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Detention Netflix series review: Is it Worth watching?

Detention Netflix series review: Worth watching?


If anyone asks me if I believe in ghosts or not, I will answer with a negative impression but I get afraid. I hope most of us relate to this kind of thought. We reflect on childhood attachment with horror movies as we watch those movies at an adult age. Some are obsessed with this genre.

According to them, the sheering fear inside us stimulates a sensation when we watch the film. With the scary music and sudden cuts, a horror film is made to capture the attention of the audience. In this blog, I am going to give a review of one episode of “Detention”, a Taiwanese horror movie series based on the video game of the same name released on 05th Dec 2020 on Netflix. The series consists of 8 episodes of which 2 episodes will be released every Sunday.

Set in 1970, the survival horror video game was released in 2017 about the white terror in Taiwan under martial law made by Red Candle Games. In the game, Taiwan’s ruling party Kuomintang imprisoned more than 140,000 political opponents between 1947 and 1987. To know more about the white terror, this film will effectively help you. The film shows oppression on teachers and students who were persecuted because they fought for freedom.


Detention: Plot

Episode 1 starts with a student named Ruixin Fang falling from the roof of the school.  Transferred student, Liu Yun-Hsiang from Kangxing high school in Taipei comes to Greenwood school. As she encounters the spirit, the search begins. One student commits suicide again. The drama concretes the tension stronger.

She gets involved with the situation gradually. The police suspect her as the murderer as she was on the roof at the same time when the suicide took place. She delves into the forbidden area and finds something unbelievable thing.

Netflix series are made for the audience to make them await the next episode. The 1st episode ends with the line from the spirit “Liu Yun-Hsiang, It’s your turn to help me” which holds you to watch the next episode also.


Detention: Analysis


This mind-bending film is filled with suspense. Suicide and its connection to other students get unfolded through every episode. There is a little political shade in this movie that gives us a glance at historical oppressions which is connected to the white terror. At a time, in Taiwan, some literature books were banned and we see a little portion of that incident in this series.

A nightmare-scape, dark environment, and swinging light can give you a little sensation of a scary movie. The performance of the actors is not well worked out. It’s a non-linear narrative movie which you may find sometimes complicated. But as you go ahead you will gather the whole story unfold in front of you.

There is a rhythm in the movie which has been maintained properly with the music. Its story is well knitted with some compelling pictures which may hold your attention till the end. Another most important thing in every horror movie is editing that makes you frightened. In this movie, it has been well made. One of Taiwan’s most important contemporary movies marks a milestone for Taiwan’s white terror.

Detention: Conclusion


Horror films have masses of audiences. It is not constrained to any specific audiences. That is why those films haven’t lost their greatness yet. The sensation it creates is worth watching. If you are addicted to horror, psychodrama films, then Detention can be a worthy one to watch.

Detention: Ratings

Performance – 5/10

Direction – 6/10

Background score – 6/10

Story – 7/10

Cinematography – 7/10

Editing – 7/10

Overall rating – 6.5/10

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