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Dead poets society: A movie or a hope?

Dead Poets Society: A Movie Or A Hope? 

No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.

A Quote from the movie dead poets society. A Movie that tells everyone that we can survive without someone by just the power of words. 

A movie which is full of Quotes and Paragraphs that we can use in our life.

Dead poets society: Introduction

Dead poets society

Dead Poets Society is a teen drama film Made in 1989 written by Tom Schulman directed by Peter Weir and starring the iconic character Robin Williams.

Dead Poets  Society Got Many Awards After Its Release. Such as the Academy Award for Best Director.

Dead poets society: Cast

Dead poets society: John Keating

Dead poets society

John Keating The English Teacher Who will be going to teach his students and you the lessons and how to fall in love with literature. Played by Robin Williams.

Dead poets society: Neil Perry

Dead poets society

A role of a bright student in the whole school played by Robert Sean Leonard.

Dead poets society: Todd Anderson

Dead poets society

A new student who doesn’t have a very good communication skill that is the reason he struggles to talk with other students and he also becomes the roommate of Neil Perry. Played by Ethan Hawke.

Dead poets society: Mr. Nolan 

Dead poets society

A Headmaster with strict rules and beliefs that students should remain in discipline and poetry is just a subject not a way to life played by Norman Lloyd.

Dead poets society: Dr. Dager

A Strict Maths Teacher believing in the strictness belief of Mr. Nolan played by George Martin.

Dead poets society: Plot

Dead poets society

A school with discipline as a pillar teacher came and told everyone to think out of the box. Welton Academy Veri reputed School a school from where only toppers and future scholars graduate or even get admission.

John Keating Played by Robin Williams an English teacher who wants to teach his students to get inspired by poetry and to do what they love.

When the English teacher first meets his students he states a line Oh Captain My Captain a line by Walt Whitman for President Abraham Lincoln and he says my name is Keating but if you dare you can call me oh captain my captain.

Carpe Diem is a Latin aphorism which means Seize the day which we all should learn throughout our lives, one of the lessons in this movie.

As time flies everyone in the class starts to adopt the beliefs of Keating and implements them in their lives.

During the time Perry found out about his passion to act and he tries to give an audition in play without knowing of his parents and then he finds out he is really good at doing so and that is the time his father finds out about his doings and thinks that he is going on the wrong path and ask him to stop everything or he will be sent to military school but he still keeps doing it by his passion for it and results in an act of suicide by Perry because of the fear caused by his father.

The principal did not like the teaching of Mr.Keating and that is the reason also why he did not like him. There is one more reason for it but I leave it to you to find out.

At last, the captain had to take responsibility for his actions and had to leave the Welton Academy.but the farewell he hardly got anyone got such farewell.

I will leave the suspense so you can have fun with the emotional farewell he gets or maybe you will join the other students too in giving farewell to him.

Dead poets society: Review

Dead poets society

Life without poetry and literature is a painting without color. Totally not pleasant. I would say, not worth remembering and this is the thing in the movie I am greatly communicated with me and every other what you have watched this movie.

This movie has a potential to tell you that you should follow your dream the quote no matter what anyone says  poetry and literature can change the wall and have suddenly then so why Leonardo da Vinci paintings  of His Shakespeare’s

Dead poets society takes us back to our school times with some extraordinary teachers who only haven’t taught us the subject they were assigned to but have also taught about the beliefs we have adapted. The execution of literature and poetry in this movie so good attitude fall in love with the poetry after following this movie and you will try to find more about the poets and the literature. This is the type of movie which will leave a mark in your memory so beautifully that you will definitely watch it more than once.

Dead poet society: Conclusion

Dead poets society

Being a binge-watcher of movies and different web series this is the movie I never wanted to end. I just wanted to hear more and more from the teacher I wanted to admire

I still have remembered the Carpe Diem so whenever life gets hard I can just make myself remember that it’s just a day I have to conquer and then it will be over.

As I am writing I totally believe in the fact that art and literature have the potential to change the world and all the writers out there are trying to do so.

What do you think about this movie? A movie or a Hope? Let me know in the comment section down below. And if you haven’t watched this movie yet, make sure you give it a shot. Hope you like the movie. Happy binge-watching and I will get back to you guys soon with something amazing. Until then. Stay safe!

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