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Dil Hi Toh Hai – Review, Cast, Season 1, Season 2, and season 3

Dil Hi Toh Hai was released in June 2018. The web series is produced by Ekta Kapoor, and it is streaming on zee5 and alt Balaji. Dil hi toh hai has 3 seasons and a total of 155 episodes. There are 90 episodes in the 1st season, 34 in the 2nd season, and 31 episodes in the 3rd season. In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about Dil Hi Toh Hai Web series.

Dil Hi Toh Hai – Cast

Karan Kundra As Ritwik Noon

Karan Kundra - Dil hi toh hai

Yogita Bihani As Dr. Palak Noon

Yogita Bihani - Dil hi toh hai

Recurring cast of Dil hi toh hai

Bijay Anand as Vijaypath Noon
Shahoor Agha as Mrs. Maitree Noon
Rajeshwari Sachdev as Mamta Vijaypath Noon
Paras Arora as Vikraant Raheja
Akshay Dogra/Chaitanya Choudhury as Rishabh Noon
Sudeepa Singh as Saanchi
Gurpreet Kaur Bedi as Reeva Noon
Gautam Ahuja as young Shivam Noon
Paras Kalnawat as older Shivam Noon
Pooja Jadhav as young Shanaya Noon
Sanaya Pithawalla as older Shanaya Noon
Ritu Vij/Roma Bali as Manjeet Sharma
Sanjay Batra as Alok Puri
Madhuri Pandey as Meera Alok Puri
Aman Chahal as Samar
Afreen Nasir Dastani as Radhika
Sandeep Rajora as Samar’s father
Aradhna Uppal as Samar’s mother
Farida Dadi as Taari
Tuhina Vohra as Geeta Raheja
Abhinav Kapoor as Aman
Asmita Sood as Shweta Rohit Puri (Setu)
Krishna Shetty as Rohit Puri
Poulomi Das as Ananya Puri
Aly Goni as Naman Kapoor
Bhavya Sachdeva as Sanjeev Kapoor
Pooja Banerjee as Aarohi
Keith Sequeira/Mukul Harish as Vivek
Bikramjeet Kanwarpal as a surgeon
Gaurav Venkatesh as Robin
Manoj Chandila as Kabir

Dil hi toh hai – Review

Dil hi toh hai

Ekta Kapoor goes all out when she accomplishes something. Her productions, which have become cult classics in their own right, include larger-than-life personalities, corporate tycoon families, lavishly sumptuous settings, and the works. All of this and more can be found in Dil Hi Toh Hai, her new film for Sony TV and ALTBalaji. It’s intriguing that a show is looking for viewers on both television and the internet.

The drama follows the fortunes of the Noon family, who are corporate magnates and proprietors of the world-famous Noon Pharma. Ritwik Noon is the classic romantic hero–the stuff young girls’ fantasies are made of–dark, gorgeous, and brooding, a playboy with a roguish charm, who sleeps women by the dozen but refuses to let any of them inside his hardened-against-love heart.

Except for one…..enter Dr.Palak Sharma, clinical nutritionist par excellence, best friend of the girl Ritwik just dumped and left heartbroken, and, for the time being, his bête noire. YogitaBihani plays Palak, which is a fantasy comeback for the fresh-faced model in traditional TV series.

So that’s the story’s entire idea up to this point. In the next episodes, love will undoubtedly develop. On the surface, the programme appears to be about a large, overweight Indian family. But at its heart, it’s a typical mushy Mills and Boons romance– business tycoon-turned-playboy despises women; along comes a woman with a golden heart, who loves kids, her ideals, and her work- replace these with anything you like, just leave the heart of gold bit intact, will you; she makes him see the light, they fall in love, and they live happily ever after.

But this is an Ekta Kapoor web series, the Grand Dame of TV drama and saas-bahu sagas–a simple happily ever after is difficult to envision. Not at all… Expect unexpected plot twists and turns, such as good folks becoming rogue, rogues changing good, absentees arriving out of nowhere, regulars disappearing, cunning Machiavellis with their perplexing schemes, and other such nonsense.

The show’s aggressiveness quotient is one of its most distinguishing features. In the first fifteen minutes of the programme, there’s a full-fledged smooch. In one of the future episodes, there’s also a steamy making-out moment. There’s talk of sex education, and there’s even a pregnancy test kit.

Unrealness of the story and too much of a stretch

Yogita Bihani is adequate as Palak, but not outstanding. Her overdone sincerity comes out as far too arrogant. Perhaps it’s the haloed figure she portrays that’s affecting us. It’s past time for Indian television to reveal its characters in many shades of grey. Guys, get up and smell the coffee! Characters dressed in pristine white and bathed in purity do not exist in real life. Neither do evil-personified ones who are as dark as the night. Please, for the love of God, show us some actual people.

That said, we’d adore it if the filmmakers kept Dil Hi Toh Hai to a sweet, sugary romance, bringing it to a natural conclusion and then saying goodbye. Please, no dizzying, difficult-to-follow twists and turns, manipulative good-for-nothings, unending storylines, and especially no saas-bahu shenanigans.

Dil Hi Toh Hai – Season 1

Vijaypath Noon, one of India’s most successful entrepreneurs, is the founder and CEO of Noon Biotech, a pharmaceutical firm. He is a devoted son to his mother Sugna and was abandoned by his wife Geeta years ago when their son Ritwik was a youngster in order to pursue a more lucrative life.

Vijaypath later married Mamta, a child of Rishabh’s divorced mother, and they had three children together: Reeva, Shanaya, and Shivam. Ritwik, who doesn’t believe in love, believes that women are gold diggers who can’t be trusted; this anguish stems from his extremely traumatic upbringing when Geeta abandoned Vijaypath.

Palak Sharma, who comes from a middle-class family, is a doctor with strong morals and ethics who decided to pursue a profession in medicine after her brother Akshay died as a result of the hospital’s incorrectly prescribed medication. Manjeet Sharma, her mother, is a wedding planner who wants to see her married.

On a chilly winter evening, Ritwik and Palak meet. Aarohi, Palak’s buddy, is Ritwik’s ex-girlfriend. Aarohi is heartbroken, unsure if she is pregnant or not, and Ritwik has made no commitment to her. Aarohi is informed by Ritwik that he has a new girlfriend. Aarohi discovers she isn’t pregnant after losing Ritwik and falls down.

Ritwik’s house is where she goes to rekindle their relationship. She pays a visit to Ritwik’s house in order to reignite their affection. Palak pursues her in order to protect her from harm. In a dark room, Ritwik kisses Palak, mistaking her for his lover. Palak is enraged after realizing her first kiss with Ritwik.

Ritwik and Palak eventually become buddies. Samar Kapoor, Reeva’s fiancé, falls in love with Manjeet’s helper Radhika and the two elope. Ritvik misinterprets Palak and believes she is participating in the situation. Palak quits her work and relocates to Mumbai after being hurt by him.

Ritwik’s buddy Rohit Puri and Palak’s divorced buddy Setu Verma are set to marry three months later. Palak is persuaded to return to Delhi by Setu. Ritwik has agreed to marry Rohit’s sister Ananya. Shweta’s ex-husband, Kabir, comes, falsely claiming that she left him because he was broke.

The engagement is broken boy Ritwik. Ritwik and Rohit become estranged till Rohit persuades him of Setu and Palak’s reality. Ritwik asks Palak to stay in Delhi and assist him in bringing Rohit and Shweta back together. Reeva seeks to stoke Ananya’s enmity towards Palak. Rohit and Setu make the decision to elope.

Ritwik and Palak attempt to reunite Rohit and Setu. Goons are chasing the four. Palak and Ritwik get increasingly close and personal. Ritwik persuades Rohit’s father Alok to welcome Rohit and Setu as they return to safety. Vijaypath, Rishabh, and Manjeet are all against him confessing his love for Palak. Vijaypath wants Ritwik to sign a prenuptial agreement created by Rishabh, which causes Palak and Ritwik to misunderstand one another.

They are no longer together. Palak’s marriage to Naman Kapoor is organized by Manjeet. Ritwik believes Rishabh lied to him during the wedding and interrupts Palak’s reception to demand her return. Naman takes a step back to give Ritwik and Palak the opportunity to marry. Ritwik has been detained by Manjeet. Ritwik is disowned by Vijaypath, who refuses to accept Palak. Palak starts working for Vikrant Raheja, Ritvik’s half-brother and the son of Anjana and her second husband. Ritwik is informed by Vijaypath that Palak and Vikrant are having an affair.

As a consequence of the misunderstanding, Ritwik and Palak quarrel, and an enraged Ritwik visit the Puri residence. Ananya and Rohit try to persuade Ritwik to see things from Palak’s perspective. Ritwik suddenly realizes that he was mistaken about Palak and returns home. Meanwhile, Palak meets with Ritwik’s mother, who requests that Palak leave Ritwik because their family has become estranged.

Palak walks to Vikrant’s residence, controlling her yearning, and orders Setu to do whatever she says. Then she pretends to be having an affair with Ritwik’s employer, Vikrant, in front of him. Ritwik then walks out of the room, crying, and Palak follows suit. Palak then passes out, and Vikrant rushes her to the hospital, where she discovers she is expecting a child. Setu instructs her to call Ritwik and explain that she is doing everything for his mother’s sake. Palak contacts Ritwik but lies to him, saying she is pregnant with Vikrant’s kid, and the season ends. Palak puts her affection for Ritwik’s family ahead of her own.

Dil Hi Toh Hai – Season 2

After six years Shivam and Shanaya return home from London due to their mother’s insistence. Mamta reveals to Shivam what she had done and that she will die from cancer in six months and asks him to bring back Palak. Palak is struggling financially and only Setu knows where she is.

She lives with her six-year-old twins, Gia and Dia, who look a lot like Ritwik. The Noon family is separated; Vijaypath is unwell and unaware of Mamta’s disease; Rishabh and his wife have moved to Australia; and Ritwik is solely focused on business, avoiding everyone in the family.

Setu provides Shivam with information on Palak, and he offers her a position as physiotherapy for his father, but she does not recognize him. She and her children return to Delhi, only to be astonished to learn that she works for the Noons. Ritwik, still furious with her, teases her about her deception until she breaks down and confesses that the twins are his, not Vikraant’s. Ritwik then uses emotional blackmail to get Palak to give him custody of the kids. Chasing she stops them from marrying guys who were after their money, Shanaya and Reeva forgive her and begs for her forgiveness.

By faking Vijaypath’s death and portraying herself as greedy in order to gain the Noon Mansion, she also reveals Rishabh and Shanaya’s fiancé to Vijaypath. Vijaypath realizes that he has been misinterpreting her for years. Mamta tells Ritwik and his family that she had urged Palak to fabricate her relationship with Vikrant so that Ritwik could remain with his family. Guilty as charged Ritwik plans to depart for London after apologizing to Palak and his children, but he is stopped by Palak and his family. Their automobile is involved in an accident on the way back.

Dil Hi Toh Hai – Season 3

Dil hi toh hai

Palak is unscathed in the tragedy, but Ritwik spends two years in a coma. Palak married Vikrant, who had helped the family avoid bankruptcy and cared for the twins as a father while everyone was disoriented after the incident, but she keeps her distance from him because she still loves Ritwik.

Vikrant, on the other hand, loves her and promises to wait for her until she forgets Ritwik. For what he did for the Noons, the ladies of the house, Mamta and Vijaypath, have welcomed Vikrant as a family member, while Shivam and the other men of the house are against him. Ritwik regains consciousness just before the life support is removed, but he has forgotten everything that has transpired in the past eight years, including Palak and his children.

He attempts to go back to how he was before he married Palak, but he doesn’t understand why so much has changed. Setu and Rohit are having trouble since they have no time for one other except to glance at one other. Reeva has married Aman and has a daughter, Setu and Rohit have problems since they have no time for each other except for looking after their three kids and Mamta has survived cancer. Shivam and Ananya are dating. All of the female members want Palak to stay with Vikrant, while the male members want Ritwik and Palak to be reunited.

Ritwik appears to have affections for Palak but believes she is his physiotherapist and is happily married to Vikrant with two twins, but Palak is afraid of relapsing if he is abruptly reminded of his past. They stay away from each other, while Ritwik tries to bring Vikrant and Palak closer together, as Mamta had requested. In the meantime, Vikrant begs Vijaypath to divorce Palak as soon as possible, despite the uncertainty generated by the two factions supporting opposing agendas. Shanaya meets a potential groom and the family decides to put him to the test.

Setu meets with an accident while preparing for a surprise party to commemorate Setu and Rohit’s wedding anniversary in the hopes of resolving their issues, while an enraged Rohit gets drunk and sleeps with an unknown female he met at the bar. The next morning, Palak and Ritvik discover what Rohit did, and while trying to cover it up for him, Vikrant misunderstands that Palak was cheating on him with Ritvik and leaves angrily after giving her the divorce papers, despite Ritvik and Palak’s efforts to persuade him otherwise.

Meanwhile, Rohit and Setu learn about each other, and Setu decides to divorce as well, despite the efforts of others to cover up Rohit’s cheating. Setu attempts suicide but is saved by Palak and Vikrant, while Ritwik suffers from a panic episode and recalls parts of his history. Vikrant decides not to divorce Palak, and Ritvik acts as if he has forgotten about her, believing that she and his girls would be better with Vikrant and that they have gone on.

Palak recognizes this and confronts Ritwik, who refuses to believe her when she assures him she does not love Vikrant. In front of their family, Shivam and Ananya acknowledge their relationship, and their marriage is set alongside Shanaya’s.

Reeva, who needs Vikrant’s support in business, urges him to pretend to have a brain tumor and take Palak to London with him to keep her away from Ritwik, but she later feels bad when she learns that Ritwik recalls everything and is sacrificing his love. Ritwik overhears Reeva instructing Vikrant to abandon the plan, but Vikrant refuses, so Ritwik smacks him and joins his family in stopping Palak at the airport, where they reconnect.


Regardless, the plot of Dil Hi Toh Hai isn’t worth singing hosannas over. But there’s this: it’s got a big-name ensemble cast. The show’s amazing cast is its genuine calling card to fame and acclaim. Apart from the aforementioned, there’s Poonam Dhillon as Mamta Noon, Vijaypath’s second wife and Ritwik’s stepmother; Akshay Dogra as Rishabh Noon; Sudeepa Singh as his wife, Aditi Noon; Gautam Ahuja as the youngest son; Asmita Sood as Setu; Pooja Banerjee of Roadies fame as Aarohi; Krishna Shetty as Rohit; Abhinav Kapoor as Aman; and lastly, handsome hunk, Keith Sequeira too. Together, they are bound to whip up an interesting melee.

In the character of Ritwik’s 15-year-old brother, Gautam Ahuja shines. He’s adorable, lovable, and adorable. As Setu, Palak’s journalist friend, Asmita Sood is fantastic. In the scenes in which she appears, she owns the frame. The remainder of the cast does a good job.Karan Kundra is a delight to behold. And, given his two-year absence from television, the anticipation for his return is palpable. Girls are already swooning over his portrayal of Ritwik Noon, who is smouldering sexy. He has a very attractive aura of fragility about him. Even the most unaffected of women may be charmed by his bad boy role-playing, which is combined with his guileless innocence.



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