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Code M Web Series – Review, cast, season 1 and 2.

Code M

Code M is a drama web series created and produced by Juggernaut Productions for ALT Balaji and ZEE5 starring Jennifer Winget, Tanuj Virwani, Rajat Kapoor, and Seema Biswas in lead roles. Covering topics like corruption in the Army, murder, casteism, Code M offers plot twists like no other. Code M also marks the OTT web series debut for Jennifer Winget.

Code M cast

Jennifer Winget As Major Monica Mehra

Tanuj Virwani As Legal Council Angad Sandhu

Rajat Kapoor Col. As Suryaveer Chauhan

Seema Biswas As an alleged terrorist, Asif’s mother

Keshav Sadhna as Major Gaurav Shekhawat

Aalekh Kapoor As Major Shakti Mandappa

Meghana Kaushik As Serana, Shakti’s Wife

Code M – Plot

Code M web series is about an Army lawyer played by Jennifer Winget. She is called in for a favor to solve a case. Which at first seems like an open and shut case. But upon investigation revealed many secrets and conspiracies. So far season 1 of the 8 episode web series directed by Akshay Choubey has seen Winget’s character. Monica Mehra embroiled in the investigation which leads to Monia exposing her mentor, family friend, and Colonel Suryaveer Chauhan played by Rajat Kapoor for conspiracy.

Code M – Review


Season 1 of Code M starts with a flashback scene. Three men from the Indian Army(Major Shakti Mandappa, Major Gaurav Shekhawat, and Major Ajay Paswan) following two militant suspects. Upon ambush, the suspects are killed along with Major Paswan.

At an army base in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, protests regarding the encounter calling it a fake. Monica was asked to take the case and had full control over the investigation. With an unapologetically fierce personality, she agrees to look at the case after finding it to be an open and shut case initially. However, after interrogating Shakti and Gaurav, she suspects that the case is not all that it seems to be. Trying to prevent Monica from finding out the truth, they hire Angad Sandhu. Who happens to be Monica’s ex in order to distract her from the case. Angad and Monica, at first, do not see eye-to-eye on the matters of the case. But later team up to bury the hatchet and team up together to find out the truth.

When Gaurav is confronted by Monica, he ends up giving away a crucial piece of information about himself and Shakti. Which takes Monica closer to the truth. He tells Monica about his romantic involvement with Shakti. Since Shakti is already married and has a kid of his own, Gaurav says that they kept their relationship a secret by stationing themselves to the same Army base. He also mentioned that when Major Paswan found out about their relationship, they devised a plan to kill him. Because they were scared of being exposed by him. So they planned the terrorist attack as a means to commit the perfect murder.


Upon confrontation, Colonel Chauhan reveals that it was his order that Shakti and Gaurav took that lead to Ajay. One of the militant suspects’ death as he disapproved of his relationship with the Colonel’s daughter. Since Ajay belonged to an inferior caste. He further reveals that the reason they took the order was that he blackmailed Shakti of revealing his sexuality. Gayatri, the Colonel’s daughter, is shocked to hear the truth and breaks all ties with him after Monica exposes him. The Code M web series then pays homage to the men and women of the Indian Army. And shows gratitude for their services.

Code M web series has garnered good reviews for its plot twists and cast’s acting. Viewers were impressed with Jennifer’s tenacity and fierceness that made Monica, her character stand out throughout the show. Director Akshay Choubey’s vision for every episode is well-executed. Since the web series touches on heavy topics like corruption, casteism, cold-blooded murder, etc.

Writers and writing

He manages to display everything quite well for the viewers to enjoy and focus. The episodes for Code M were written by Shubra Chatterjee. Their mature take on a past romantic relationship shared by Monica and Angad takes the web series on another level. The idea of them working together to solve the heinous crime despite their history shows the writer’s motive. That the show focuses on corruption in the Army. The title track and background music by Udbhav Ojha makes the show more exciting for the audience. It also keeps them on their toes.

The cast which includes Jennifer Winget, Rajat Kapoor, Seema Biswas, and Tanuj Virwani. They have also been appreciated for their acting chops. Their convincing acting brings authenticity to their characters. Code M web series acts as a breath of fresh air showing a woman in charge.

Season Two

Season 2 of Code M was announced and it will begin filming soon. The new season will bring Jennifer Winget back in action as the fierce Army lawyer Monica Mehra. Fans may be expecting the dynamic duo of Monica and Angad working professionally again solving a case together. Perhaps, we might see Monica juggling between her work and marriage. The show can show Col. Chauhan’s life in prison and his strained relationship with his daughter Gayatri. Code M season 2 can also have Gayatri’s character. As she grieves her fiancee’s death and her life after this tragedy.

Code M- FAQ

  1. Where can I find the Code M series?

    Currently, it is shown on ALTBalaji, ZEE5's official website.

  2. Is Code M a complete series?

    No since Season 2 was just announced so there is more to be expected from the series.

  3. How many episodes are there in web series Code M?

    Season 1 had eight episodes. More episodes will be revealed in the upcoming seasons.

  4. How many seasons are there of Code M?

    Currently, only one season is available online, however, a second season is coming.

  5. Is Code M based on a real story?

    The show takes on the topic of corruption in the Indian Army and has been known to be inspired by true events.

  6. What is the meaning of Code M?

    Code M is an army lingo for court-martial which means a person of an army background being charged breaking a law.

  7. Is Code M on Netflix?

    Unfortunately, Code M is not shown on Netflix India at the moment. However, if you change your country settings to Argentina, you may be in luck.

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