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Game to play when bored: Top 10 games

Game to play when bored: Top 10 games

Want some games to pass your time in lockdown? We have gathered some fun games for you to enjoy or maybe just to take a break from your busy schedule. And these are the game we spent some time with before bringing it to you to give you the best. If you haven’t tried these games already, this is the time. Let’s have a look.

Game to play when bored #1: Last day on earth

Game to play when bored

Last day on earth is a survival game that is based on a Zombies outbreak. The world has gone through a pandemic and 90 percent of humans died because of a virus or in fights for resources.

The game gives you a base to survive where you have to build your home and collect resources to craft things and eat. You are given a global map with certain locations with difficulty levels and you have to choose where you want to go to. You can craft your own weapons, clothes, field to get food, and some you can find on the places you choose. And the fun part is, you can even come across to other survivors when you go for the hunt.

The game is so addictive with an almost realistic concept. Once you start figuring things out, it can get really fun and enjoyable.

Game to play when bored #2: Vector

Game to play when bored

Vector is a free running game where you start by a montage of a little back story of what actually happened that you are chased down by enemies. We don’t want to spoil the story by just telling you the story here if you already haven’t played it. The game has amazing graphics for the montage as well as for the actual concept of free running.

Some times, free running games can sound really childish but not this one. This one can totally make you feel like a hero. With some cool amazing graphics and a background story, this game can be really fun to play.

Game to play when bored #3: Escape room

Game to play when bored

You are locked in a room and now you have to collect things or hints to open the gate. Sounds fun right? The escape room can get you into this feels. All of the things are connected to each other and lead you further to opening the gate. The graphics of the game are satisfying too.

This game can give you a detective and puzzle game feels altogether. So if you are a fan of puzzle games, this game is for you. And there are plenty of parts of the game available if you complete playing one.

Game to play when bored #4: Granny

Game to play when bored

Granny is a horror game where you are trapped in a house where a scary granny is waiting to kill you if you won’t make it out in 5 days. The game is a mixture of horror and survival. Because you have to be careful while finding stuff that can get you out of the otherwise the granny will find you and knock you out and you will miss a whole day of trying to get out of the house.

The game is full of jump scares according to the level you choose and can make the ghost sensitive to the sounds of activities you perform as per the difficulty level chosen by you. So if you are a fan of anything scary in general, this games can give you chills with its great concept and graphics, which you can adjust.

Game to play when bored #5: Where is my water?

Game to play when bored

Where is my water is a game where you have to feed a croc. (I am not sure if it is an alligator or a crocodile but its something. Apologies!) The game features some connections you have to make to the water to reach the crocodile. Unfortunately, you have to pay for the first part of the game, so if you don’t want to spend money on a game, the second part of the game is available for free.

The game can be really fun if you are simply finding something to play in general and gets interesting as you keep crossing the levels!

Game to play when bored #6: Cooking madness

Game to play when bored

You must have already guessed what is the game about. This game has a restaurant concept where you have to cook and serve in a given time and as requested by the customers. The game raises its difficulty as you spend time in a particular restaurant and as you buy new restaurants.

It is addictive with good graphics and a sweet simple concept. The game even has these occasional level different levels apart from the main game where you can make pies and cakes or maybe just make cold drinks and stuff.

Game to play when bored #7: Chain reaction

Game to play when bored

Chain reaction is a multiplayer game where each player chooses their a color and start building its base with a dot to multiply it and conquer the whole base. Each player gets their chance to place one dot at a time. You can build your strategy for multiplying the dots faster or it can depend on someone’s luck.

The game is a really fun one to play with your friends and siblings, or you can even play it with a computer bot. (Well its lockdown, you never know! I am not saying you can’t have friends.)

Game to play when bored #8: Brain dots

Game to play when bored

Brain dots is a drawing game where the anything you draw turns solid. In this way, you have to find a way the two balls can meet. (I mean the balls are literally blue and pink so… But that just me overthinking things.)The game can be really fun with the different shapes you have to make to keep the ball from falling as well as getting them together.

You can even change your pens as per your choice and they even have different inks. The game has different levels and difficulty increases as you go further.

Game to play when bored #9: Smash Hit

Game to play when bored

Smash Hit is a game where you are allowed to break things as much as you want. You have to break walls to move further, you can break objects by breaking certain objects and this will be done by some metal steel balls.

The game keeps you pushing further so all you have to do is break the obstacle or wall coming towards you. (How motivating! Just don’t stop no matter whatever comes in your way. Just don’t do this on streets though.) The difficulty increases as you move forward and the game has some amazing graphics too, which makes it cool and addictive at the same time.

Game to play when bored #10: Bore button

Game to play when bored

Are you someone that gets over a game so easily and need something different frequently? Bored button gives you access to something similar you want. In this game, every time you click the button, you get a different game to play. So this sums up everything, right?

Just know that the games can be repeated and once you exit the game you will get a different game when you click the button again. So it can get frustrating when you loved a game and want to play that again. There are chances it can repeat, but you can’t know when will you get that particular game. (We warned you!)

So this was our list of “Game to play when bored”. Let us know which one you tried and loved the most. If you loved this list of games, make sure to comment down below and we will bring you some more! Until then, stay safe. Stay strong. Peace!

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