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Dark 7 White – Review, Cast, plot, and more

Dark 7 White web series that debuted in the year 2020 tells the storey of Yudi, a young lawmaker who is assassinated in broad daylight, which opens a can of worms. His closest associates are named as prime suspects, and as the storey unravels, more hidden secrets are revealed. All episodes of the series DARK 7 WHITE can be seen can be viewed online in HD on ZEE5. There is so far one season consisting of 10 episodes, no official announcement made regarding the release date of Dark 7 White not announced yet. The Director and producers of the show are still silent about the second instalment of the show.

The cast of Dark 7 white

Sumeet Vyas As Yudhveer Singh Rathore

Nidhi Singh As Daisy

Jatin Sarna As Abhimanyu Singh

Monika Choudhary As Neelakshi

Taniya Kalra As Greshma

other mentions

  • Kunj Anand As Kush Lamba
  • Madhurima Roy As Tashi
  • Sanjay Batra As Shamsher
  • Rayne Verma As Maasa
  • Sanjay Swaraj As Bhairon
  • Satyajeet Rajput As Daga
  • Snehil Dixit Mehra As Alia
  • Shekhar Choudhary As Yogesh Khataria

Dark 7 White – PLOT

Dark 7 White is the narrative of Yudhveer Singh, or Yudi, the prospective Chief Minister of Rajasthan. But his aim of becoming the youngest Chief Minister is dashed when he is assassinated in front of the people. His seven closest pals are the suspects since each has a solid motive. Abhimanyu Singh is the officer that is looking into the crime. Will he be able to discover the culprit, however, is revealed in this Alt Balaji and Zee5 Web program. Dark 7 White is destined to join the ranks of the year’s nonstarters.

Dark 7 White exudes a nasty arrogance because it takes some guts to create a series this intricate, intricate, and catty. However, a program is deemed to be in great distress when the excitement and bravery in the narration, which is intended to offer you some stimulation and shock, is only able to make you laugh on it. The plot is almost entirely told in flashback by two separate people, one of who is dead and the other who is investigating the dead—which is very inane. Is Yudi telling his narrative from the world of the dead? Will he make it out alive? It is neither, which is why having the story’s narrator be the deceased CM-designate is both distracting and foolish.

Dark 7 White stands out for two things: it’s unfunny and it’s unfocused. Here’s why –

The first is sex and pornographic language. The usage of foul language is more than necessary throughout the show. Many times, it appeared forced, which detracted from the value rather than adding to it. The dialogues, especially those assigned to Sumeet Vyas for narration, are juvenile. While they are intended to make the narrative more compelling and interesting, they actually prove to be a major turn-off. The second draw is the appeal of the flashback, which today appears to be an overdone but underutilized storytelling device. There is a belief behind this style that the show’s creators are afraid of the opening of a tale being dull and therefore unable to grab an audience. So let’s start at the finish, where things are genuinely pushed to the brink of madness. Which, in this situation, it most surely is.


In terms of performances, Sumeet Vyas and Jatin Sarna are undoubtedly the finest of the bunch. They literally steal the screenplay, which is a good thing since Vyas is extremely entertaining, and Jatin Sarna pulls attention to himself and maintains it in every scene he is in. Daisy, played by Nidhi Singh, has a modest part that becomes in importance towards the conclusion. Except than that, the rest of the cast has little to do.

Dark 7 white – review

This series is convoluted, catty, and hideous because the story looks like it was plucked from a game of Cards Against Humanity- the sheer randomness, and audacity of the plotting, based on a novel by Shweta Brijpuria, baffles the mind. The show has been so battered by conspiracies and cross-conspiracies that in the final episode, they have to do a short recap to justify everyone’s motivations. They then have two voiceovers, one from a deceased character and one from a character who is questioning the dead.

Sattwik Mohanty’s show, adapted from Shweta Brijpuriya’s novel Dark White, is simply 200 minutes of bad decisions. Characters are knocked off for plot purposes, others get away with murder (because, well…), and we are served occasional amounts of graphic vocabulary and backless women. It could have passed for a pulpy presentation if it had even tried to meet the bare minimum of intelligence quotient points for a ‘political thriller.’

The majority of what the main guy does, all of his wicked activities that are ostensibly designed to shock us, comes off as superfluous, manufactured, and improbable. It just gives us a sense of languor and repetition since there is nothing here that we haven’t seen in other, far more fascinating shows/movies on the plethora of streaming services that dot our entertainment landscape.

Dark 7 White’s main saving grace is its short episode length and sharp storyline. Each episode is just 18 minutes long, which is a welcome break. In fact, we’ll go out on a limb and say that ALTBalaji and ZEE5 outperform the competition in this category.


Dark 7 White’s music is catchy. Arpit Mehta and Udit Prajapati’s title tune is energetic and quick, and the Rajasthani melodies add to the value. The background score creates the ideal atmosphere for a murder mystery and political thriller. The character of Yudi was well-written by the writers. It has its dark hues, and as you come to know him more, you feel much more interested in the events than you did before. Sandeep Yadav’s cinematography is excellent. Long pictures of the beautiful Rajasthan terrain, as well as aerial images, are enthralling. Vinay Malu’s editing is concise.

FAQ – Dark 7 white


When ACP Abhimanyu informs her about Yudhveer’s murder of her father, she sees her fiancé for what he is. As a result, she and ACP Abhimanyu meticulously schedule Yudhveer’s murder while the media is focused on them. Daisy also takes over her father’s band, completely blindsiding Kush and the others. As a result, Yudhveer, the master manipulator, is assassinated by Daisy and ACP Abhimanyu.

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