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Equinox Season 1 Review: Is it worth watching?

Equinox Season 1 Review: Is it worth watching?

There is a relatively less popular genre of films, TV, and books called Scandi-Noir. What this is, is a crime story that normally involves some kind of murder, disappearance, etc. This traumatic event is then looked into by an investigator or a member of the police. As the same suggests these stories take place in Scandinavian countries.

Netflix Just dropped its new show “Equinox”. But will this slow burn will keep you on your seats? In this article we will see if the show is for you to watch or pass!

Equinox Season 1: Introduction


If you’re a fan of Scandi-Noir like The Bridge, Trapped, The Valhalla Murders, or if you really enjoyed some of Netflix’s other European based series like Dark or Ragnarok, Then Equinox is probably right up your alley. In all honestly, I have not seen all the titles listed above and didn’t care for a few of them.

But with the amount of content that’s out there today, there are a lot of shows that don’t hold mass appeal but still do find a small yet considerable audience. Unfortunately, I am personally not the type of person to be able to fully appreciate Equinox. The show, however, does have many positives that cannot objectively be denied.

Equinox Season 1:  Plot


Equinox is the story of a woman named Astrid who works as a journalist/podcast creator. When Astrid was a girl, a class of students at the local school disappeared while going for a field trip of some kind. Astrid’s elder sister was among the students who went missing. The case was obviously never solved and this is the traumatic event that drives the whole show.

One day Astrid receives a phone call from her elder sister’s friend. A man who was among only three students to return after the field trip her sister took. Her encounter with this man sets her out on a journey to find out what happened all those years ago and discover the “chilling” secrets that lie beneath the circumstances of her sister’s disappearance.

Equinox Season One: The Good


This show’s greatest strength is in its cast. Everyone in the show does a brilliant job playing their character. More than once, it is the performance of the actors that makes a connection with the viewer and helps one to keep further watching the show. Here are some standouts.

Danica Curcic’s portrayal of Astrid is what makes the character as interesting as she is. Her performance goes far beyond the script in showing the audience what kind of a person Astrid is, and how her sister’s disappearance still haunts her. Viola Martinsen plays the younger version of Astrid and appears in flashbacks to show Astrid’s relationship with her sister.


Lars Brygmann plays Astrid’s supportive and likable father who has found closure after his daughter’s disappearance and urges Astrid to also make peace with the past.

Hanne Hedelund plays Astrid’s mother. Her character is largely written to follow the trope of the “crazy overprotective mother” but Hedelund’s performance gives this role depth and nuance that makes her character far more interesting and sympathetic than she would otherwise be.

Equinox: Writing, Direction, and Cinematography


What works in favor of Equinox is that the show does have all the right elements to become the next supernatural-mystery streaming hit, following in the footsteps of Dark. There is a solid mystery, interesting characters, and some kind of a dark conspiracy theory type of scheme that is being brought forth by a secret undercover organization. That’s all that audiences need and is more than enough to make this show a success.

It is also worth mentioning that the show looks amazing. Right from the production design to the direction and cinematography. The show has a very strong atmosphere that envelopes the viewer into the world that this story is taking place in.

Equinox Season One: The Improvable


There are people who say they love a slow burn. Slow burn, of course, means that the tension and mystery gradually build very steadily before reaching a climax, or resolution. If shows having a slow burn interest you, Equinox will be far more appealing to you than others.

This show has a slower burn than most other shows I’ve seen. Anyone with enough patience will find themselves able to sit through a few episodes of the show before being rewarded by the answers that come to light towards the end.

To make my point a little clear, I will say that a show can be engaging and captivating while still having a slow burn. But these other shows work a little differently than this one. Take Raised by Wolves as an example. Every week the story moves ahead slowly, taking its own time.

Equinox review

But what makes the show so worth watching is that each episode gives the audience a few answers, explosive plot points, or some kind of resolution bearing moments. These moments then pose their own questions and that’s what drives the story forward. Equinox asks one question after the next, with no explanation or plot points that drive the story forward until one’s patience runs out.

The show also builds mystery by simply not having the characters talk to each other. This happens in many shows and proves to be equally annoying in each one. If the characters just spoke to each other in completely formed non-ambiguous sentences, the story would move so much faster.

There are also a few scenes that show some kind of great threat, or a cool silhouette of a monster. But then these are revealed to be dream sequences that have almost little to no impact on what is actually happening in the episode.

Equinox Season One: Conclusion


While there is a lot to appreciate, not everyone will find Equinox to their liking. Maybe watch the first episode and you’ll know exactly which camp you’re in. Equinox is streaming now on Netflix.

Equinox: Ratings

Acting: 4.5/5

Direction: 4.5/5

Background score: 3/5

Overall Ratings: 6.5/10

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