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Crashh: Review, cast, plot, season 2, and everything you need to know

Crashh: Review, cast, plot, season 2, and everything you need to know

Crashh is an Indian drama web series. It is streamed on ALTBalaji and ZEE5 in a total of 10 episodes. The main stars of the show are Zain Imam, Rohan Mehra, Aditi Sharma, Kunj Anand, and Anushka Sen. You can watch the web series on Zee5 and ALT Balaji. In this article, you will get to know all about Crashh web series, its casts, characters, producer, and storyline.

  • Web series : Crashh
  • Genre : Drama
  • Language : Hindi
  • Origin : India
  • Release date: 14 February 2021
  • Cast : Zain Imam, Rohan Mehra, Aditi Sharma, Kunj Anand, Anushka Sen
  • Number of season: 1
  • Number of episodes: 10 episodes
  • Written by:  Nikita Dhond
  • Directed by: Kushal Zaveri and Preeti Gupta
  • Production house : Balaji Telefilms


Zain Imam

Rohan Mehra


Aditi Sharma

Anushka Sen

Kunj Anand


It is a show based on the story of four siblings and how they struggle in their lives still comes up with a heart full of joy and dreams.

The story revolves around the siblings who got separated at an early age. In 2001, an unfortunate accident caused the family to tear apart and the only survivors are four siblings Kabir, Kajol, Jashn, and Jia. Kabir was the eldest and took good care of his brothers and sisters but they are soon adopted by their respective families. Kabir feels alone and thinks about finding his long-lost siblings. Jia is renamed as Alia by her parents. They are a rich family.

Jashn is named Rahim after adoption. He is the real twin brother of Alia but now he serves as her driver. He sees Alia as his own sister and loves her very much. Kajol lives with her new mother who has an affair with another married man. Ali and Kajol somehow get close but things are not good between them. Later someday Kabir gets to know that Kajol is his real sister and they get united. In the last episode, he realizes that Jia is nobody else but Alia.

CRASHH Characters

crashh web series review

As I already introduced you to the cast, every actor has done justice to his/her character.

Rohan Mehra plays the role of Jashn. He is named Rahim after adoption. He is a nice man with good character but the situation forces him on the wrong side. He serves as Driver for Alia and trusts her as his sister. We have seen Rohan as Naksh in famous TV serial ‘Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata hai’ and as Ibrahim in ‘Class of 2020’.

Anushka Sen is shown as Jia and named Alia after adoption. Alia somehow gets to know her sister Kajol but something goes wrong between them. Anushka Sen is well known for portraying the role of Meher in the children’s fantasy show, Baalveer.

Next is Kunj Anand. He played the role of Kabir. Kabir is the eldest among the siblings. He is an inspector and also a good brother. Kabir decides to reunite with his family. Kunj Anand is known for the web series Your Honor and Dark 7 White.

Aditi Sharma is an Indian television actress known for playing Meera Dhingra in Kaleerein and Roshni Khan in Yehh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka!. She made her digital debut with this series Crashh. She plays the role of Kajal Sehga.

Zain Imam is shown as Rishabh Sachdev. Rishabh Sachdev is a good surgeon in the country, a good listener, thinker, and secret keeper. We have seen Zain as Yuvraj Luthra in ‘Tashan-E-Ishq’, Neil Khanna in ‘Naamkarann’.

Some other characters are Meena Mir as Rahim’s Mother, Sonali Khare, Aanchal Khurana as Madhurima Mehra, Sonali Sudan as Razia,Tuhinaa Vohra as Divya

Syed Raza Ahmed as Puneet Kapoor and Vihaan Choudhary as Aditya Mehra.


Crashh is written by Nikita Dhond and Aparna Nadig. Nikita is a freelance writer. She is also a writer for Yeh rishte hai pyar ke and Saath nibhana sathiya aired on Star plus. Aparna Nadig is a screenwriter.

Crashh is directed by Kushal Zaveri and co-directed by Preeti Gupta. Kushal Zaveri is a famous director. He is the one who directed the TV show Pavitra Rishta starring the late Sushant Singh Rajput. He was also awarded Indian Telly Jury Award for Best Director.

The web series is produced by Ekta Kapoor with a production house as Balaji Telefilms.

You can watch the web series on Zee5 and ALT Balaji.


Crashh is Indian Television Drama that shows the love between siblings. It is an emotional story of Sibling love. The story is pretty short which took only 10 episodes of around 20 minutes each. The storyline, concept, writing, and direction were pretty decent which will keep you engaged till the last scene. All the actors and actresses have performed well. Music in the background went well with the scenes. Overall it is a good taste drama with a heart-touching plot. And, Yes!! A show worth watching.

  1. What is the story of Crashh?

    Crashh is a story of long-lost siblings, who try to get in touch again and want to live a happy life with each other.

  2. Is there a season 2 of Crashh?

    For now, season 1 of Crashh has been released in February 2021 itself. It’s a short series. Many of you are looking for crashh, but it is not released yet.

  3. When is season 2 of Crashh going to release?

    The question then being asked many times. So far there is no news of the release of season 2. Crashh season 2 will definitely be released in 2022.

  4. How many episodes are in Crashh Season 1?

    There are only 10 episodes in season 1. Each episode is around 20 minutes. So you can watch it in just a day.


Crashh 2021 web series is a short drama. Even though it spans at a length of 10 episodes, they tried to add so many scenes and characters that in the end, everything feels complete. And Yes! You can watch it overnight, it’s just 20 minutes for each episode. Filled with emotional scenes between the long-lost siblings, it will make your eyes flow a little but heart content at the last. So, go for it with some midnight snacks!!

Watch the show on ALT Balaji or Zee5

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