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DEAR DAD – Review, Cast, Plot, and more

Dear Dad is directed by Tanuj Bhramar. This is one of the feel-good movies. The movie is very relevant in the present times. We live in a country where the whole topic of LGBTQ+ is considered taboo, this movie is a bold attempt to bring such a topic to notice.


  • • Arvind Swamy as Nitin Swaminathan
  • • Ekavali Khanna as Nupur Swaminathan
  • • Himanshu Sharma as Shivam Swaminathan
  • • Bhavika Bhasin as Vidhi Swaminathan
  • • Aman Uppal as Aditya Taneja


Dear Das

This story starts with Nitin and his loving family. They show a beautiful family bond between the characters. Nitin is going to drop his son Himanshu at his hostel. It is shown as if Nitin has something huge to reveal to his son and is scared and embarrassed about it.

As the journey towards the hostel starts, the conversation between the father and son ranges from sports, gaming, and classic movies. Nitin tries to bring up this topic he has been hesitating to bring up but somehow cannot get to it.

They reach Nitin’s parent’s house. There is a very emotional scene where Nitin comes out as gay to his father and his father cannot speak due to health issues. When he comes out of the closet to his father, his son overhears it. The story then revolves around how a son reacts, how people around react, and basically the Indian reaction to anyone coming out of the closet.


Dear Dad movie

I happened to watch this movie with my parents. This movie is not one of the cliché Bollywood movies where a boy falls in love with a girl and they dance around sort of a movie. This movie talks about the LGBTQ+ community but more about the gay community. It is necessary that we understand what these people go through.

Most Indians are homophobic and are not open to even discussing such a topic that is why it is most important to watch such movies. This movie opens up a whole different perspective for people. An Indian man, especially a father of two children, coming out as gay is a very bold topic. We can see the different reactions of different people. Especially when the son is in the teenage phase of his life and is new to the whole concept of coming out of the closet, it shows how they react as teenagers.

This movie broadens the perspective of people. They have tried to show how difficult it is for the community to survive and they succumb to social pressure and go to heights of getting married and having kids just to match up to social expectations. It is an attempt to show the Indian audience that it is normal to be gay and it is not a fault or a disease.


The movie dear dad beautifully portrays the concept of LGBTQ+. It presents it in a light tone just as an entrance into the topic as the whole concept is kinda new to Indians.
What did we love about the movie?

We loved that such a concept was boldly presented. The acting and portraying of characters were done beautifully. Special mention to Aravind Swamy (Nitin) for choosing such a bold topic as most actors would not be comfortable doing such acting. The screenplay and background score was amazing. We could see all of Mussoorie and enjoy it.

What we did not like about the movie?

In the middle, they try to make it humorous and they fail. They try to bring god into this whole thing and try to cure this “disease” with medicines which aren’t funny but is what many Indians still think. Secondly, creators could have dug deeper into the topic and made an impact on the audience. Although they did make a small impact, it could have been a larger one.


Dear Dad is available on Disney+hotstar. The movie is 1 hour and 35 minutes long.

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