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Dark: Best sci-fi show ever?

Dark: Best sci-fi show ever?


So we are all hyped up about the new season of dark, which is considered to be the must watch the show for everyone who has watched it. But are you finding videos and articles to know if it’s worth it, then let me tell you.

Spoiler alert (Not really): To be honest, I don’t think I could be giving you spoilers, because, the show is like so mind-blowing that you still won’t be able to figure out what the hell is happening. So don’t worry about spoilers in this one. (And also I have to be intelligent for that, so…)

Dark: Plot

dark season 3

Now, dark is a 2017 Netflix’s german science fiction thriller show which was released on December 1st, 2017. (And the fact that I added german at the beginning is to tell you that please watch it in the original audio.Please.)

This show revolves around four-family, which is one of the reasons why it’s confusing but worth it. The Neilsen family, the doppler family, the kahnwald family, and the Tiedeman family are of course dealing with their own issues in life. Some are finding answers to the questions of someone’s death and some are finding love to in the pain of losing something.

The story takes a turn when Neilsen’s family one of the children, Mikkel, goes missing. When some group of friends decides to go on an adventure in the weirdest cave of the town. (because that is what the only thing left which is fun)

The show keeps on going with the weird things happening around the town, and of course, somehow it is related to the case of missing child Mikkel.

Dark: Amazing writing

I don’t think this is a spoiler because many of us know the show is about the time-traveling. Which many of us have heard of in real life, thinking that it’s the most impossible thing that human beings could ever be able to do. And somehow the concept seems cliche because we have watched lots and lots of time travel things but mostly it didn’t even satisfy us.

But what if I tell you that the somehow the writers and directors of the show are so amazing that they made the time-traveling so so so believable despite the weird chain of logics put into it. The show plays with your mind so much that it makes you think what they want you to, and that is this is all real. (I am not even lying but you could be dreaming about this show in the time of period of watching it and I still I won’t be surprised)

This show builds this weird connection between all the characters, which is weird and confusing, but at the same time, so mind-blowing. They ask these various questions about the existence of things and try to explain it in their own weird but believable way. Because somehow things repeat in Every 33 years and like, you are stuck in a cycle.

Now some of them out there connects this with all-time great stranger things, but let me tell you, it’s stupid to compare both of this series to each other as they have completely different concepts, other than a child going missing (Because the worst thing that could happen to a town is a child going missing)

Dark: Direction and screenplay

dark season 3

Finally, the fun stuff. So of course we talked about the story writing, which is amazing, the amazing plot an amazing concept. But what could make this a masterpiece?

Exactly, the direction of the show. Now we have talked about how they try to be so believable in every single way so that the audience could buy the time-traveling concept of the show. So they did this amazing down to earth filter thing, which may seem a little wishy-washy at some time, but at the same time so realistic.

We have this old montage going on and future things and stuff, but the direction and the shooting style make it realistic and so beautiful in some of the frames to make the audience invest in it.

I get that, the show runs flat because of the build-up till 4-5 episodes but it is so so worth it. The moment you get into the 6th episode you are like yup, this is the series I would wanna watch. (It seems like an exaggerated version of me trying to showcase things but believe me, it’s so not it. The show is an absolute art.)

Dark: Background score

Okay, so I know I rarely really talk about the background score until and unless it’s like, a part of the show that made me invest in it. And so will you.

This show, literally shouts that down to earth things can be converted into something similar to art if we join pieces of it correctly. The music of the show is so intense and thriller and adds that tense to the show that makes you feel things at its best. (You like need more of brains here than emotions, but emotions are really important you know)


So I would wrap it up by saying that this show, is something you wanna watch when you gotta feel those science fiction things are real. That they could happen.

Yeah, they do introduce lots of character at a time, so it’s hard to understand things, but it’s so worth it.

It’s compact writing, it’s a way of sticking to the concept of the show not making it cliche to watch and understand is something really rare shows could do these days. They play with their characters to dig into the things in different ways and portraying things to us to think from different perspectives. (Like in so different perspective that you would try to question things after watching the show.)

I would say dark is dark in every way possible, like it’s the direction to editing, to story and concepts, and making it believable. With a great storyline, which was extremely well planned, this show deserves a lot more light than it already has. (No puns intended)


Direction: 4.5/5

Background score: 4.5/5

Acting: 4.5/5

Overall rating: 9.8/10


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