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Crackdown web series – Cast, review, season 2, and everything you need to know

Crackdown web series – Cast, review, season 2 and everything you need to know

Crackdown web series

Crackdown web series starring  Saqib Saleem, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Iqbal Khan and created by Apoorva Lakhia was released on Voot on 23rd September 2020. The crackdown has a total of 8 episodes in its season 1 with a runtime of 30-35 minutes each. In this article, we’ll cover everything you need to know about the crackdown web series.

Crackdown Web Series Cast

Saqib Saleem As Riyaz Pathan/RP

saqib saleem crackdown web series

Shriya Pilgaonkar As Divya Shirodkar/Mariam

shriya pilgaonkar

Mohammed Iqbal Khan As Zorawar Kalra, Garima’s husband

Ankur Bhatia As Tariq

crackdown web series cast

Rajesh Tailang As Ashwini Rao, RAW Chief

Vipin Bhardwaj As Bala

Mudasir Bhat As Kabir

Saba Saudagar As Fawzia, ISI Agent

Waluscha De Sousa As Garima Kalra

Ekavali Khanna As Seema, Ashwini’s wife


Palak Jaiswal As Lekha, Ashwini’s daughter

Other honorable mentions

Tauqeer Alam Khan As Rajesh

Rohtas Nain As Mohammad

Ram Menon As Max

Gauahar Khan As Kader Kazi

Ajay Choudhary As Hamid

Shreyas Zutchi As Ilham Brother 1

Akshun Vashisht As Ilham Brother 2

Arry Dabbas As Mr. Chopra, Mrs. Chopra’s husband

Kalpana as Mrs. Chopra, Mr. Chopra’s wife

Tanya Desai As Ananya, Rajesh’s wife

Harry Parmar As Narang

Amal Sherawat As Terrorist (Police)

Ashish Bhatia As Mehak, Lekha’s fiance

Crackdown Review

crackdown web series review

The crackdown is a spy thriller web series released on Voot select. I started watching the show with low expectations because Indian ott platforms are filled with spy thriller shows. It felt like the Indian ott platforms also started following a cookbook just like Bollywood.

After the success of Sacred Games and The family man, almost every other web series had a Raw (Research and Analysis Wing) and ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence) element to it although there is nothing wrong with spy thrillers until and unless you have something good to offer.

Talking about Crackdown, The show proved to be just another spy thriller with nothing great to offer. But if you enjoy watching spy thrillers and Crackdown is absolutely a show that you can binge-watch. The eight-episode show will keep you hooked till the end. So if you haven’t watched a lot of spy thrillers then you can continue reading the review, otherwise read one of the following articles to find something to binge.

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  3. Sitcoms

Crackdown web series plot –

As we discussed before, Crackdown is based on real-life events just like Family man, Crackdown is a story of a wing of RAW called the Directorate of Operations (DO). This wing of Raw is made of handpicked individuals and their job is to get their job done and do things their way without worrying about protocols. The officers of this wing carry out anti-terrorist operations by wearing a bullet-proof jacket even when they don’t need it.

Saqib Saleem (Riyaz Pathan) is the man in the middle who is leading the operation with his past trauma and believes in getting the job done no matter the cost, and in this case, the cost was a female terrorist who was killed in this operation and a pen drive has been recovered from her which has some critical information that could damage the national security.

So after realizing that they have lost the only possible lead who had information about this threat. The elite squad of DO makes a master plan to extract this sensitive information from terrorists by deploying lookalikes into the terrorist group. Okay enough of roast, let’s talk about some positives of the Crackdown web series.

The screenplay of Crackdown –

crackdown web series

The show starts with cinematic drone shorts and waste no time in building the story, the show starts establishing the story right from the start. Crackdown has a quiet good balance of story and trill. The tight screenplay tries to cover for the bad storyline. Crackdown web series deserves the plause of unpredictable plot twists and crisp storyline. Although there was a constant need of some powerful dialogues because the unpredictable plot twists weren’t able to make up for lazy writing.

Whenever a show has a weak storyline then actors have to carry all the burden of the show, So let’s talk about the performances of actors in Crackdown web series.

Acting –

crackdown web series actors

There was a need for some great performances in the show because of the bad storyline but there is not a single great performance in the show. Saqib Saleem who played the role of  an officer Riyaz Pathan did a decent job. He looked very good and prominent in action scenes while in the other scenes his body language looks a little weird and lack of facial expressions can be seen in most of the scenes.

Shriya Pilgaonkar who played the role of Divya Shirodkar and Mariam delivered a good performance. Her transformation from a normal girl to a spy was flawless and her expressions were on point in most of the scenes. Iqbal Khan and Ankur Bhat also gave a decent performance whereas Rajesh Tailang who played the role of a Raw chief wasn’t able to justify his role at all.

Crackdown season 2 –

crackdown web series season 2

After the release of season one people are excited to be disappointed by Crackdown season 2, but unfortunately or fortunately whatever you’d like to call it there is no official announcement about the second season of crackdown web series yet. But Crackdown season 2 is expected to be released at the end of 2021.

The cast of season 2 –

The final cast of the show is yet to be announced but one thing is pretty clear that Saqib Saleem and Shriya Pilgaonkar will be the key focus in season 2 of crackdown and you’ll see almost everyone you saw in the 1st season if they didn’t die in season one. But still you’ll have to wait till the official announcement for season 2.

The expected storyline of season 2 –

There is a lot that can be explored in crackdown season 2 if the writers stop being lazy. There are a lot of secrets from season one that is yet to be revealed like why Divya was behaving strangely and how RP escaped from the military base of the Pakistani army. and only time will tell what will happen in Crackdown season 2.

And there is a very high chance that season two of the crackdown web series will explore these topics before diving deeper into the main story arc of the show.

Watch Season 1 here on Voot


  1. Where can I watch the crackdown web series?

    The Crackdown web series is available on Voot select,. To watch the show you’ll need a subscription of Voot select whereas you can watch the 1st episode for free on voot mobile app or website.

  2. Is crackdown worth watching?

    The crackdown is not worth watching at all because the show has nothing great to offer. Everything about the show from its acting, direction, the storyline makes it not worth watching.

  3. Will there be Season 2 of crackdown?

    Yes, according to the leaks the season 2 of the crackdown web series will be released at the end of the year 2021. But still, there is no confirmation about the same.

  4. How many episodes are there in crack down?

    The Crackdown has a total of 8 episodes with the runtime of 30-35 minutes each.

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