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Fittrat Web Series: Review+ cast + What to expect from season 2?

Fittrat Web Series: Review + Cast+ What to expect from season 2?Fittrat web series review

Fittrat web series release happened on the 18th of October 2019 after its trailer which launched on the 9th of that month. It was produced by Ekta Kapoor for Alt Balaji and streams on ZEE5. 


fittrat plot

The web series is about a love triangle which gives way to betrayal in friendships and relationships. Fittrat as a word means ‘nature’. And is used in the context of how some people sabotage others. And their bond with them putting their own needs first.

Fittrat web series ZEE5 is a story about a girl named Tarini who from a very young age decides to marry into a rich family and have a luxurious lifestyle. She is unapologetic about her life goals and owns her ‘gold-digger persona and doesn’t see herself becoming anything other than a trophy wife even though she shows potential in journalism. She befriends a girl belonging to an affluent family in school who goes by the name, Amy and accepts Tarini for who she is.

After graduating from school-based in Dehradun, they meet again years later in Delhi where Tarini is working as a journalist in a media house and Amy is a socialite who gets clicked by the paparazzi for Page 3.  The Fittrat web series shows a major plot twist on the entry of Veer who belongs to a rich family.  He and Amy get engaged but Veer develops feelings for Tarini which creates friction in her friendship with Amy.  

Fittrat web series Cast

 Krystle D’souza

krystle d'souza fittrat web series

 Anushka Ranjan

fittrat web series anushka ranjan

 Aditya Seal

aditya seal fittrat web series

Mohit Chauhan

Divya Seth

Aru K Verma

aru k verma

Kitu Gidwani

kitu gidwani

Priyanka Bhatia

fittrat web series priyanka bhatia

Govind Pandey

govind pandey

Aditya Lal

fittrat web series aditya lal

Babla Kochchar


fittrat web series

So far the web series has one season with 15 episodes of 20-25 minutes each. The Fittrat web series shows the lives of the Fittrat web series cast and how they deal with issues in their lives.

Story and Characters

Tarini unabashedly owns her ‘gold-digger persona after watching her father lose his savings. And possessions later becoming a high school art teacher can be seen putting her friendship with Amy after rejecting the chance to be with Veer who confesses his feelings towards her.

Amy, however, lets her judgment get clouded after believing her fiance when he makes up a false story about Tarini developing feelings for him.  Tarini decides to clear her name when she finds out about an illegal business deal. That is Amy’s father and Veer took part in by pretending to have feelings for Veer in order to get closer to Veer’s house so that she can gather evidence against him and Amy’s father about the business deal.

Since Veer already was in love with Tarini, he decides not to marry Amy. And runs away by arriving at Tarini’s house. Amy’s father who upon knowing about this has Veer arrested for the business deal thereby putting the blame on him. Tarini, seeing what had happened, confesses that she was pretending to be in love. So that she could expose him for what he did. Devastated and heartbroken, Veer surrenders and is at peace knowing that he is about to go to prison for the crime he is acquitted for. Leaving everything behind, Tarini decides to leave Delhi to go back home to Dehradun. Season 1 ends with Tarini and Amy reconciling their friendship after their encounter in Dehradun. 

Location and Standouts

fittrat cast

The show is set in Delhi and Dehradun. And every episode has a well-thought-out storyline with each character’s backstory well narrated and executed. Also, the production of the show is elevated as exhibiting a lavish lifestyle of the characters. 

Another thing that stands out apart from Tarini’s personality is her rapport with her father, played by Mohit Chauhan. With no mother in the picture, she is beloved by her father who she is on a first-name basis. Her father doesn’t seem to mind this and showers her with love throughout the show.

He takes up a job as an art teacher at a school in Dehradun. Where she enrolled as well as becoming the teacher’s kid. Then, she meets Amrita, the daughter of an elite couple from Delhi, and develops a nice dynamic with her. Amrita aka Amy for her close ones isn’t fazed by Tarini’s desire to be a rich man’s wife.

They both meet years later and their friendship is still the same until the entry of a love interest played by Aditya Seal. Entangled in a complicated love triangle. Moreover, Fittrat web series takes the audience into relatable real-life situations. Like what happens when a guy falls for his fiancee’s best friend? Will the friendship survive? 


Fittrat web series cast was carefully picked to play certain characters. As all of the actors executed their roles which made them look convincing and authentic. Besides that, Krstyle D’Souza who plays Tarini initially had her doubts. As she is playing the part of a woman wanting to marry rich. Since her previous roles had somewhat an opposite personality. Which, by the way, the audience was used to. Furthermore, she convinced herself to take up the role because of web series being the new medium that brings new, exciting storylines to explore. 

Fittrat web series on ZEE5 has an exclusive soundtrack produced by music composer Sandman aka Sandip Patil. Also, It becomes its own entity by tying up the show together. 

Fittrat web series season 2

fitrat season 2

Fittrat web series garnered mixed reviews. But audiences are waiting for a season 2 expecting Tarini and Veer as potential love interests. Besides, the series ended with Amy and Tarini reconciling and Tarini realizing that she doesn’t have to marry rich to become rich.

Fitrat Season 2 can give an insight into Tarini’s character growth by showing an ambitious, independent woman. A character arc of a pre-Veer, post-Veer situation. Fittrat web series season 2 needs to further explore Amy’s character. Also, she tries to move forward with her life. And how she comes to terms with Veer leaving her for Tarini, him going to jail, her friendship with Tarini. 

Watch the show here.

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