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Class of 2020: Review, plot, cast, and season 2

Alt Balaji continues to produce content for the Indian OTT audience with its new teen drama ‘Class of 2020’ web series. It is a sequel to the ‘Class of 2017’, also created by Vikas Gupta, which pondered upon the lives of teenagers and their issues with drugs, peer pressure and encounters with the opposite gender. The Class of 2020 takes it up a notch as we come across a new batch of teenagers as they explore these subject matters in a much deeper way with a longer time frame. In this article, we review The Class of 2020 web series and point out the good and bad aspects for you to ultimately decide whether to watch it or skip it.

Class of 2020 cast

Rohan Mehra

Chetna Pande

class of 2020

Joyita Chatterjee

Alam Khan

Class of 2020 Plot

It’s a new academic year and a new batch at De Nobili High School, a top outgoing school in the country where the students experience everything else except for academic success. The plotline of The Class of 2020 web series is quite simple, post teenagers trying to learn the ways of the world in a raunchy energetic routine. We explore this through the lives of a couple of students at De Nobili; Ronit, Alia, Toto, Ibrahim, Ranchi, Priyanka, Neel, Hardik, and Zoey. Each character brings their teenage struggles and desires to the table as they add on to the drama of The Class of 2020 web series.


The writers have put forth carefully designed characters to blossom out the teenage aura. Whether it be the elderly as well, they are fabricated in such a manner as if seen from the eyes of the adolescents. Rohan Mehra plays Ibrahim Noorani who is the womanizer of the show, always dealing with drugs and girls.

Chetna Pandey is Priyanka Ahluwalia a studious and straightforward girl who is always seen to be against the socializing nature of her fellow beings. Though her current behavior comes as an aftereffect of her dark past that has made her what she is today.

Then we have Ranchi Gupta played by Joyita Chatterjee and her boyfriend Ronit Banerjee played by Mazhar Khan who enjoys their sex life; Ranchi while she plays the innocent girl at home and keeps a good image in front of her mother, Ronit can only be thinking about all the action he is missing with her.

Next, we have Tanmay aka Toto played by Alam Khan who is the most worn out of the group and fails to enjoy the physical aspects of life as he was daunted with it when he walked upon his parents making love. Sushant Tanwar plays Hardik Thakkar who is the exact opposite of Ibrahim.

Where Ibrahim always had fun with a girl and then moved on to the next, Hardik always believed in being a one-woman man all his life. Afterwhich we have Zoey D’Souza played by Nibedita Pal who is the new admission at De Nobili. She has just returned from abroad and holds modernist looks, but her heart follows the tradition of the old as she only believes in true love.

Cast performances

The Class of 2020 cast is typically filled with new faces but that with promise. We hope and say that this is not the end for most of the cast and that they build further in their acting careers from here on.

The Class of 2020 web series might not be the one that they want to be judged upon, presumably because of the uncharacteristic writing and bizarre plotlines. Amongst the lead cast Alam Khan, Chetna Pandey, and Joyita Chatterjee give the impression of decent performances, as their acting seems surreal and they are let down by their characters.

Rohan Mehra has still not found what he was looking for, after a shot at Bigg Boss he still holds that charming chocolate boy feels to him which he just tends to bring to each of his characters. Mazhar Khan, Sushant Tanwar, Nibedita Pal are up to the mark for the characters they were presented with.

Class of 2020 Review

To sum up The Class of 2020 review, creator Vikas Gupta and director Aarambhh Singh have put together a loose plot with peculiar characters. Even the music and background score of the series feels weirdly executed and is arranged at the wrong place and wrong times consistently. The characters and their intentions at times feel out of place, and even the dialogues coming out are mostly concentrated on physical aspects and privates. Though it is understandable that the creators pursued this way of speech to create the teenage atmosphere and vibe, but the comic elements in it and the execution could have definitely been far better than what it is now.

The plot after a point takes up too many issues onto its plate. Afterwhich it struggles and juggles to put it all together in a presentable manner. While we started off with a lot of teenage enthusiasm, physical needs, anxiety, and relationship issues, the plot soon brings into play suicide, domestic abuse, teenage pregnancy, and even tries to nudge inside the topic of HIV. Class of 2020 web series tries too much in too little, whereas they would have garnered success if they stuck to a couple of them and emphasized and explored them well, instead of jumping at every other topic that they could think of.

Class of 2020 season 2

Class of 2020 season 2 has been up and rolling for a long time now. The pandemic ended up being a hindrance to the shoot, but we can very well expect the post-production to wrap up and season 2 to launch by the end of 2021 or the start of 2022. The only information out right now is that the same cast of the Class of 2020 web series is expected in the next sequel. The trailer, release dates, or any other details is still up in the air.


The Class of 2020 web series is overdone. Even though it spans at a length of 32 episodes, they tried to juggle so many topics and characters that in the end, everything feels incomplete. It is just an attempt to be India’s version of American teen dramas but fails miserably at it.

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