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Flames TVF: Review| Cast| Season 3

Flames TVF

Flames tvf poster

Flames is not technically a new addition to the Indian web series saga. The series started back in 2018, when it was on the streaming platform TVF Play. Flames TVF is a two-season long series with the run time of each episode being 13 minutes to 15 minutes. But what exactly is the series about and what matters does the story slyly touch? Well, I am here to discuss those very same things, aren’t I? But, don’t worry we will not give you any spoilers.

About flames TVF

Platform: Watch the show here

No. Of season: 2

Episodes: 10

Flames TVF cast

flames tvf cast

Ritvik Sahore

Tanya Maniktala

Sunakshi Grover

Shivam Kakar

Deepesh Sumitra Jagdish


flames tvf plot

What will you choose if you were given a choice between love and career? Now, if you are sensible and think things through you would say that these are not mutually exclusive and chances are you have crossed your teenage. Now ask your teenage self the very same question and throw them in the sea of dilemma. Flames is a series based on the same dilemma. Revolving around teenagers and the tender age where everything seems achievable and every action seems reckless, Flames TVF is a series directly resonating with the heart of an Indian teen.

We closely follow four students, no different than any real-life student who all enroll themselves in the same coaching classes. What follows is friendships taking new turns, blooming relationships, and going through the essential, to make you a good poet, a heartbreak. 

Story and The Realness

Flames is the story of Rajat, Ishita, Pandey, and Anusha. Flames TVF beautifully depicts what it feels like to be young with a world full of dreams and ambitions which were not tainted by the shades of failure. Of what it feels like to have given your heart for the very first time to someone and think that you are invincible. Flames TVF dramatically rides on the free spirits of the teenagers and portrays every emotion we felt when in our senior years in school or later in our college.

Rajat slowly finds himself gravitating towards Ishita, a new student in the tuition, and wants to spend every given moment with her (These Teenagers!). While on the other hand Pandey (Rajat’s best friend) and Anusha are in their more than friends/ just friends phase.

Flames is true to its name and portrays their growing teenage relationships as the reaction of two chemicals. As the season progress so does their relationships, from friends to crush to best friends and a bond that could easily defeat the 3D placement of carbon atoms in a diamond. 

Over the course of flames we see the characters she’s the one task which every Indian student wants to achieve fight in the exams and get the highest marks or help your crush with their homework and do everything possible to make time for them. The rose-tinted days were the most anxious moment in your life was to get your parents to sign a report card. Which showed that you did not perform well in the exam or worse when your parents find out you are hiding something from them. 

Season 3

flames tvf season 3

The makers of the show have already mentioned that they are interested in making another season of the show. The good news is that they have also made this announcement and the season was supposed to air in the last 2020s but was delayed.



Flames is sure to fill you with the giddy feeling and bliss that often accompanies nostalgia. Plus it forces you to reminiscence those school days. A beautiful tale of a beautiful time Flames truly represents the thought process of a Teen and the place from where the free spirit of the youth originates. 

Here are the rest of the details of the show:

watch the show here.

Ratings IMDB: 9.1/10

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