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Escape Room 2017 Review: A film that lacks everything

Escape Room Review: A film that lacks everything

Escape room review

“It’s all part of the game” but it’s not a game where the people die. Do you love to solve riddles or does it interest you? Escape Room has tried to do a pretty well job with making a few interesting riddles but it fails. It doesn’t hold the audience’s attention.

The script is not strong enough to capture a different kind of audience. The movie was released in 2017 which is now available on Amazon Prime. There is another film of the same name that was released in 2019. So, this article is going to be 2017’s Escape room review.

The cast of escape room

Escape room cast

Annabelle Stephenson plays Natasha 

Evan Williams plays Tyler

Elisabeth Hower plays Christen

Dan Johnson plays Anderson

John Lerardi plays Conrad

Iris Avalee plays Hadlee

Connection with the film “SAW” and with the Escape room game

Escape room saw

Yeah, there is a connection to the film “SAW”. If you have watched it you will definitely connect as this movie is also happening in a small room. Escape Room is inspired by Saw but doesn’t even compete with it. The film is based on a game also of the same name where people have to solve puzzles using some clues. It was popularised in 2010 mostly in North America, Europe, and East Asia.

Director, producer, screenwriter Will Warnick came with his film after making some shorts as a director. He is also the writer and producer of the film. Interesting to know that he is an indie filmmaker who established his own studio in California.

Trailer, plot, and Review

escape room

The film starts with a man inside a cell trying to get out of it but some unprecedented things happen and he dies. The opening scene gives you a glimpse of the genre. Yes, it’s a suspense horror movie. The opening scene instigated the curiosity in me to watch the next but wait…. Please read the full article. You may be wasting your 80 minutes. The trailer might interest you but the problem is it’s a low-budget film so don’t expect so much from the trailer.

The whole title scene doesn’t show any face as it goes on with a complete voice-over and someone driving a car, only hands are being shown. I don’t know what the point of showing that a particular scene is and showing a birds-view of the city too frequently. We can predict that someone is bound and shouting to be freed.

One is asking riddles. If he answers wrong, he will be killed. This scene is nicely crafted with harmony between a different voice-over and a different visual.

escape room nude scene

As the title ends, we see faces – a lady and a man inside a car. The moody look of the film creates a cinematic experience. Photography of the film can give a boost but if the script is not strong enough then there is no point of discussion. Tyler and Christen are a couple who are going to celebrate a birthday party thrown by Tyler himself in a hotel. There we get 2 other couples. A long conversation can make you bored.

Christen gives the idea of the Escape Room. Six people enter a room attached with other small rooms try to solve the puzzle in order to escape and one by one gets killed.  Also, there is no such acting from the performers. So it won’t be an important discussion. If you want to find the reason for every activity like nude Christen in the cage, starting the game, or the title scene where two mismatched scenes are juxtaposed.

Is escape room Worth watching for a second time?

Escape room ending

This is another example of a commercial film with a low budget that can be less worthwhile to watch. With gradually revealing the plot, the story of the film is quite interesting and makes it more curious to watch till the end. But this film is not a second watch as the ending is not a satisfactory one.

As you come to the end you are supposed to expect something interesting which gives you satisfaction but the film loses its audience. And also, the ending is not a satisfactory one. Every scene is connected to one purpose only which is the escape from the room. My question is why would anyone get into a game where life is in danger?

The characters seem to be educated, mature. Then why would they do it? The script lacks here. I can mention this movie as a movie with lots of flaws. Your one-time watch can also be tedious. Nowadays, where people want something different, more complex, non-linear type stories, this film is not worth one. Only some good pictures, fast-paced editing, and color grading can’t make a film stand among others. The story is the first priority, especially a good story. Moreover, It’s kind of a strange film which loses its audience’s expectation.


Will Warnick has the gut to release it on a big platform. I think his other films might be worth watching.

I have seen 5 films till now in this year but this movie is not a worthy one to be counted.  In fact, it can be counted as one of the best spoiler movies of 2017.

Escape room full movie is available on amazon prime.


Direction: 2.5/5

Background score: 2.5/5

Acting: 2/5

Overall rating: 5/10

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