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Feluda Pherot: Review, Season 1 and Season 2

Feluda Pherot

Feluda Pherot is a regional Bengali web series that is being presented by Addatimes on their website. The series is based on Prodosh Chandra Mitra aka Feluda as a private detective and his brother Topshe and his friend Lalmohan Ganguly as companions. Feluda is a fictional character that is created by Satyajit Ray and it is one of the famous characters in Bengal that is been featured in many stories, books, novels, movies, etc.

Feluda Pherot: Cast

Feluda Pherot

Tota Roy Chowdhury as Feluda.

Feluda Pherot – Supporting Cast

Kalpan Mitra as Topshe.

Arniban Chakrabarti as Jatayu. 

Arun Guhatharkurta as Akhil Chakraborty.

Rrishii Kaushik as Birendra Chowdhury a.ka. Karandikar. 

Arindam Gangopadhyay as Arundendra Chowdhury.

Samadarshi Dutta as Pritindra Chowdhury.

Poulomi Das as Nilima Chowdhury.

Krishnendu Dewanji as Shankarlal Mishra.

Soumen Bhattacharjee as Jagat Singh.

Season 1 – Plot.

Feluda Pherot is based on the genre of fiction and Suspense all around the series where he is assigned a death mystery case and he is solving the case in the whole series. Even a tiger scene is shown in the trailer which gets on missing and even that has to been found by the feluda and his companions. Feluda is termed Asia’s brightest crime detector by the Addatimes.

Season 1 – Review

Feluda Pherot is released on Addatimes which is a platform for Bengali series and shows. It seems to an extremely amazing series in terms of thriller and suspense. Feluda is already a very famous fictional character in the Eastern part of India. Eventually, this series has gained a lot of love from the audience and even the performances from the actor are very well appreciated.

The Director of the Series Srijit Mukherji has done an excellent job in the series along with the dialogues writing and screenplay.

The story is written by Satyajit Ray which has been published in many comics, books, novels, etc. Overall review of the series is well but it holds a bit of back hold that it becomes difficult for the people who don’t know Bengali to watch the series but are a big fan of Feluda.

Season 1 – Episodes.

Feluda Pherot Episode 1

On the trip to Hazaribagh, Feluda and his companions meet Pritin, Mahesh Babu’s son. While they get to know that a tiger escapes from the Great Majestic Circus.

Feluda Pherot Episode 2 

They go for the picnic in Rajrappa, but Mahesh looks low regarding his second son, Biren, who has been missing for a long time. 

Feluda Pherot Episode 3 

Mahesh suffers a brain stroke and eventually passes away, assigning Feluda to solve his death mystery and the absence of Biren. While Feluda investigates the case, Topshe and Jatayu find the missing tiger.

Feluda Pherot Episode 4

Feluda studies all the details about the case and discusses the same with his mates. Sankarlal visits them, insisting that they should stop the investigation.

Feluda Pherot Episode 5

Someone attacks Feluda, trying to steal something from feluda, but he is very near to solve the mystery by this time. He gets hold of another piece of evidence.

Feluda Pherot Episode 6

Feluda sits everyone down and reveals down and reveals his findings. The entire riddle around Mahesh’s death.

Feluda pherot Season 2: Jawto Kando Kathmandute: Cast, Plot, Release date.

Season 2 – Cast

Director Srijit Mukherji is back with the bang by releasing the second season of Feluda Pherot and the name is changed to Jawto Kando Kathamandute and he has also maintained the lead cast of the series Tota Roy Chowdhury as Feluda, where Tota has proven him in the season 1. He is expected to do the best of the performances in season 2 i.e. Jawto Kando Kathamandute.

Season 2 – Plot.

In the story of Feluda, the main character always roles around a new case assigned to him and he would be shown solving it with his tactics and skills.

Feluda Pherot Season 2 – Release Date.

Season 1 was released on 25 Dec’2020, where the trailer was released in Nov’2020, Eventually, both the trailers were released in Nov’2020 but no official announcement has been made for the release of Feluda Pherot Season 2 by the director Sriji Mukherji or the Addatimes who have presented it. 

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