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Flight movies: 10 Movies to make you fly high

Flight movies: 10 movies to make you fly high

“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Dream to fly. These words could cultivate millions of dreams to fly high. Airplanes have made it possible for us to fly high in the sky. Airplanes are the most convenient way to travel. More it flys above on a higher altitude more efficiently it is fast.

Here I have sorted out 10 movies based on a flight that will take you higher above the sky.

Flight movies

Flight movies #1: Sully: Miracle on the Hudson

Flight movies

Sully is a biographical movie based on Chelsey Sullenberger who was an American Air Force fighter pilot. Sully played a very important role in the 2009 ditching of US Airways Flight 1549.

Sully is a movie that feels like a breath of fresh air. It is accurate, magnificently plotted, and executed. The story may not be that intriguing on paper, but to carry on gutless while being falsely accused is quietly compelling.

The movie sully is about a man who was an airline captain, who made an emergency landing on the Hudson River after getting hit by birds. After some time this incident was investigated and Captain Chelsey’s career may be at stake.

Director: Clint Eastwood

Cast: Tom Hanks, Mike O’Malley, Laura Linney, Aron Eckhart.

Rating: 7.4/10

Flight movies #2: Flight

Flight movies

Flight has a strong and realistic performance. It slowly grows, grabs your attention, and keeps it till the end. It’s about a tough situation and how the weak chose the easy way out. Quite an inspiring movie.  little gutless and a touch of alcoholism this movie is explicit.

This movie Flight is about an airline pilot who somehow saves an airplane from crashing but is accused of being in the influence of alcohol while flying the plane.

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Cast: Denzel Washington, John Goodman, Don Cheadle, Kelly Really, Nadine Velázquez.

Rating: 7.3/10

Flight movies #3: Snakes on a Plane

Flight movies

This movie is quite a masterpiece and something that every generation should experience once. The writing is witty and emotional. The storyline is captivating and gave every single character a powerful and emotional story arc.

The movie Snakes on the plane is about a lot of people boarded on a plane who experience a series of disasters. An FBI agent boards this flight from Hawaii to Los Angeles accompanying a witness. An onboard assassin leaves snakes to kill the witness. Now everyone has to survive the scary situation.

Director: David R. Ellis

Cast: Samuel L. Jackson, Rachel Blanchard, Elsa Pataky, Julianna Marguiles, Nathan Phillips.

Rating: 5.4/10

Flight movies #4: Planes 

Flight movies

The plane is a movie where limits are crossed, fears are faced and enemies come together to win. It’s incredibly entertaining. Planes is an animated sports comedy movie, a spin-off of Cars.

Planes are about a crop duster plane who dreams of becoming a great air racer. Along with his friends Dusty (crop duster plane) practice for flying to qualify for wings across the globe race.

Director: Klay Hall

Cast: Dane Cook, Stacy Keach, Brad Garrett, Teri Hatcher.

Rating: 5.7/10

Flight movies #5: Top Gun

Flight movies

“Top Gun” is wonderfully entertaining. Top gun is based on the life of extraordinary pilots of the US Navy.

This film tells the story of hotshot pilot Maverick who is sent to the Top Gun Naval Fighter weapons school, it turns out maverick isn’t only competing to be the best fighter, he is also fighting for the attention of the gorgeous flight instructor. Top Gun is action-packed, makes you laugh, makes you cry, and has a touch of romance. Not only that it has great visuals and an amazing soundtrack.

Director:  Tony Scott

Cast: Tom Cruise, Kelly McGillis, Val Killer, Anthony Edwards, Tom Skerritt.

Rating: 6.9/10

Flight movies #6: Air Force One

Flight movies

I still remember watching this movie, it made me so excited that I was pushed to the edge of my seat. I was quite mesmerized by everything, acting of Harrison ford made me gain respect for US Hollywood,

The story of Air Force one starts with the President of the United States who was returning from Russia on Air Force One. The trip turns out to be a nightmare when a terrorist board on and demand the release of their leader. Now with his family in jeopardy, President not only has to fight for his country but for his family as well.

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Cast: Harrison Ford, Liesel Matthews, Gary Oldman, Glenn Close, Wendy Crewson.

Rating:  6.5/10

Flight movies #7: Executive Decision

Flight movies

This is one of the movies that is tightly knitted with a tight screenplay and strong acting. The technology used at that time was way ahead of its time. The action scenes are engaging and perfectly executed.

It has an intriguing story of a hijacking and bombing of an airplane. American special force commandos along with an FBI agent, David Grant, have to rescue the hostages and eliminate the terrorist who planted the bomb.

Director: Stuart Baird

Cast: Kurt Russell, Halle Berry, Steven Seagal, David Suchet, Oliver Platt.

Rating: 6.4/10

Flight movies #8: Catch me if you can

Flight movies

Catch me if you can tell you the true story of Frank William Abagnale Jr who was a young con artist who posed as a Pan Am co-pilot, a doctor, and a lawyer. This movie was brilliant it will never stop surprising you. The plot is very interesting, it keeps the audience on toes.

This movie is about a con artist who snatched millions of dollars with his extraordinary art of deception at a very young age. With his scam hitting bigger he was soon noticed and pursued by the FBI.

Director: Steven Spielberg

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Martin Sheen, Amy Adams, Tom Hanks, Christopher Walken.

Rating: 8.1/10

Flight movies #9: The Aeronauts 

Flight movies

The Aeronauts is based on a true story of extremely fanatic souls who were balloon pilots in 1982. They aimed to fly higher in the air without any fear and anxiety. In the end, they made it. Amelia Wren shows what it means to be a strong woman. This movie will make you realize how people found their ways of touching the sky when there was no tech advancement.

Director: Tom Harper

Cast: Felicity Jones, Eddie Redmayne, Himesh Patel, Phoebe Fox.

Rating: 6.6/10

Flight movies #10: The Flight of the Phoneix (1965)

Flight movies

This movie is wonderful. The portrayal of the individual passengers is so incredibly accurate. Every cliche we know about people from other countries has been portrayed and, of course, the casting of actors from those countries is genius. The most surprising thing is that there was no female in this movie.

This movie is about a group of men who are stranded in the middle of Arabian desert after a plane crash. Their only hope is to build a craft, Phoneix looks alike, they have to carry all the passengers and time starts to run out.

Director: Ribert Aldrich

Cast: James Stewart, Hardy Krüger, Peter Finch, Ernest Borgnine.

Rating: 7.5/10

Even though these were only 10 such movies that I loved to watch. And I’m sure there are more such movies that are fabulous. If you liked this article here are some more to binge.

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