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Death to 2020 Review: A great way to leave 2020 behind?

Death to 2020 Review: A great way to leave 2020 behind?

Death to 2020 is a Netflix special comedy event that aims to tell the story of 2020 from a comedic lens. It is a mockumentary-style hour-long comedy special that features different fictional characters who share their opinions on how the year 2020 unfolded.

Although the characters are fictional, they are a disturbingly accurate depiction of what kind of people actually exist in this world today. The entire comedy special is full of extremely humorous social commentary that is brought to life by the amazing cast and writers behind this project. Anyone with a liking for dark humor would find this to be a good watch.

Death to 2020: Creative Team

Death to 2020 is written and produced by Charlie Brooker. He is the mastermind behind the hit anthology series Black Mirror. A show that tells the cautionary tale about the dark aspects of advancing technology through a series of highly entertaining episodes.

The directors here are Al Campbell and Alice Mathias. Al Campbell already has a history of working with Charlie Weber and has directed some of Weber’s past projects like Newswipe, Screenwipe, and Weekly Wipe.

The comedy special has been shot in 2020 and the directors have found clever and organic ways to film all the scenes that are in compliance with the new guidelines for conducting a shoot while keeping in mind the precautionary measures enforced to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

Death to 2020: Comedy

It is very fitting that a movie/comedy special like this would be developed by the same minds behind Black Mirror. After all 2020 is basically a bad version of a Black Mirror episode, to begin with. Everything in Death to 2020 is not only really funny but also just plain accurate. They are simply a recollection of events that people have lived through this year.

Charlie Brooker has said wanting to make this comedy special so that he can write something that’s not as dark and serious as a Black Mirror episode. After seeing this, it is easy to confirm that he is just as gifted in writing comedy as he is in showcasing potential dystopian futures.

Speaking of the comedy, since this is a mockumentary after all. The entirety of this special is very very funny. There are jokes here about everything and everybody, starting right from the beginning of this year and not just in March after the rising of Coronavirus. There are many “laugh out loud” moments and some extremely clever jokes that make this easily one of Netflix’s best comedy specials to come this year.

It is noteworthy to mention that Death to 2020 is very rounded in its humor, it does take jabs at the Trump administration, but also at many liberals and democrats. When a lot of people are divided as a cause of their political opinions, not only in the U.S but many other countries as well.

It is worth appreciating that the jokes made do not show the shortcomings of only one group of people, but all the divided factions that unfortunately makeup society today.

Death to 2020: Cast

The cast of Death to 2020 is vital in its success. One could not think of a more talented group of extremely seasoned comedic actors to take on these roles. Each and every cast member here deserves a shout out.

Hugh Grant plays a history professor named Tennyson Foss, this is Grant’s second successful TV/streaming role after being one of the leads in HBO’s The Undoing earlier this year. Samuel L.

Jackson plays a journalist named Dash Bracket for the “New Yorkerly Times”. Leslie Jones who left SNL last August is here as Dr. Maggie Gravel.

Apart from them, Kumail Nanjiani plays a heartless Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Cristin Milioti a soccer mom who spends too much time on Facebook, Joe Keery in the role of a millennial content creator, and Tracey Ullman who easily depicts one of the funniest portrayals of Queen Elizabeth.

Death to 2020 Review: Is it worth watching?

The other cast members, Lisa Kudrow, Samson Kayo, and Diane Morgan also do a great job with the role they are given. The whole special is narrated by Lawrence Fishburne.

Death to 2020: Conclusion

Death to 2020

Death to 2020 is only a little over an hour long and provides moments of great levity while recapping the events of this year. It is streaming on Netflix right now and would be a good way to leave 2020 behind while hoping for brighter times ahead.

Death to 2020: Ratings

Acting:- 4.5/5

Direction:- 4.5/5

Background Score:- 3/5

Overall Rating:- 8/10

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