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Don’t Listen movie review: Is it worth watching?

Don’t Listen movie review: Is it worth watching?

Don't listen

Fear is something we like and dislike at the same time we like the fact of getting scared by the things we know are not real but at the same time, fear is also what stops us from doing many things.

The horror genre of a movie is a genre for which the expectations are always high because we have seen the conjuring and after that, we just want to get more scared so we want people experimenting in this genre.

Don’t Listen Or I Can Say Its Original Title “Voces” It is a Spanish movie. This movie has everything from witches to old houses old stories.

Don’t Listen is Directed By Angel Gomez Hernandez Written by Santiago Diaz. 

Let’s get to the full review.

Don’t listen: Cast

Rodolfo Sancho: Daniel (Eric Father)

Belen Fabra: Sara (Eric Mother)

Lucas Blas: Eric

Ramon Barea: German

Ana Fernandez: Ruth (German Daughter)

Don’t listen: Plot

Don't listen

An old house with some not very pleasing history bought by a family, parents and a child.They usually buy old houses, renovate them and then sell them with profit but this time it was a bit different.

Their child named Eric starts talking to himself, creating people in his imagination at least it’s what the psychologist said after that scene we see Eric talking to someone on the walkie talkie. We see a shadow behind Eric and him talking with the shadow.

The story keeps rolling and after some time there is an incident that left the parent in sorrow and shock.

Sara (Eric’s mother) went to stay with her parents but his dad stays in the house he cries and just blames himself for what happened that moment he senses someone on the roof of the building coming downstairs.  

He accidentally records some voices in which he hears the voice of Eric too. After recording it Eric’s father went to meet a specialist of voices to ask him about the voices he had recorded and ask him to help him to figure out everything about his son’s death at his house.

They agree to come and run a check in the house and at last, they found that there is someone with them in the house making voices and taking lives.

Don’t listen: Screenplay

The movie starts with very little information about the background of the characters and the further story doesn’t ask for their background. The story goes very smoothly with unfolding every other plot of the voices. It does not make you bored by telling the story slowly.

Don’t listen: Acting 

Don't listen

The acting of the characters was good but I feel they could make it more promising because at many points we as audiences were not able to connect with the pain they were feeling and that is a downside in the acting.

Don’t listen: Direction

The direction was good we can’t call it top-notch level because the movie was one-time watch And I felt that they could make the story more appealing by just adding a bit more visuals of the old story where the witch came from so it could be more good to know about the bad character and also why she is killing everyone in her views.

Don’t listen: My views

If you want to feel a bit of horror and want to see something new you should just go for it. This movie consists of some great visuals and moments where you will really get shocked because of the way they have put it on the screen.

It has everything a horror story consists of an old house with witches’ voices and winter. By watching this movie I feel that it is something new even though it has old plots but still, it was directed very well.

Don’t listen: Conclusion

Despite having a good location and an Ok script I felt a bit more disconnected from the characters. There were some plot holes in the movie. The character named Eric played by Lucas Blas did an appreciable job in acting. He looked really promising when he spoke his dialogues. The whole set looks very horror but still, it was not able to scare me to that extent.

Most of the subplot was already seen throughout the movie you will not get bored because at every point it sticks you with the screen and the way they have tried to include the backstory of the house is really good. The ending does not go very traditional like every other horror were, at last, they capture the ghost and save everyone  

But this movie goes away from that traditional story.

Don’t listen: Ratings

Direction – 4/5

Background score – 4/5

Acting – 3/5

Overall rating – 8.5/10

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