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Choked movie review: Should you watch this new Netflix original?

Choked: Movie review


So Netflix just dropped its new original film called choked. “Choked: Paisa bolta hai” is an Indian Netflix original which of course according to the tagline has to do something with money. But what? And is it worth watching? Let’s see!

Chocked: Plot and storyline

Choked: Paisa bolta hai (basically means “Money has the power” and literally means “Money speaks”) is a film based on the 2016 demonetization act by the Indian government (And well of course then it’s based on true events). The film was released on 5 June 2020 worldwide on Netflix and is available in English audio and subtitles.

The story has a powerful topic to talk about and, according to me does really well on doing it. Firstly, It is down to earth version of how the act of demonetization really affected society. Whether it be in a good way or a bad way.

The film simply starts with a powerful scene at the start and tells why the film is named so and goes on with it. Other than what choked literally means it also tells you that choked means something stuck somewhere and does not get out of there unless you really go deep to pull it out. here something which is choked is money and how it no matter what will be stuck in one place.

This choked money then somehow gets released in the house of a struggling bank employee Sarita, whose husband stays quite jobless and hence has whole family finance pressure on her. Her husband is the definition of what Indian is totally against and that’s why it has a lot of impact on the couple’s relationship.

Although the film shows us how a man needs to be working to have respect and is considered even more shameless when only her wife is one who is earning for the family, in the end, the film puts us down of thinking the wrong way. No, it doesn’t mean we support someone who is lazy and don’t want to work but the film shows the struggle of how he tries really hard to prove himself.

It is a mixture of telling us how even middle-class people have to so much to worry about and everything just ends on how it’s difficult when they don’t have money. Even how they are choked on their dreams just because they couldn’t help having money and could have been in a better situation if they had enough of it.

The film simply has kinds of characters to show how demonetization affected the whole of India and if not character, they just hinted it out in the flow of the story. That how there are unexpected choked versions of money in the society and how it is not that easy to pull it out and how it would eventually take years to divide it evenly.

  • Choked: Direction and background score 

  So here we are talking about the one and the only director Anurag Kashyap who is so honest with his works and won’t mind doing anything for it. This man takes a topic and pulls it into the artwork so honestly without thinking anything about the issues. This man is literally not afraid to speak the truth to be very honest. (And you guys already know how we stan the directors who are so good at their work)

We have already seen his works like Black Friday, Gangs of wasseypur, Sacred games, and many more and this man has had us amazed by his direction skills. Choked has its own intensity to keep you bonded with its story even though the first part may have you think what is going on but the direction work in it is so well done to keep stick to it making the simple scenes amazing. The background music is intense and constant throughout the movie and is amazing. With original locations and scenes we can relate to, this movie has done it well.

  • Chocked: Actors

We all know how we are so afraid of actors not pulling the characters and being the only reason the story could not be pulled off. But believe me, this movie has done such a great job with casting that you could feel the characters speaking to you and making you feel the way they do. 

It is so important to feel the character of the story to understand the movie and the cast has done it all. From main characters like Sushant and Sarita to characters like Dinesh and Tai to the child actors. From what the character wants to say to what they want to make you feel, these guys have done it all. (So overall this movie is not exaggerated in any way and is way down to earth in a good way to keep you satisfied)

So to wrap it up in one sentence, this movie is worth the time. And of course, we are finding movies in this lockdown period which are worth watching so here you go.


Direction: 4.5/5

Background score: 4/5

Acting: 4.5/5

Overall rating: 7.5/10

Let us know your views about the movie if you have already watched it. We will be back with another movie soon. Stay safe.

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