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Fixerr 2019 – Review, Cast, Plot, and more

Fixerr Web series

If you’re in the mood to watch something fun just to pass time, Fixerr is the show you should pick. Fixerr is directed by Sohum Shah and produced by the creative genius (Sakett Saawhney’s Ekomkar Pictures). Read the entire review before you decide to add this show to your binge list. There are some things we liked about the show and some we hated. Read for yourself to decide.

Fixerr Cast

  • Shabbir Ahluwalia as Jaiveer
  • MaalikMahie Gill as Kesar Maalik
  • Karishma Sharma as Aahana
  • Tigmanshu Dhulia as Yashpal Sherawat
  • Varun Badola as Brij Nath Dalmia
  • Isha Koppikar as Jayanti Javdekar
  • Gagan Anand as Tarun Dalmia



The first episode of Fixerr starts off with a dark alley where our main character Jaiveer Maalik is shot twice. He is taken to the hospital immediately and this is what the whole series revolves around. For the whole series, we are trying to figure out why and who shot Maalik. In the hospital, our next main character is introduced – Kesar Maalik. She is Jaiveer’s wife who is shown to be super religious and a believer in idol worship. The show revolves around 48 hours from when he is shot because Maalik tells his wife that if something happens in these 48 hours, he’s a dead man.

The story is taken ahead as if Jaiveer is narrating the story from the hospital in order to figure out who and why he was shot. It unravels that Jaiveer is an honest cop who refuses to take bribes and holds on to his integrity. During one particular shoot-out, he misfires and kills a pregnant lady by mistake. After this, he is suspended. He is shocked as he had been so honest and he was treated like this and was suspended. He decides that day that honesty and integrity are not important and he starts doing illegal things for money.

As the show progresses, we see that Maalik does a lot of fixing for money. He gets to be known as the biggest fixer of Mumbai and has made huge contacts. His right hand for every operation that takes place illegally is Mumbai cop Jayanthi. Together, they illegally arrest people and hide crime scene evidence on purpose for money.

Maalik becomes very famous in Mumbai and earns a lot of money. Each episode shows one of his fixes and how he handles it. Slowly unraveling the story of who shot him. He says that when you’re a fixer you’re bound to make enemies and he is sure one of his enemies shot him.

12 episodes later, we get to know who shot him and it comes as a shock to the audience because no one suspects this person to be the shooter. We aren’t going to spoil the show for you, to find out who you need to watch the show.

Fixerr Review

The show starts off on a great note. It is one of those shows that keeps the audience in the dark till the end where the big reveal happens. The initial four to five episodes are great. The episodes keep the audience hanging to know what exactly is going to happen next.


Somethings that I really liked in this show was Maalik’s opinion on the LGBTQ+ community. In the first episode itself, he beats the stereotype of most Indians and says that even though he is a cop, he doesn’t believe in section 377 which is against homosexuality and he keeps a very strong opinion that the law will change only when the mindset of the people will change.


There were a lot of unnecessary unwanted sexual scenes in the show which could have been avoided. After the fourth episode, the show becomes a tad bit boring but they manage to maintain suspense till the end so the viewer might not stop watching the show.


The audience enjoyed watching Jayanthi’s character. Jayanthi plays the role of a badass female cop who is the right hand to Maallik in all his illegal arrests. Even though it was illegal, we loved watching this badass female cop character. The show also breaks the stereotype of the man working in the family and the female having to do the housework. In Jayanth’is house, things were exactly the opposite.

Another thing that I did not enjoy was the fact that they showed Kesar (Maallik’s wife) as a religious god-fearing lady initially. As the show goes on, we get to know that all of that is fake and is just for the sake of looking good in front of people. Maybe this was done to bring humor into the show but I don’t think there was a need to add jokes in the form of religion or God.


Overall, I would say it’s an okay show. If you’re bored and you want to watch something without logic just for fun then you can pick up this show as it was short and possible to binge.

Fixerr has one season of 12 episodes ranging from 20-30 minutes each. The show Fixerr is available on Alt Balaji and Zee 5. There is no news of any upcoming seasons of Fixerr.


Where can I watch Fixerr?

You can watch Fixerr on Alt Balaji and Zee 5.

How many episodes of fixer are there?

There are 12 episodes of Fixerr of 20-30 minutes each.

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