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Fate: The Winx saga- Where the show went wrong

Fate: The Winx saga- Where the show went wrong

Fate: The winx saga

For the children of Harry Potter and anime, here is a gift for you, a live-action, much darker, and edgier version of your favorite Nickelodeon cartoon, Winx club, Fate: the Winx Saga. The is so much to talk about this show as so much of its show lingers in the grey. The show aired on Netflix, on 14th January 2021. The show did not open to a very warm critical response and at the same time was not able to impress the ardent fans of the anime, Winx club, on which the show is based. So let’s see where exactly did the show go wrong.

NOTE: Spoiler warning! They are gonna be there! We gonna criticize the show. So might also do it the right way!

The plot

Fate: Thewinx saga

It would be wrong to call the flow of the story in fantasy shows nowadays, a plot as they have started resembling a template. A common human, with a set of an unknown powerful magical gift, chosen specifically for a task, they do not even know about and harness the full extent of their power when the plot requires it the most. This is more of a critique to the lazy imagination of all fantasy genre writers than the show.

Fate: the Winx saga, fall in the same hole, making the same mistake. Bloom, a powerful fairy, living on Earth, travels to a new school. She finds herself not fitting (good going Winx Saga) in this new world that was meant for her. Harry’s watching from a distance. She later finds out that (drum roll please) her parents aren’t her parents.

She was adopted or abducted or simply changed. Her presence in her new school brings back a long-extinct fowl creature (Harry has a flashback of the death eaters). These two things may or may not be related but you already know the answer to that. The only thing that writers of Fate: the Winx saga, do right, is that it gives us a logical explanation about Bloom, unlocking her full powers and not just a simple act of loving or sacrificing.

The protagonist

Fate: The winx saga bloom

What I wouldn’t give to just actually travel through the screen of my device, and shakes some sense into Bloom, for being a well reckless brat. I know, I know, protagonists are supposed t be reckless and hot-headed and movable idiots. We are no strangers to such protagonists in any genre of storytelling.

But Bloom, like her more British counterpart Harry, loves to relive her own miseries and drown in their puddle of sorrow. The protagonists know nothing about the ocean of sadness living in other people. Bloom is hot-headed, reckless, and easily manipulated. She is not a very nice person, not as nice even for a side character, let alone a protagonist. She is also not as sharp as one would want their main character to be.

Fate: the Winx saga, does a good job in breaking the barrier by not showing their protagonist as goody goodwill, but they let the reel run a little too far. I mean, let’s face it, had she actually had a confrontation with her headmistress, none of this would have happened.

The cliché

Bloom and sky

I think it is becoming a pattern in every show, oh wait, it the definition of cliché and so Fate: The Winx saga is no exception. Good looking guy sees a good-looking girl on campus for the first time, and boom falls in love with her. What’s common is that he is in a relationship, he can’t get out of and ends after a dramatic confrontation.

We have the overall sweet and feel-good person, with a band-aid personality leaning slightly on the chubby side. She gets a lot of crap for it, who would have imagined that. The overtly anxious friends, who constantly saves everyone else. The erratic friend with a tragic past who is too cool to be with the group and the girl too tired of feeling because she felt feeling once.

Further down the episodes, we have teenagers talking like adults, being selfish and setting of the larger wheel of doom and even then patting their backs. One of the few changes they showed was Terra, reacting to Musa and Sam’s relationship, which was a heartwarming moment.

The bad guy falls in love with a girl because she sees his true self, only this time the girl is also bad. Winx Saga did a poor job in explaining or even setting the dynamic of the friendship, among the characters. The characters become friends overnight, while this may have been the case, it seems odd, when the characters were either too clingy or a lone wolf.


This is where the things in Fate: the Winx Saga, get a lot messy and serious. The two major changes which the casting team made in the famous five, were casting of Muse, as a non-Asian character and replacement of a Latina character with a white girl.

The show has a token black girl, part of the Winx club, and a token black gay character, who has to put up with a lot because of his sexuality. Oddly he is a friend of a guy who puts him through hell, talk about Stockholm Syndrome. The characters are so white, that one might wonder if the Alfea, is living in the 20th century or prior to that.

The positives

Let’s look at the things the show did do right (We shouldn’t be evil)

The animation


When anyone walks through the barrier is serene, effortless, and just overall awesome.

The fashion

You have to give it to the dress team, for making, the wardrobe of the characters so awesome. Honestly, Fate: the Winx saga, has such meticulously planned wardrobes, echoing the personalities of the characters that it is one of the best fashion collection, second only to Killing Eve.

So that was it guys, that what I felt while watching Fate: The Winx saga. Let me know if y’all agree or disagree.

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