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City of dreams: Review, Cast, Plot, and Season 2

CITY OF DREAMS: Review, Cast, Plot, and Season 2

This show written and directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and Rohit Banawlikar knows how to keep the audience on the edge of their seat. City of dreams is a dark political drama that portrays the not-so-good side of the city of Mumbai. The audience needs to be patient throughout the first three episodes for the show to catch fire but after that, there’s no turning back. Read the entire review to find out what to expect in the show and details about season 2.

City of dreams CAST

Priya Bapat as Poornima Rao Gaikwad

City of dreams cast

Siddharth Chandekar as Ashish Rao Gaikwad

City of dreams

Eijaz Khan as SI Wasim Khan

Atul Kulkarni as Amey Rao Gaikwad


Vishwas Kini

Sandeep Kulkarni as Purushottam

Uday Tikekar as Jiten Kaka

Amrita Bagchi as Katrina

Sachin Pilgaonkar

Flora Saini as Mystery Women

Geetika Tyagi as Shereen


The show starts with a beautiful shot of a marine drive in Mumbai but that just lasts for a few minutes when a famous politician Amey Rao Gaikwad is shot and is taken to the hospital. City of dreams shows us the dark side of Mumbai where there are a lot of political wars and jealousy. The show revolves around finding out who gave orders to assassinate Amey Rao, the rivalry between Amey Rao’s son and daughter, and a lot of other interesting subplots.



Amey Rao Gaikwad is assassinated in the first scene of the show. Although the entire show revolves around him, he appears only in a few episodes. Amey Rao is the orthodox politician who always promoted his son and called him the ‘Raja’ of the family. He denied his daughter’s progress and interest in politics by not letting her appear for her college elections. His views on many things are very controversial. He promotes patriarchy and misogyny. He is showed to be a selfish person who would go to great heights to achieve whatever he wants.


City of dreams cast

Poornima Gaikwad is the daughter of Amey Rao. She is calm, cool, and has all the characteristics to be the perfect leader. Ever since childhood, she has had to suppress the qualities and wasn’t showed off by her father because she was a girl. As the show progresses, the audience can see how strong, determinant, and intelligent she is. On many occasions, she quotes Sun Tzu, Art of war which shows how well-read and perfect she would be to enter into politics.

She has a very important role as she portrays how even in this world, women aren’t allowed in certain fields even though they are perfectly capable. In one of the very moving scenes in the show, she says, “I want everything that was denied to me not because I was not capable but because I had a vagina between my legs.” Which says a lot about our Indian society.


He is the son of Amey Rao. He has always been the family’s ‘Raja’ for the sole reason that he is a boy. Ashish is literally the rich spoilt boy who was born with a silver spoon. He is hot-headed and takes rash decisions. In some scenes, he completely lacks humanity.

Addicted to drugs and women, he has it all but not all to become the successor of his father. He almost ruins the empire that his father had built because of his stupidity and lack of common sense. Even after getting to know who shot his father, he is ready to crack a deal with the killer as long as he got his power.


Wasim Khan is the macho police officer who is extraordinary at what he does. He is called as ‘Encounter Wasim’ because he singles handily cleared the underworld of Mumbai and helped Amey Rao progress. The show throws light on the whole Hindu- Muslim issue that prevails in our country.

Wasim khan though talented and perfectly capable to do any task given to him is denied opportunities for the sole reason that he is a Muslim. This character brought out all the Bollywood masala on the show that the audience looked forward to.

City of dreams REVIEW

What did we like about the show?

We loved that the show kind of portrayed 90s Bombay. The show had many subplots all of which gave us some message. The screenplay of the show is amazing and so is the gripping background music. The show has given equal importance to every character. Even the small roles have been given great importance with the proper storyline of their own. The show is a perfect blend of politics, violence, and a pinch of Bollywood drama.

City of dreams throws light on issues that are prevalent today like patriarchy and misogyny. All the actors have portrayed their parts beautifully with special mention to Priya Bapat as Poornima Rao Gaikwad and Siddharth Chandekar as Ashish Rao Gaikwad without whom the show wouldn’t be as good as it turned out.

What we didn’t like about the show?

The love story of Katrina felt irrelevant in the show. She does play an important role but there were a lot of unnecessary scenes around her life that felt unnecessary and could have been edited out. The show had a large amount of nudity and sex in places where it was not necessary.

In such a political drama, I don’t think it was necessary to bring in that kind of space where there is already a lot going on. The show could have dug deeper into the Hindu-Muslim issue and emphasized it more on it but it just scratched the surface. Even in showing the whole misogyny and patriarchy, the creators could have put more light on these issues.
Overall, it’s a good show with a pinch of everything to sit and binge-watch this weekend.


You can watch season 1 on Disney+hotstar. The show city of dreams has 10 episodes ranging from 35-55 minutes each episode.

City of dreams SEASON 2


If you have not watched the show yet, I suggest you stop reading- watch the show and come back to read about season two as there might be some details that might ruin the show for you and we don’t want to do that.

Although the official date of City of dreams season 2 is not let out yet, the creators have hinted it will be in late 2021 or early 2022. Stay tuned for updates.

The trailer of season 2 has not come out yet but judging how season 1 ended, the audience is making their own assumptions about what the plot of season 2 will have in store for them. Season one ends with Poornima killing her brother Ashish to prove to her father that she can also be cruel like a politician. She manipulates her father into making her his successor.

We are then showed that Amey Rao is furious with his daughter’s actions and totally wants to take revenge. He threatens his doctor to make him normal again as soon as possible. So, season 2 might follow a similar path of vengeance but now between Amey Rao and his daughter Poornima.

City of dreams Season 2 is said to have the same pattern as season 1 with about 10 episodes ranging from 35-55 minutes each. Stay tuned on our website to find out more about what season 2 has in store for us.

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