ex-boyfriend Richard and Chandler thinks that he is still Monica’s love. In the end, they confess that they have both never loved anybody else as much as they do each other now. And also start spotting different signs that they should get married. Though subsequently realizing that they are both not ready for it yet, they decide to move in together.

At the end of season six, Mr. Genius Chandler bing decides to ask Monica to marry him. But his failed planning and a couple of misunderstandings lead to Monica thinking that Chandler might never want to get married. And at the same time, Richard confesses his love for Monica. Chandler encounters Richard saying that he had his chance but he blew it. And now he is not going to do something like that. In the end when Chandler returns to his apartment and finds Monica has already planned her own proposal and they both get engaged.

Opposite perfectly attracts

chandler likes maintaining monica

Right up to their engagement Chandler’s personal issues and commitment problems seem to always resurface back and forth and for once settle down after he has his complete trust in Monica. Chandler has always been a caring partner to her. Even handling her obsessions for cleanliness, need for everything to be top-notch, and her competitive nature. He looks after her when she falls sick (though does end up having vapor all over him). Cleans the house for Monica, but ends up misplacing the things from where it was initially kept.

Monica thinks that it was a very sweet and cute gesture instead of getting angry at Chandler which he believed would be the scenario. He was also ready to spend all his savings for the wedding, just because it meant so much to her. When Monica was called ‘high-maintenance’ by Phoebe, Chandler assured her that being high maintenance shows her passion. And he is in fact okay with her being called high maintenance cause he likes….maintaining her! (Now the bars are not just high, they are broken!)

Chandler and Joey: Bro Code Decoded

chandler and joey

If Chandler and Monica set an example for a perfect couple, here is Chandler again with Joey exhibiting what bro-code actually means. Whether it be losing Ben on the bus, or their relationship with the chick and the duck, they both have gifted us with hilarity and stupidity. But above all, love for each other. Chandler has also been that helpful friend for Joey who always had his back. All the time Chandler didn’t mind taking up Joey’s expenses. Knowing the struggles he faced in his career, he kept paying for his acting classes and helping him with rent and bills. Those two have had their fights and gone back to being the best buds- bracelet buddies. 

Is Chandler bing gay?

chandler bing is gay

F.R.I.E.N.D.S has been criticized in recent times in their depiction and views on homosexuality. And the need to portray hegemony masculinity with the male characters. Chandler has always seemed to be offended at the fact that he might have had made a first impression of being gay to his friends. Which in turn is exhibiting a thought that being gay is bad in a way. The issue also comes with his father being a homosexual, and him having had faced difficulties because of that. Hence he always wants to come off as manly as he can so that he could impress the ladies. Chandler is also reluctant to have a tub bath as he feels it’s only for the women. Though later on Monica convinces him that try on a bath and he eventually falls in love with baths. (Oh here she comes again!)

Why Chandler bing is one of the best Character? 

the one with birth mother

Chandler is heartbroken when he and Monica are not able to conceive a baby, but later on, moves for adoption. They try to impress Erica to have their baby but end up lying as well. Chandler decides it’s best that they come clean and handles the situation. Though Erica is more upset that they lied in the first place. Chandler then goes on to give a heartwarming speech to win Erica’s trust back. Chandler portrays more truthfulness and confidence in handling a situation than in the previous seasons. Also holding strong which usually is Monica’s fortress.

If you were to sit down and critically analyze and then criticize Chandler Bing, well then email it to us on www-dot-ha-ha-not-so-much-dot-com!  His character development over the years, his insecurities and family issues, his relationships and love life, it was all so sublimely planned and executed. Because it is really very very difficult to find problems with his character. Okay, so one we know how all the guys handled homosexuality. And were very touchy about their masculinity. And so was Chandler as well.

Chandler bing is the best friend you need

friends- the one in box

Secondly, some aspects that we could point out are the way he dealt with situations most of the time. The Kathy incident! She was dating Joey and Chandler started developing feelings for her. When she experienced the same feelings they both kissed and Chandler was filled with guilt at the idea of cheating on his best friend.

Later he tells Joey the truth which breaks him, though they get over the whole situation pretty quickly. But Chandler does not handle Kathy well as his insecurities start building up when he sees her share an erotic scene with a guy on stage. Chandler also hated any kind of social confrontations and always avoided such situations.

Bob from his office has been calling Chandler as Toby for almost five years. After he mistook him for Toby for the first time after which Chandler never tried to confront him about it. Even with Chandler’s boss, he had an office laugh that he used around him. This really upset Monica, and Chandler when he tried to get over it with his boss, Monica just laughs it off. And asks him to join in. Stating later on that he at least tried defying his boss and that displayed his efforts. All of these teeny-tiny aspects that we pointed out were surely made and done for the comical sense and we can just laugh it off as well when we look at it from that lens.

The reason why He is the most loved one

chandler bing and monica geller

The next time you’re on a date and the guy calls cheese “The milk that you chew”, please marry him! Oh God haven’t you found your Chandler! Chandler is not just a character for us, he is literally a mood. He has taught us so many things! (though you should not smoke inside your office)

The reason Chandler Is so loved and idolized is that we feel and experience what Chandler did as well. The same anxiety, fear for social confrontations, the typical set of imperfections, insecurities in a relationship. And obviously the friends around him. Chandler is a close friend and partner that we couldn’t have. If you liked our article do let Chandler know about it by posting it to him on 15 Yemen Road, Yemen.

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