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Delhi Crime Web Series: Witness this heart-wrenching story!

Delhi Crime Web Series: Witness this heart-wrenching story!

delhi crime web series

The heart-wrecking incident of the Nirbhaya Case had shaken not just the country but send shivers down the whole world as well. It was a moment that made everyone question humanity. Years passed by and we could finally say that justice has been served. Delhi Crime web series relives through those moments and fills the audience with such emotions of grief and anger and that is real artistry achieved. Here is our review of the web series Delhi Crime which streaming on Netflix now.


delhi crime web series

Delhi Crime written and directed by Richie Mehta addresses behind-the-scenes police action of the 2012 Gang Rape case. Richie took a couple of years to get his facts right and the storyline out and out. With the help of Neeraj Kumar, former Commissioner of Delhi Police, from whom he also got the idea devised, planned, and chalked it out in the most incredible and robust manner anybody could possibly have. His storytelling is highly commendable as we see scenes most of the time in the form of handheld cameras running along with the policemen getting the audience right into the action, making them feel one among them.

Delhi Crime season one commences the after-effects of the incident as in the very opening scene we get to watch a PCR van lining up by the side of the road to attend to the victims. What follows after that is the six-day chase of the Delhi Police led by DCP Vartika Chaturvedi. The web series then tries and puts forward the story of these policemen who toiled day and night to catch the perpetrators. Amongst all the politics and protests that took place, the police got very little exposure to put forward their side of the story and that is exactly what Delhi Crime has done now.

It’s not an easy watch chase game, because there are so many emotions attached to it. And Richie Mehta does well to pull them out of you even better. Delhi Crime season one runs seven episodes long ranging from 45 minutes to an hour-long. It has so many stories intertwined and running along, the survival, the chase, and the politics, that the web series will keep you on the edge of your seats.


Shefali Shah

shefali shah delhi crime

With a wonderfully well-built plot, the success of Delhi Crime as a web series is in the riveting performances of the cast. Shefali Shah as Vartika Chaturvedi was absolutely phenomenal, as she kept dealing with the politics, the pressure of working around such a sensitive case, and her daughter whom she has promised to show the good side of Delhi.

Rasika Dugal

rasika dugal delhi crime

Rasika Dugal plays the role of Neeti Singh who is just weeks into her IPS training. She gains an instant liking from the DCP because of her good work, and gets on this case as well. Rasika is assigned to be working closely with the family and victim as she explores her own self in the new city. She puts together a terrific performance. Opening up her emotions on screen and delivering right to the core, and has pulled on all stereotypes that Bollywood has built in the name of an actress.

Yashaswini Dayama 

yashaswi dayama

Yashaswini Dayama is Chandni, the daughter of Vartika who Richie uses to bring in the personal life of Vartika at play as well. Chandni is disgusted with this city and she has her reasons. And her mother Vartika is desperately trying to show her the good even in dire times.

delhi crime

Rajesh Tailang as the character of Bhupendra Singh plays second to Vartika. As he puts his all in all for the case, coordinating and composing the team. At the same time balancing his family life. The character and portrayal of Station Head Vinod Tiwari played by Vinod Sharawat is one to get you on your nerves. But at times also make you sympathize with him. Besides, he is showcased as an ideal representation of a human being with his ups and downs.

Delhi Crime Season 2

Even though there has not been an official announcement yet, Netflix’s new revamp of web series and movies. Mentioning that Delhi Crime is set to come back for a second installment. We have very little information as of now. One of them being that director Richie Mehta would no longer be part of the second season.

He has been replaced by Rajesh Mapuskar who is a National Award recipient for his Marathi film ‘Ventilator’. The main cast would be returning for the second season of Delhi Crime. But Abhishek Singh, IAS Officer of Delhi, who is currently working as the deputy commissioner in New Delhi, is set to put his hands in the web series. And is likely to play an important and key figure in Delhi Crime Season 2.

Delhi Crime Season 2 Release Date

delhi crime season 2

There hasn’t been any talk on the release date of the second season of Delhi Crime as of now.  The first season was dropped on Netflix on the 22nd of March, 2019. Also, given the pandemic restrictions and conditions that we are currently in, it is likely to be pushed further ahead.

International Emmy Award holder for Best Drama Series ‘Delhi Crime’ is a must-watch. The real-life stories through the eyes of the police and its aftermath. It’s a heart-wrenching watch. But definitely unmissable because this is what India needs right now. Moreover, a web series with something to take away from, a message for society. And the message is quite clear.

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