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CYBERSQUAD: REVIEW, CAST, PLOT, season 2, and much more

  • Year of release: 2017
  • Genre: Crime, Suspense, Romance, Sitcom
  • Director: Suyash Vadhavkar, Abhay Chabra, Nimisha Pandey
  • Platform : ALTBalaji
  • Written By: Reshu Nath
  • Number of seasons: 1
  • Number of episodes: 10 ( 18-46 minutes)

Cybersquad is an Indian web series that premiered on video streaming platform ALTBalaji in 2017, staring Rohan Shah, Jovita Jose, Siddharth Sharma, Omkar Kulkarni, Roshan Preet as the main protagonists. In this article, you will get to know everything about the Cybersquad web series and then it’s up to you whether you wanna give it a yay or nay!! But first, let’s have a look at the cast :


1.Rohan Shah as Ketan

2.Jovita Jose as Tia

3. Omkar Kulkarni as Rocky

4. Roshan Preet as Uzi

5. Jasmine Avasia as Bianca


The plot of Cybersquad revolves around four teenagers. As the name suggests it’s about teenagers who are pro at hacking and high on the internet game. As we are from the generation that breathes on the internet, hacking is a serious threat to all of us.

The episodes of Cybersquad basically tell us the pros and cons of the internet and hacking using different stories. In the trailer only we saw, that a girl was blackmailed by someone who hacked her phone and used her pictures to harass her. (Now this case is something that is quite familiar to all of us).

Ketan(Rohan Shah)is the son of a police inspector and runs the cyber squad with his friends Rocky and Uzi. Later, Tia joins them. All of them solve the first case and later they start helping the police inspector in further investigation of few other cases as well. As it is set up in a school, the life of a teenager is shown up to a good extent. Real-life issues that a teenager faces like violence, bullies, slut-shaming in a comedy yet realistic way are portrayed well. The only con is that Kjo’s portrayal of Indian students ( Poo, Tia, Siddharth) is now definitely odd for the teenagers to digest. Moreover, this series has everything that makes it binge-worthy.

(Tbh I am waiting for season 2) But there is no official news for cybersquad season 2 and also season 1 ended with the cyber squad getting closed so yeah all hopes are down for now.


As I already introduced you to the cast, every actor has done justice to his/her character. Most of the faces are new yet all of them fit their character.

Rohan Shah plays the role of Ketan(KD) and also narrates the plot throughout. He is an intelligent hacker and naughty yet clever teenager. We have seen Rohan in various youtube sketches and some television serials. And no doubt, he has played his part really well.

Next, is Tia played Jovita Jose(this is one of the characters that I absolutely liked) Tia is smart, intelligent and I must say a girl who doesn’t give a damn(neither she takes a damn from anyone) In some frames, she actually tells the teenagers how to take a stand for themselves and shuts the girls for slut-shaming and bullying her? Her acting skills will definitely hack your non-cyber heart (electronic poetry…just kiddin’).

Uzi is a boy rather than an innocent childish teenager who is also a part of this cyber squad and has skills in viewing small things from the bigger picture. Jasmine plays the role of Bianca. She is actually that girl in school who actually likes inviting troubles, a self-centered girl who slut shames other girls but tries to act cute. ( ugh it is annoying). Rocky is also part of the cybersquad. The character is played by Omkar Kulkarni who is mostly seen on youtube sketches and has also played the role of Shiv in The insiders(A zee 5 web series).

Direction and production


Cybersquad is directed by  Suyash Vadhavkar, Abhay Chabra, and Nimisha Pandey(as creative director).

Suyash vadhavkar has also directed the class of 2017 and other tv series like “Beyhadh” and “Yeh Hain Aashiqui”. Cybersquad is a teen drama, in the initial frames it shows the real story of hacking, and then side by side it also shifts its concern to teenage life(love, bullies, etc). The best part is that both the aspects were well managed. At some points the high school students showed the essence of the “student of the year” but, the well-written script, it maintained a balance with the realistic aspect of the student’s life. The cinematography is also good  (at least they didn’t try to call an alien with “om” “om” “om”. Bingo! You got it.)


Cybersquad web series is based on hacking and the life of typical teenagers. So initially I was not having many expectations from this (because when I asked about movies on space, aliens, and other universal theories, Bollywood gave me Jadooo:(JK)

But this plot for sure is worth watching. Throughout the web series, there is a light-hearted comedy, and not even a single time you will feel bored. Every episode is different from the other and has its own unique storyline. The script is well written and tries to offer a vibe to the teenagers/youngsters to engage with the plot. Talking about the characters, each one of the team members has certain abilities that make them together with a perfect team. In the starting, we were introduced to the protagonist as well as our beloved storyteller Ketan (Rohan Shah).

Here, they didn’t make the plot as such complex or intense and the pace of the whole series is also quick. So yeah if you are looking for a web series to go with your evening snacks then do give it a try!

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