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Flesh web series: Review, plot, cast, and season 2

Flesh web series: Review, plot, cast, and season 2

Action enriched thrillers have always been an indispensable need for film buffs. Eros Now has presented us with another thriller show in the form of the ‘Flesh’ web series. Starring Swara Bhaskar and Akshay Oberoi in a face-off battle, ‘Flesh’ is inspired by real-life incidents of human trafficking that take place in our country. Here is our review of the Flesh web series where we discuss the good and bad aspects of the show.


It doesn’t take much to decipher that a series called Flesh will focus exactly on that aspect of the human body. Human trafficking is perhaps one of the most atrocious and heinous crimes that have made a place for itself in our society. And Flesh web series takes this concept and addresses it in the best way possible to them.

The show starts off with Zoya Gupta, a sixteen-year-old teen from Mumbai, who is kidnapped one night by a silver tongue individual she met on social media. Soon enough we see ACP Radha, an alcoholic and rule-breaker, who soon gets pulled into the whole scene.

To add to the plot twist is the falling relationship of Zoya’s parents and the arrogant behavior of the teenager at home. It starts off as a potential girl-running-away-from-home case because of the dysfunctionalities at her place. But once ACP Radha enters the picture she suspects that this is nothing close to that and turns to unravel the truth behind such a kidnapping.

In the other corner of the country, at Kolkata, we are simultaneously introduced to a family of racketeers: Akshay Oberoi, Niketan & Shuvo Chattopadhyay. These uncle-nephews trios run human trafficking across the country, kidnapping and sexually exploiting girls for their own gains. What follows next is a cat and mouse chase between ACP Radha and the antagonists which sets the whole stirring action of the Flesh web series.

Flesh web series Cast

Flesh web series cast includes a varied amount of quality.

Swara bhaskar

flesh web series

At the forefront, we have Swara Bhaskar as ACP Radha Nautiyal, who is seemingly all right to watch. She has a lot on her shoulders to carry throughout the show, and except for a few jarring sequences and dialogues, Swara looks bold and established with her character.  

Mahima Makwana

Mahima Makwana plays the sixteen-year-old Zoya. Apart from her whinny youthful behavior, and even the fact that she doesn’t at all look like a teenager, she is quite satisfactory.

Yudhishthir Urs and Vidya Malvade

Yudhishtir Urs and Vidya Malvade play the characters of Zoya’s parents, who basically don’t bring anything much exciting to the table and just pass for their respective roles.

Akshay oberoi

Akshay Oberoi leads the spearhead for the rogue side. As Taj, he brings a certain dark nuance necessary for the portrayal of his character. Nevertheless, he presents a strong role in the form of Taj, well-formed to face the tough Swara Bhaskar.

Natasha Stankovic

Natasha Stankovic deserves a mention for playing a really good cameo in the Flesh web series.

Good aspects

flesh web series

Though the Flesh web series ended up garnering some good reviews from the critics, we cannot ignore certain negatives of the show as well. The cast and the writing have both been stupendous out and out. Writer Pooja Ladha has well crafted the entire series and the exceptional performance of the lead cast backs it up. The aspect of the thrill is well maintained throughout all episodes by director Danish Aslam.

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Bad aspects

Too much violence

Flesh web series is gruesome in its depiction of violence. As the entire show focuses on human trafficking, you would often come across thrashing, gore, drug abuse, and forced sexual violence as well. It is an understandable point that the makers wanted such a kind of a portrayal merely for the audience to realize the underlying reality of such incidents.

And yet in certain instances, it feels dramatically fabricated just for the sake of it? The graphic visuals of rape and being molested are too startling to watch. Nevertheless, a trigger warning for all the faint-hearted ones, because the Flesh web series won’t be an easy watch in this aspect.

No creativity

Once the basic setting is established in the Flesh web series, the creators have once again reverted back to the melodramatic style of certain Bollywood films or daily soap. And this is often the case with Indian-born series of the thriller/suspense genre.

What Flesh web series presents isn’t something new, it has just been refurbished and designed for the contemporary audience. Agreeing with the statement, that yes it focuses on one of the major issues that are alive in our society, but a little bit of creativity and artistic brilliance could have made a huge difference in how the audience perceived the Flesh web series.

Flesh web series season 2

As of now there has been no official announcement for a Flesh web series season 2. Given that the storyline started, was explored, and ended with a satisfactory climax at the end of the final episode, it seems unlikely to return for a second season. Only if the creators feel that the characters can be explored more, and a well-defined plot can be brought into the play, only then does a Flesh web series season 2 look like a possibility. Other than that, it’s a no-no for now for a return season.


Flesh web series is a decent attempt by the creators. It falls short on the technical finish for the series but is often backed up by some decent performances. The show in its entirety spans eight episodes that range from 32 to 47 minutes. It isn’t very appealing as a package but shines in bits and pieces. Flesh web series is watchable but don’t go in with a mountain of expectations.

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